July 19, 2024
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Business Numerology: Best Numbers for a Successful Business

Everyone in one way or another is involved in some kind of transaction, from paying your bills to cashing out cheques or getting a discount or commission. Business is everywhere, but how is success in any business or form of company related to numerology?

A man struggles and strives hard for a better future, and to prosper but apart from the materialistic approach he always forgets that he is a part of nature and nature has a way to flow itself through us in the form of energy.

The satisfying feeling and the successful approach towards any form of business can be advanced through business numerology.

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Many of the big companies are associated with it, and their success and popularity are indirectly a product of the effect of the numbers harmoniously syncing with their energies.

Business Name Numerology

Business number name numerology is a method to assign those unique numbers with vibrations in rhythm with the names of the company or corporate organization.

Since every business is different, their circumstance varies; therefore, it’s important to know that there is not a general best number for any trade. However, there is actually a more positive and successful number depending on the type of business.

Not necessarily, every industry or startup can flourish right away nor sell their products and expect to gain profit; there are always setbacks and failures.

For that very reason numerology comes to the rescue, and through successful results, it has been found that giving your company a name syncing with your energies can actually make a business flourish.

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Types of Business Numerology

Since there are different types of numerology whose methods may differ but the assignment of numbers and names to businesses gives the same result. For example, the Pythagoreans have a different approach than Chaldeans.

Similarly, kabbalists use magic and other sorts of methods to assign names.

Which one to Choose?

It has been a long-asked question of how a name guarantees or at least becomes a hopeful endeavor to the path of a successful business. There are two ways to treat it, one being the traditional and the other scientific.

By choosing the traditional is more like casting pearls before swine, while choosing the scientific we deal with the Pythagorean and Chaldean methods.

Since the results are invariably the same but the process of applying is different, here are the two most common methods to assign names for a fruitful business using business numerology.

Pythagorean method

It’s one of the most common approaches towards business numerology since it has been the most advanced too. In a Pythagorean chart every alphabet is given its specific number, for example, for A it’s 1, B is 2, and so on.

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After assuming a name, all the numbers are added and compared with the numbers from one’s date of birth, and through numerical analysis, it’s found whether it’s compatible or not.

Chaldean method

It is often regarded as a winning method. With modern computer technology and mathematical theorems, the Chaldean method can be used to derive successful names with winning opportunities. In Chaldean numerology numbers are the sources through which energies or simply life forces flow through us and hold a very important role in our lives.

Naming a business is a long-term investment, which cannot be given in the hands of traditional naming, but rather a scientific solution must be preferred. The naming of a business not only affects the sales but also gains leverage over other businesses who haven’t availed this opportunity to decipher their names and asset it with numbers whose frequencies match.

The best-winning numbers one should foresee before naming a company or startup are discussed.

Think Win-Win with these Numbers

There are either single-digit numbers or compound numbers and each with its own unique frequency. Before naming a business one should look at both the digits and then decide which one to choose.

The different combinations provide different results so one should also be aware of the kind of business to associate it with.

According to many credible sources here are the few general numbers which are ideal in many cases for naming a business.

Combinations of Win-Win Numbers

The most successful patterns of numbers used in the naming process are 8*1*9, 8*18/9*8 and 9*9*9.

For custom use here are the few who one can combine and match (3 only); 1, 8, 9, 18/9, 11/2, 7, etc.

Their Meaning

Since every number has a meaning associated with it, those mentioned above are ideal in many cases.

  • 8 stands for wealth and ambition.
  • 1 usually stands for new beginnings, but here it means leadership. As a parent, one is upright and has a proud stature.
  • 9 is gentler and more compassionate, it often associates with service to people and is altruistic in nature.
  • 18/9 is the merging of the above qualities.
  • 7 means intellectual and analytical.

Successful and Popular Businesses Worldwide- Their Secret

There are numerous popular companies whose secret of success not only lies in their immense hard work but also in the harmonic effect of energies syncing with their names giving off positive meaning. Following are some of those few Giants in the commercial industry with best-winning names by business numerology.

  1. Apple has a number of 5. It’s about fun, people, charisma.
  2. Microsoft is one; it’s innovative and a leader in its field.
  3. Facebook is a 4; it was later Facebook founded its popularity through marketing and currently rules over the social media industry.
  4. Amazon and Google have 7 which is a unique number and is a quest for the unknown. It is highly intellectual and analytical in nature.
  5. Goldman Sachs is an international investment company, which also associated with banking. It has the number 8.


To summarize, to get a winning best name by business numerology one should first choose a name that symbolizes one, then find a number that syncs with the essence of that name, start marketing, have patience, and last but not the least, success will be at your doorstep.