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Any individual that can have their solid train of thoughts and opinions goes through a phase in life where they ask questions about the world that no one can ever really answer for them. The curiosity behind the need to know what this world is and how it functions, about what life is, and why what happens, happens is common, and we are all familiar with it.

For some of these individuals, the answers lie in numerology readings. Numerology readings and predictions can help answer questions about love, health, relationships, family, politics, and even take some of us on a journey of self-awareness. But what is numerology and why the hype surrounding it? How does it work? Where lie its origins? What can it answer and what can it not? How can it possibly help your love life? We address all these questions and more in this article. Continue reading to know more about numerology readings than you will be able to, anywhere else.

What is Numerology Reading?

Numerology is the art of interpreting numbers and determining the functionalities of human beings as well as the world using these numbers. It is a study that finds the relationship between numbers and personality trait or character tendencies.

Numerology reading is thought to use the characters in a name along with the date of births and so forth, using all these characters and numbers to determine about a person their personality traits, their motivation, their career, the romantic inside of them, their hidden talents and their luck.


The science behind it is very complex, however; we will discuss some of the details. For example, explaining numerology compatibility and what that compatibility determines about the romantic sides of each horoscope. We will also discuss a general idea of where numerology comes from and some simple concepts such as challenge number, positive number and so forth. Continue reading to know your horoscope numerology as well as more general numerology predictions.

A Short History

What is curious about numerology is that its origin is unknown. We only know that early Egyptians and Babylonians believed in the power of numbers. It is also believed that Pythagoras had to do a lot with it and due to his influence more Greek mathematicians and philosophers were interested in the concept and might have been the reason for promotion. Although the history of numerology is mostly unknown, it is instinctual of humans to feel the power of numbers, and maybe that is why numerology has been around for a millennium.

How Numerology Reading Works

To be able to talk about each horoscope’s numerology predictions we need to understand some simple and straightforward concepts of numerology to lay out the context and the prerequisite information necessary to get what is beings aid about each horoscope. Well, numerology reading comes from understanding numbers, so we are going to be discussing some of the most important and prominent kinds of numbers.
Life path numbers are the most major kind of numbers in any numerology reading.

It is the central focus in a person’s life and whenever understanding a person’s numerology we first calculate the life path number. After that comes the Expression. This is the number that represents the potentials of a person and their nature.

The last kind of number is called the Soul. This number represents the innate nature of the individual and shows us what the person wants to do or be. The life path happens to be the most important. Further on we will lay some context for the life path number.

Some important Numbers:

As we delve into the life path number, we realize there is a need to understand the meaning of positive and challenge numbers, especially what the numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3 represent.

Challenge Numbers

These numbers definitions represent the different kinds of challenges that certain personalities face. We discuss this for zero, one and two.

Challenge Zero

This is the period of your life that brings you challenges that you can perfectly well deal with if you have enough control over your personality. This means that the challenge is not very hard, but the nature of the challenge is unique to your specific nature and capabilities. Your analytical skills are still highly functional and very much on point. One can even say that the challenge at hand truly is not the problem rather the test of whether or not you have the control over your abilities that you can and should have.

Challenge One

This is a different kind of challenge that very commonly occurs in numerology readings. This challenge means you are a sensitive person whose actions are highly affected by the opinion of the people around you. This means that you may be very hesitant to speak up or speak in general in front of people who you look up to or think are smarter than you. You are very afraid of being laughed at and embarrassing yourself in front of other people is one of your nightmares.

Challenge Two:

This challenge is for people who underestimate themselves. Encountering this challenge means constant hate for yourself, looking at yourself and a loss of self-esteem. This may or may not be due to any actual reasons. There are moments when you cannot stand your reflection in the mirror. Underestimating yourself, hating yourself and thinking every other person better than your self-are some of the major characteristics of such a challenge.

Positive Numbers

This will be a much shorter section as the positive numbers are very straightforward. After this, we can immediately move on to the role of a numerology reading in one’s romantic life.


Positive zero does not exist


Number 1 – This individual has an independent and a leader’s characteristics. They are pioneering, romantic, very caring and have an individual personality.


Cooperating, adaptable, considering, great partners, spontaneous.

Love Numerology

Love and romance is an important part of any person’s life. We discuss in detail how each horoscope’s numerology reading declared them compatible with what, whom and why. Horoscope numerology may also be discussed to a certain level as we delve into love, romance and sexual lives of these horoscopes. Numerology compatibility is important and necessary to know before getting into a relationship or before making any decision regarding any relationship.

Fire Signs and Love in Numerology

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are known to be Fire Elements. Although these three horoscopes are different, their dates and numbers collide, and thus it makes sense to discuss them in the same section. The numerology love reading for all three of these horoscopes declares their life path number to move back and forth between one and two positive and around challenge one.

