July 23, 2024
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Libra Zodiac Color

Libra Zodiac Color

“As long as there is pink in the world, it will always be a better place.” – Unknown

Libra, like their sister sign Virgo, is very preoccupied with perfection. The biggest difference between them is that Virgo seeks perfection for functionality and to create ultimate effectiveness and production. Libra seeks perfection to create peace, beauty, and harmony. Libra is an Air sign which makes them great conversationalists as they have many bright ideas popping in and out their head like most air signs do.

It is essential for a Libra to feel at peace, and their environment also needs to be peaceful, otherwise, their Libra scales go out of balance and all hell breaks loose! It is challenging for a Libra to find balance again once their order has been disrupted. Beige is a calm and relaxing color and creates a neutral environment that aids in the flow of good clean energy. Libra’s are generally pleasant loving individuals (given that they are in a pleasant loving environment) and pink is also a good color to surround themselves with in order to radiate an inviting and accepting energy. Like Taurus, Libra is also ruled by Venus which is the planet of beauty, money, love, and harmony. Taurus represents the money part of Venus, taking beauty and creativity and using it for financial gain, whereas Libra represents the love and peaceful side of Venus, using the beauty and love to create peace.

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Libra Zodiac Color Guide

The Libra wardrobe

Libra’s have an ability to bring an abundance of love to others, and they are also fairly charming and are good at making other people feel good about themselves! They are naturally attracted to beautiful places, objects, and people and love to surround themselves with exquisite beauty! Wearing mainly pink is beneficial as pink symbolizes acceptance and love, something a Libra stands for. Wearing pink is also beneficial for the heart chakra and will attract the loving energy they seek into their lives. Wearing dark colors such as black should be avoided as this can make them more prone to negative emotions. People say that Libra’s are superficial however that cannot be further from the truth! They just want to be sure everything functions at its best capacity. Libra’s are very concerned with their appearance and they will always be sure to look their ultimate best!

Libra Females – Libra women are naturally beautiful and charming. Aphrodite is the goddess of Venus, which rules Libra so it makes sense that this woman will be some of the most beautiful women! They love to dress to impress and will spend a lot of time beautifying themselves and adorning themselves with stylish clothing and makeup to make sure they look their ultimate best! A Libra woman is the ultimate feminine goddess and wearing pink will show her compassionate and caring nature. Champagne pink also suits their skin tone very well and gives a well-rounded feminine feel.

Libra Males – Libra males are known Cassanovas and can charm the socks off anyone they meet! Most Libra men prefer to dress classy. Baggy clothing and clothing with holes are usually a NO for them and the suit and tie look is something they prefer. If the Libra man is more of a free-spirited nature, he will always be sure to wear high-quality clothing that fits well. They look rather good in Pink, and Libra guys have the ability to pull off any pink clothing items! Being very conscious of their appearance, they will always put considerable effort into looking and appearing handsome.

The Libra home

Beige is a lovely color for the walls in a Libra home. They possess the archetype of the romantic and the charmer, and their home needs to be a loving abode where they can express their love and caring nature to those they love freely! Most Libra’s are art lovers, and you will find they will have white, cream or beige walls that have a few paintings hung up created by well-selected artists. They prefer the minimal feel when it comes to decor, and well selected modern classy items such as sculptures, vases, and pottery will also be found in their home. They also love flowers, and a female Libra will always be sure that there are fresh flowers in their home! Floral patterns on their bedding, curtains, couches, and pillows are also a lovely addition to a Libra’s home.

The Libra workspace

A Libra should always have beautiful flowers in their workspace, both men and woman! Whether it be in the corner of the office or their desk, the beauty of the flowers does wonders for the mindset of a Libra. Beige and cream walls will be beneficial to keep them peaceful in a stressful working environment, and champagne pink couches and pillows ensure for an elegant and soft touch. Everything should have its place, and unorderly environments will irritate them. Too much dark colors like black, grey or dark blue should be avoided as it can lead them into a dark, sullen and gloomy mood.

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The Libra car

A Libra car will always be clean, pleasant smelling, cozy and inviting. Libra’s love to surround themselves with pleasant smells so you will find the Libra car is always filled with vehicle fresheners and their seats usually smell of clothing softeners. Loving comfort, they might even have some extra pillows on their car seats! They tend to be neat and you will not find out of place objects laying around in their vehicle. Most Libras tend to prefer a family vehicle as most of them love spending time with their family and loved ones, and they also love to entertain others and require plenty seating space to haul their party around with them!

Colors to avoid

Libra’s like to keep things classy and practical. Mixing and matching and crazy color schemes are something they’d rather avoid. Preferring light, modern and chic color schemes and decor, dark colors such as black and brown can be too intense for their light energy and nature. Libra’s have very empathic energy and wearing darker colors will expose them and attract them to more darker situations and people that would be best avoided. If a Libra overexposes themselves to anything that leads to negativity, their scales will tip, and it can be hard to get them back to their balanced self again. Libra’s can be sensitive to negativity and criticism and this can put them in a bad space, so it is advised the stick to and surround themselves with positive people and environments.