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The Seven Rays? Why? There is only one energy, and all creation is made of this energy. This energy is known variously as Astral Light, Akasha, Intelligent Energy, Source energy, and prana.  

This energy is light/love. It is conscious, responding to the thoughts of intelligent beings. It is the energy that animates every living being, without which life would cease.

It is this love/light which turns a seed into a flower and an embryo into a human being.

The Seven Rays

This single white light fractures into the Seven Rays, just as white light shining through a prism will reflect in the seven colors of the rainbow. All seven-dimensional energies are forms of light/love. They are not really separate distinct energies, but forms of one white light. On the ocean, we may see seven kinds of waves— big ones, little ones, northbound, southbound, etc— yet they are all water. In the same way, the rays are but permutations of a single substance of light/love.

The light/love expresses itself differently through each ray. Each of these Rays possesses a certain character; each is a frequency, and all of the worlds may be categorized into expressions of these frequencies.

The first is the Red Ray.

The second is the Orange Ray.

The third is the Yellow Ray.

The fourth is the Green Ray.

The fifth is the Blue Ray.

The sixth is the Indigo Ray.

The seventh is the Violet Ray.

Our Universe is seven-dimensional, with levels corresponding to each Ray. And, because man is a microcosm of the Universe— “made in the image of God”— within a human being so are there also 7 rays.

Seven Dimensional Beings

Each chakra corresponds to one of the rays, and it regulates the intake of energy from this dimension into the human energy system.

The chakras are etheric organs of consciousness. Just as your eyes see what is visual and your ears hear what is auditory, each chakra is an organ that perceives and translates a certain category of information within the human energy field. Each chakra reads a certain ray of light, processing from this ray its unique strain of information. Each chakra metabolizes the ray of light in greater or lesser degrees, depending on how healthily the chakra is functioning.

Each of us temperamentally inclines to some Rays more than others. You have an affinity with certain Rays, and the chakras which correspond to these Rays will likely be open and well-functioning. By considering your behavior, emotional patterns and fascinations, you can determine which Rays you have prioritized in your life. There are certain kinds of lessons that are easier for you to learn, and there are certain kinds of information you pick up on more quickly and naturally. There are certain activities and bodies of knowledge which attract you more than others.

Conversely, there are some dimensions of life within which you feel like a fish out of water. There are certain categories of information that you naturally block out or reject at subtle levels of your mind, or which you have difficulty assimilating into your consciousness. There are certain problems in your life that have recurred again and again because it is difficult for you to become conscious of what the root of the problem actually is, let alone repair it. It is a kind of information that presents to you like a very foreign language.

The Seven Rays traits

The balance of each energy center depends upon how easily we can accept the manifestations of each Ray. True acceptance means meeting the dynamics of life which are associated with these seven spheres of perception with love. On each of the seven levels of being, we are able to understand, accept and hold a state of love.

Red Ray

Red Ray corresponds to the body. A healthy Red Ray center means our relationship to our physicality is healthy and positive. We take care of the body’s natural needs, including nutrition, sleep, sex, shelter, and security. We maintain a sustainable balance between work, play and rest. We have a loving, accepting attitude toward the body and the physical world. We understand the body and the physical world easily.

Orange Ray

The second Ray corresponds to the emotions. Orange Ray is moderately animalistic or instinct-based, being largely to do with me/my/mine, and how I feel about myself. A healthy Orange Ray center results in self-love, self-respect, and the ability to assert boundaries. We understand our emotions, needs, and boundaries well.

Yellow Ray

The third Ray resembles most closely that which is commonly called the ‘ego’. It is the social or intellectual self, being largely to do with personal preferences, tastes, and identifications. A healthy Yellow Ray center produces self-confidence, the ability to assert oneself, and self-consciousness. We have an easy awareness of what we like, want, and prefer.

Green Ray

Green Ray is the feminine, yin, or receptive half of the True Mind, or the transpersonal mind. This center is a gateway through which lies between the qualities and concerns of the personal Self and the qualities and concerns of the Universal or Higher Self. With a healthy Green Ray center, we are able to accept, integrate, receive, and understand. For this reason, blockages in any of the seven centers are ultimately the result of a blockage in the fourth center.

Blue Ray

The Blue Ray center is the masculine, yang or active half of the True Mind. Together, the Blue and Green Ray make the Universal Mind, which is part love and part wisdom. With a healthy Blue Ray center, we have subtle and thorough self-awareness of our own mind and psychology, along with the ability to express this self-understanding or self-knowledge to others. Additionally, we have the ability to listen and understand the inpouring of information and knowledge from other people and the world around us.

Indigo Ray

Through the Indigo Ray center, one receives primordial love/light in its least distorted form. With a healthy Indigo Ray center, one is open to inspiration, intuition, direct knowing, and cosmic understanding.

Violet Ray

The Violet center of energy influx is simply the summation of the individual’s vibration. It is as it will be, and “balanced” or “imbalanced” has no meaning at this energy level, for this center gives and takes in its own balance.

Mary West

Mary West is a metaphysician, writer, astrologer, and Magician. She teaches her students how to work with astral energy to enhance personal power, growth, productivity, and illumination.