This means that their numerology reading states them to be personalities that are both uncomfortable in the presence of someone intimidating and yet have the urge to lead. That naturally leads to a very stable trait of confidence and humbleness. Their numerology compatibility lies with horoscopes such as cancer or Virgo who have somewhat the same traits. Besides, they are also very compatible with one another, but that is only numerology compatibility their horoscopes may astrologically state them completely incompatible.

Earth Signs and Love in Numerology

The Earth Signs that you might know, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, are known to be contradictory of one another astrologically. However, numerology card reading shows them to face the same kinds of challenges and to sport the same kind of positive life path number. They face the challenge 4. Challenge 4 has not been mentioned above. However, it is somewhat like challenge zero. You could say they experience the same kind of challenge in a different capacity.

Their numerology reading shows them to be people that can overcome the challenges they face but whether or not they use their potential to their full capacity is up to them. Their positive number is two. They make great partners. Their numerology compatibility states them to be the kind that can easily adapt to any partner and they are bound to keep them very happy. Their love lives are said to be hay satisfied and free of extraordinary hurdles.

Air Signs and Love in Numerology

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, thus the Air element signs, are beautiful and soft natured humans who face the challenges that are a mix variation of zeros and ones. Their positive numbers are mostly one and numerology compatibility lies with one another and their numerology reading states they can adapt to any other zodiac. Their love lives are satisfactory, happy and they are always willing to try new techniques and ways to keep the spark to live in their relationships. They make ideal partners, lovers, and friends.

Water signs and Love in Numerology

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, linked to the Water Element, are very hardcore and well defined. They face challenges 9, and their positive number is 4. Neither of them has been stated above. However, a combination of 9 and 4 means their numerology reading declares them to have a very exciting, difficult and happening life Their personalities are very demanding in romantic relationships and their numerology compatibility lies with signs that are gentle and understanding such as Virgo, cancer or Libra. Their numerology compatibility does not lie with one another as they are all very high maintenance.

Daily Numerology Reading

Every day brings us a variation of luck, happiness, disappointment, tragedy, and excitement. In this section, we will be discussing the daily numerology reading. Considering the fact that to be stating each zodiac’s daily numerology reading would be too complex a matter, and we want to be keeping it simple. We are going to discuss some of the prominent days in each zodiac’s life and will be backing that with reason as to how numerology supports it.

Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries

Their numerology reading declared the 15th of each month to be one to look forward to. Their day will be dominated by the role of their positive number, and they will constantly feel faith and confidence in themselves. The 1st and the 30th should be days that they will be experiencing the most challenges from their respective challenge number.

The numerology compatibility is also the luckiest and successful around the 15th. Besides that, these zodiacs, daily numerology reading are fairly normal and don’t particularly stand out. Every other day is said to be normal that means the number 15 is mostly coming into play and nothing too tragic or lucky is expected unless the challenge number overcomes a specific day.

Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer

To provide their daily numerology reading is slightly harder as their challenge and a positive number is a mixture or certain several digits. Their numerology reading states that they should be expecting the fourth day of each week to be somewhat different and may be new and exciting. This ‘different’ can also be tragic and sad. Irrespective the 4th day is one to be cautious on. Their numbers are such a mix that every day of the month could turn amazing depending on which digit takes over their day.

However, a normal day of each week of each month is thought to be the first day if it an odd digit. Otherwise, their daily horoscope is slightly more intriguing in comparison to that of Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries.

Leo, Virgo, and Libra

Numerology reading is easy to predict for these zodiacs daily. It’s simple, most of the days that have the digit 2 except ‘22′ should be days that are you are your best at. These days your positive number is expected to be dominating all other numbers in your life. However, every date having the digit 5 in it might be conflicting for you. These days are to be spent trying to overcome your challenges. The daily numerology reading for these zodiacs is quite positive and looking good things in the face.

Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn

Their numerology reading is as simple as could possibly be. It is however slightly unfortunate. Their days daily aren’t expected to be very happy rather boring and normal sometimes unhappy. So, their good days really count. Any day that had the digit 3 n it is expected to be a good day. Their positive number is expected to have jumped into the play and dominate their personality. However, they can expect the challenge number to dominate any other day besides that. Again, their daily horoscope does not look as good or happy as do the rest.

Conclusion: Numerology Reading

Numerology is an art mastered y very few, with the potential to make the most difficult predictions possible. In this article, we have tried our best to give our readers the best and most genuine idea about numerology reading possible. The article talks about the numerology compatibility as well as daily numerology readings and other information deemed necessary has also been provided. We hope this was useful for you.

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