July 13, 2024
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Tarot Reading for Holidays

Exploring Holiday Options via a Tarot Reading

Deciding where to go on holiday may seem like a rather trivial matter. You might not think that choosing between a Spanish beach and the streets of New York is a decision that requires spiritual guidance through a tarot reading, but what if it is? In truth, where you go is less important than why you go, and for what purpose.

Why do you go on holiday? To relax? To explore another culture? To visit family? There are a huge number of reasons and these reasons, if chosen incorrectly or poorly, could lead to a trip full of stress, regret, and ultimately lacking in that sense of accomplishment or happiness. In this article, we’re going to explore how you can choose the correct holiday purpose to suit your needs, with the help of a tarot reading.

Online or In-Person?

The first question you may be asking yourself is whether this tarot reading can be performed online or whether it should be carried out using physical cards. Well, that’s for you to decide. If you have tarot cards then make use of them, after all, you have them for a reason, right? If you don’t, then consider buying some or, alternatively, consider carrying out an online tarot reading.

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The Purpose of a Holiday

We already touched on some of the different reasons why you may choose to go on holiday but let’s take a moment to explore them in more detail. Why do YOU go on holiday? Not me, not your friends, not your parents, but you. Holidays and the holiday season can be used to escape your life for a little while. If you live in the city then you might escape to the country, while if you live in the country then you might escape to the city.

You then must decide what to do. Do you spend the holiday relaxing and ultimately doing very little or do you fill it up with experiences and sightseeing? Of course, you might not want to spend holidays relaxing but rather exploring. If you decide to spend holidays exploring another culture and immersing yourself in it then you’re educating yourself and expanding your knowledge. Not only are you discovering another part of the world, but you’re also going on a journey of self-discovery.

Of course, some people only go on holiday to visit friends or family. So, it could be that you’re visiting Washington D.C. but not to see the White House or the Washington Monument, but rather to visit your Uncle Fred or your roommate from college.  These are just some of the reasons and everyone is different, everyone is unique, so how do you decide which function your holiday should serve?

The Tarot Reading

Now we’re going to look at some of the questions you can ask during a tarot reading in order to better establish what your goals should be on your holiday. You could call this a tarot reading for holidays. You can ask more than one question, having your decisions spread across multiple questions is perfectly acceptable.

Am I Happy?

Happiness goes deeper than the current moment. You might be happy right now but when you lie in bed at night you’re filled with negative emotions that you can’t explain. When something is out of place in our lives, it creates a vacuum that absorbs all positive energy, forcing us only to experience the negative. You might have convinced yourself that you’re happy simply because it would be inconvenient to be otherwise.

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Asking the cards “am I happy?” is almost certainly going to lead to a complicated answer: it’s never as simple as ‘yes’ or ‘no’. However, discovering that you’re not happy but also why you’re not happy will lead you to a decision.

During your tarot reading, if you discover that you’re unhappy, you may find that it’s because you feel lonely. If you’re lonely you may choose to visit family. If you’re stressed, you may choose to relax. But if your unhappiness runs deeper, then a long holiday filled with experience and self-discovery may help you further along your spiritual path.

How Much Should I Spend?

The purpose for your holiday might not be decided by what you’d like to do, but rather by what you’re able to do. We can’t all afford to go traveling across Asia for 3 months. As such, you can let the tarot decide spend limits for your trip. Not through giving you a figure, but rather an insight into whether you should be saving your money or whether you can afford to splash out a little.

If you need to save, perhaps because there is an opportunity coming your way in the future that will require finances, then visiting family or friends can be the cheaper option. However, if the reading reveals that you should put everything you have into this trip, then maybe it is time to backpack across Europe or volunteer in Africa.

Should I Go Alone?

Another area you may wish to explore during your tarot reading is whether this is a trip you should take alone or not. If not, who should you go with: friends, family, or perhaps even a partner? Sometimes, it isn’t the question itself that we struggle with, but the answers. We may feel that we want to go alone but can’t really understand why. Similarly, you may feel the urge to invite your brother, even though you haven’t been getting on recently.

By consulting the cards during your reading, you can not only find out whether you should go alone but also why you should or shouldn’t. Maybe the answer will offer you a chance to reconnect or perhaps going alone will allow you to develop, unrestricted by the observations of those who know you. Trust in the cards!

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