July 23, 2024
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Tarot and Spirituality

Tarot is a Powerful Tool for Spiritual Awakening

We all possess an immense source of truth, wisdom, and love within us. This source is extremely powerful but buried deep down inside. We may not notice it most of the time, but when we connect with it, we’re granted immense benefits. We see ourselves and other people with greater understanding; our eyes open to all kinds of new possibilities in our lives and we feel more engaged and at peace with ourselves and others.

Everyone wants more of these things in their lives. And they can have them whenever they choose, as long as they access the powerful inner source, they possess within themselves. And if they connect to this inner source with regularity, they experience a spiritual awakening that transforms themselves and their lives.

Which begs the question: How are you accessing the powerful source you possess within yourself? In other words, what is your tool for spiritual awakening?

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Popular Methods

There are popular time-tested approaches that do this, and each of them shifts our consciousness, raises our vibrations, and brings us more of the wonderful benefits listed above. Popular methods include meditation, yoga practices, journaling, and even exercise. As different as these various methods are from each other, they all have in common the ability to awaken us to the truth and wisdom within ourselves.

Tarot is also one of these methods. Many people know tarot as a divinatory “fortune telling” device, but it is far more than that. Tarot is a special type of card deck that, if used with regularity and mindful intention, can become a very powerful method for increasing intuition and awakening to the source within.

What is tarot? In basic terms, tarot is a special deck of cards. Like a standard playing card deck, tarot has four suits, numbers Ace through 10, face cards (known as Court Cards within tarot), and even a Joker. Along with that Joker (called the Fool in tarot), there are 21 additional trump cards. Taken together, this mystical set of 78 cards is an especially effective and fun method for spiritual awakening.

What makes tarot so effective? There are a few traits that set it apart from other methods you might use:

Tarot is Made of Symbolic Pictures

Each card in the tarot deck is comprised of intriguing pictures. These pictures are symbols that represent some aspect of ourselves or the world around us. When we look at a tarot card, we can see symbolically the deeper reality that hides just below the surface of our normal mundane lives.

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Intuition is the voice of our inner wisdom and is naturally activated by picture symbols. Rather than overthinking how a card relates to our lives, our intuition effortlessly tells us. All we have to do is listen for it. This is such a refreshing change from how most of us live much of our lives: overthinking, stressed, distracted by the many forms of media on our phones. Using tarot is mostly effortless and in Flow.

Tarot quiets the mind so that our intuitive voice can emerge, carrying the truth and wisdom we possess inside of us. As long as our minds remain busy and over-stimulated, we are blind to the deeper truth. But with a relaxed and quiet mind, we can discover our inner truth like a long-lost treasure buried inside us.

Tarot is a Perfect Map of Life

Tarot is a perfectly organized system of pictorial symbols. The structure of the deck is not arbitrary. Rather, each card fits within a system that makes handling a tarot deck akin to symbolically holding the entire world in your hands. For example, each of tarot’s four suits corresponds to one of the four primary elements of nature: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. Also, the numbers Ace through ten correspond to their respective numerological meanings. For example, ace represents beginnings, twos are contrasts, and tens are completion. Everything within the tarot deck represents something meaningful.

Within the deck, there are three types of cards. The Major Arcana are the 22 trump cards that represent the great themes of your life. The Minor Arcana are 40 cards that represent the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of yourself and your life. And the 16 Court Cards represent the distinct personality types you meet throughout your life and even within yourself.

Put these all together and you get a perfect system for understanding the underlying forces that make life what it is and you who you are. In this way tarot is a symbolic language and map of life. Learn it and you gain a new way of understanding and a portal to the truth within yourself.

Tarot Creates Synchronicity

Carl Jung explained synchronicity as seeing something coincidental in your life that has personal meaning. The experience of synchronicity makes your spirit come alive because it connects your soul to the world around you. Synchronicity shows you signs that you are not an island by yourself, but that you are an important part of a much greater world that’s all around you.

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When we use tarot, we always get the exact right card for any given situation. This is a profound realization to the novice tarot user but well understood by the experienced practitioner. When we seek the truth within the tarot, we are seeking the truth within ourselves. And the greater truth is always delivered. It’s like we’re getting messages from beyond; we see exactly what we’re supposed to see, right when we’re supposed to see it. This is the magic of synchronicity.

Synchronicity is one of the great characteristics that sets tarot apart from other intuitive methods. The cards confirm what our soul already knows but may not have consciously realized yet. Then, BOOM, we see and we fully understand. Coming face to face with the exact right card at the exact right moment fills you with wonder, awe, and empowers you to direct your life in all kinds of new and exciting ways.

Is Tarot a Good Fit for You?

Returning to the question from earlier in this article: How are you accessing the source of truth, wisdom, and love you possess within yourself? What is your tool for awakening?

If you are curious about tarot, it may be calling to you. Does it intrigue you, stir your curiosity, and inspire you to learn what the symbolic pictures may have to reveal to you? If so, it may be time to try a personal tarot practice of your own.

Tarot works very well with other intuitive methods because they tend to support one another. Tarot fits quite nicely with meditation or yoga practices because they are all just different ways of going within, toward the source within your own essence.

Learning tarot is like learning a new language. It opens your eyes to see with greater clarity and intuition; opens your mind to understanding yourself and your life in remarkably new ways, and opens your heart to a more compassionate and wise way of experiencing your life. There are always new things to learn with tarot; as you grow and learn, your appreciation of tarot does too.

How Do I Start?

Tarot doesn’t require a big investment of time or money. Buy a deck, to begin with, preferably something that looks inviting to you. If you’re not sure which to choose, the Rider Waite (also known as Waite Smith) is the classic deck that many other decks are based on. It is a perfect starter deck to learn the language of tarot with. Once you gain familiarity with it and grow comfortable using it, you can expand by getting another one.

Draw just one card per day, preferably at the start of the day. Consider the themes that the card represents and how it relates to your life. I recommend getting a journal and jotting down a few sentences for each day’s draw. Don’t think too hard; let your intuition come to you. There’s always a message to learn every time you draw a card. It’s usually simple and infused with your heart’s wisdom.

Then throughout the day, keep your card in the back of your mind. You may see the theme of your card emerge at some point – or even multiple times – during the day. As it does, you’ll likely notice there’s a confirming message that your soul wants to communicate with you at that moment. Open your eyes; see and understand. In a short time you will live with a greater understanding of yourself and your life.

Don’t skip any days; you’ll learn tarot much easier with the commitment and discipline to pull a card every day. And you’ll gain the benefits of connecting with your inner source quicker too. You’ll see with greater clarity, feel more connected to the deeper part of yourself and others, and you’ll live with greater peace of mind and life purpose.

You will discover a tool for spiritual awakening that transforms your outlook on yourself and your life.