July 19, 2024
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Gemini Season: How’s Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Sun in Gemini: May 20 – June 20, 2021 

Gemini season brings a much more vibrant, curious, and spontaneous energy than the grounded, stable and peaceful energy we experienced during the Taurus season. During Taurus season, we were focused on building comfortable foundations for ourselves in life. During Gemini season, we are keener to extend our energy outward and focus on learning from the world around us again.

The ideas and conversations will be flowing during this time, and our sense of curiosity will push us to open new doors that have remained closed for a while. We do not fear the outcomes of our spontaneous decisions, as we realize that we can learn from each experience we have, no matter how intimidating and daunting it might be.

We will have so many ideas now, it will be tricky to keep up with everything that comes up in our minds, and it is crucial not to get overwhelmed involving yourself in too many commitments during Gemini season.  

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Music to listen to during Gemini season

  • The Beatles 
  • Fleetwood Mac 
  • Lana Del Rey 
  • Alanis Morisette
  • Kanye West 
  • Prince 
  • Vic Mensa 
  • Lionel Richie 
  • Bob Dylan
  • Kylie Minogue   

How to avoid issues & use your full potential? 

We are more curious about the world and other people now, and this is a great time to experience unique experiences that will teach you new things. We verbalize our thoughts more frequently, and we become much chattier than usual! When we allow ourselves to explore our curiosity, we are amazed by what the world brings us. Gemini is a mutable sign, and we need to learn to become flexible and adaptable during Gemini season. In which area of your life are you stuck and unable to be flexible?

Allow yourself some flexibility in this area of your life during Gemini season. Gemini is symbolized by the twins, and during this time, we can have somewhat of a dual nature, allowing another side of ourselves to come out that we would not usually show the world. We are more expressive than usual now, so exploring our artistic talents without feeling shy is achievable now!  

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Aquarius 

We can feel comfortable and at ease almost anywhere and in anyone’s company during Gemini season, so this is a great time to engage in things that usually would make you feel uncomfortable. We seek things that make us feel happy and alive during Gemini season, which is why we become more versatile and adaptable. We will find ourselves changing our minds often and unable to stick to one thing now, and that’s ok!

We are not meant to live a life where we are limited to only certain things, and different experiences allow us to expand our perception during this time. We do not need comfort and security now; we need knowledge and insight, and adventure! Go to new locations you have not been to before, and hang out with people who can teach you more about the world.  

Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces 

If you are a usually stable and structured person, others might view you as unpredictable and unstable during this time, as they are not used to you not being grounded and structured. You might be given a massive task or project to work on, and you might find yourself becoming increasingly anxious as you might not be able to deal with the pressure of having to focus too hard on one thing.

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You can easily disappoint other people when you make promises you are unable to keep now. That is why it is essential to choose what you do with your time and energy wisely and not overcommit. Instead of being the lone wolf, partner up with others during this time and allow yourself to be flexible to their suggestions, you will see this will take you places you have never been before, and life will become much more exciting!