Soul Urge Number of Your Name in Numerology

We all have certain wants and goals in this life. Some people want to write books, others want to travel the world. Understanding our own deepest desires is the key to unlocking happiness. Luckily, the soul urge number represents exactly that, and we’re going to explore what this number means and how you can calculate yours using just the vowels in your name.

What Does Your Heart Desire?

Soul urge numbers, which are also commonly referred to as the heart’s desire numbers, represent our deepest desires. These aren’t desires that we’re consciously aware of such as the desire to buy a new car or to get a promotion. Instead, this number represents a person’s deepest motivations. Arguably, it reveals your true self and offers a deep insight into your own hidden truths.

These motivations are the driving forces behind a person’s personality, and in most cases will go as far as to govern their life’s purpose. The reason we focus on vowels to discover this number is that vowels are said to carry our emotional frequency, which is why many cultures often considered to be more emotional will have names with a higher vowel density.

Soul urge numbers can indicate your passions and what you truly aspire to achieve or obtain within your life. It’s important to reiterate that these aren’t passions or desires that you develop on a whim. Similarly, these won’t be desires that are temporary or fade with the passing of time.


Feed your Soul

These will be areas of your life that allow you to feed your soul. The more you develop these areas, the more you’ll feel like you’re fulfilling your purpose and becoming the person you’ve always been destined to become.

Many people will have dreams related to soul urge numbers. As it represents deep desires, we rarely access these via the conscious mind, but the unconscious and sub-conscious minds can interact with these passions and within dreams, they can bubble to the surface. Some people will see themselves in certain roles or jobs or will be given the opportunity to interpret the meaning of sign, numbers, or symbols.

There is also a more practical use for soul urge numbers. Uncovering your deepest desires will allow you to shape your life around them: improving your happiness and sense of fulfillment. Through your heart’s desire number, you can understand your true calling and will often gain insight into hidden talents that you’ll be able to develop later in life.

Calculating Soul Urge Number with your Name Vowels

When it comes to the heart’s desire number, you simply calculate the numerical value of the vowels in your first and last name. If the sum is more than one digit, combine the digits together until they are reduced to a single digit.

So, for Isabella Smith, the sum of the vowels is:

I + A + E + A + I = 9 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 9 = 25

2 + 5 = 7

Isabella Smith’s soul urge number is 7.

4th numerological exercise: calculating soul urge numbers

Your first and last names: _____________________________________________

Their transcription into numbers: _______________________________________

Your soul urge number: _______________________________________________

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