July 19, 2024
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Zodiac Signs as natural disasters

The Zodiac Signs as Natural Disasters: Which One Are You?

When you become angry or more furious, do you compare yourself to a hurricane or a volcano? Or, even when you are not angry but overly active and busy, do you compare yourself to some natural disaster? If you have not, then think about it. What type of natural disaster do you think you relate to then? Whenever you are in an explosive way of being, whether it is through fury or activity, you cannot help but compare yourself to something such as an earthquake or a tornado. Let’s discover which of the Zodiac Signs as natural disasters, your sign may be!

Zodiac Signs as natural disasters

That gives others an idea of what you are like when expressing any intense type of action or behavior. Now, let’s talk about the natural disaster you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – A Volcano

Aries, you are fiery. There is no doubt about that. You are fiery when it comes to your energy levels, and you are also that way when you get into an argument. That is because you have one intense temper that can scare anyone. Therefore, the best type of natural disaster to compare you to would be a volcano.

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The volcanic eruption is quite scary, and you know ahead of time when it will happen if you live in an area not far from a volcano. You need to run and hide, and that is what others want to do before they sense your temper erupts. However, your bust of energy to complete tasks can be compared to that since it is so sudden.

Taurus – An Earthquake

Taurus, you are stable, and you want stability. You also can be the type that remains calm for a long time. However, if anyone angers you to the point of being angry, you can suddenly, without any warning, become vicious when you do – which is comparable to an earthquake.

The same applies when you decide to do something. You will balk at it for a while because you do not like change. However, if you feel it is necessary, you will unexpectedly decide to do so, and there will be no going back.

You will shock others when you decide to do something since you are known to be inflexible. That can also be compared to an earthquake since it is so sudden and unexpected.

Gemini – A Sandstorm

Gemini, you are not known to have a temper even though, like anyone else, you have one. However, that is not the thing that is most associated with you. Your versatility is the one thing that people think of when they think of you. You are known to move from one place to the next quite fast, which is why you are most comparable to a sandstorm.

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No one can pin down a sandstorm the same way that no one can pin you down. If someone expects to see you at one place at a certain time, you will be gone long before that individual attempts to find you at that place.

Cancer – A Tidal Wave

Cancer, there is no doubt that you are the most emotional sign of the zodiac. You are also highly protective of your family and your home. Therefore, you will likely cry at the drop of a hat when you see something heart-wrenching or heartwarming. However, that is not how you are like a tidal wave. You are more like a heavy rainfall in that regard.

You can be comparable to a tidal wave because you can become so fueled by emotion if you are angry or upset over something to the point it is not only overwhelming but dangerous. You earn that comparison, too, when you are protecting your home and family from any intruder.

Leo – Forest Fire

Leo, you are full of passion, and you want others to like you. You want to be at the center of attention as well. You tend to have a short fuse, but you settle down if you get an apology quickly. However, if you are rubbed the wrong way by anyone intentionally, and if someone disrespects you, that fuse will not end and calm you. You will keep raging, and you will not stop, even after making your point.

Your fury at someone for disrespecting you or purposely rubbing you the wrong way is comparable to a forest fire. That is because forest fires are unstoppable, and so are you when your fuse has been triggered.

Virgo – An Avalanche

Virgo, you have an enormously ambitious side that will not stop because you want there to be perfection. So even though you don’t like the fact that perfection is not realistic or attainable, excellence is the next best thing. You will not stop your analytical ways to ensure that happens, and you will not allow anyone to stop you either.

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Since you will keep achieving what you want to accomplish without being tempted to give up because of any obstacle that gets in your way, you are very much like an avalanche. The only time you will stop is when you achieve the thing you want!

Libra – A Monsoon

Libra, you are peaceful, and the last thing anyone would think of you is the type to become anything but that. However, you do have an unpredictable side to you. You do not like conflict. However, at the same time, you will not hesitate to stand up for your rights and stand up for justice at a time when everyone will least expect it.

You can interject someone by surprise by giving them your two cents, and it can be quite intense if you are passionate about what you are saying. Therefore, it is easy to compare you to a monsoon in that way.

Scorpio – Thunderstorm

Scorpio, you are mysterious and intense. You can destroy in a way that no one would notice because you are so cryptic. Therefore, if someone has been causing trouble for you or your loved ones to get caught by you, you can in a secret way ruin their reputation without them knowing.

That is why you are comparable to a thunderstorm. Thunderstorms can be intense but are not known to cause destruction. However, they certainly can destroy vegetation and powerlines!

Sagittarius – A Tornado

Sagittarius, you want to be left alone when you go out on your adventures without anyone getting in the way. And when you are enjoying your adventures, you go off onto them quite fast. That is why you are best to be described as a tornado.

You move quickly, and you can move from one area to another area very fast. There is no problem if anyone does not interrupt your fun. However, if anyone tries to get in the way of your travels and exploration, you will not take it well. And if anyone gets in the way of a tornado, they will get hurt!

Capricorn – A Blizzard

Capricorn, you are the extremely ambitious one, and you want to focus on your work. But unfortunately, you have no patience and time for anyone who attempts to sway you from your goals. That is why you make them very clear. And if anyone does that, your temper will begin to brew until you suddenly shock them with your rage, which can be so cold to them.

That is why you are like a blizzard. Unfortunately, the weather people do not always predict them, and blizzards can come on suddenly to disrupt someone, especially if they are attempting to drive somewhere. Blizzards are so disruptive, can be dangerous, and are so cold.

Aquarius – A Rare Environmental Phenomenon

Aquarius, you are unique and unusual, and you are also unpredictable. That is why the best way to describe you is like a strange environmental phenomenon. For example, you can be described as a tornado happening in a large city or a snowstorm happening in June (in the Northern Hemisphere to a place that does not usually get snow then).

You seem calm and distant and not the type to anger quickly. However, once you do, you take someone by surprise. Your actions can also surprise others even if there is no anger involved.

Pisces – A Flood

Pisces, you are incredibly sensitive and emotional. Therefore, you cannot handle too much difficulty that comes with life. That is why you need to hide in a place where you can recharge yourself and do something about your intense emotions. That is why you are comparable to a flood.

You struggle to deal with a flood of emotions. However, when it comes to solving floods, there are many ways to do it such as creating flood plains and overflow regions for rivers. And the way you can solve it is to collect yourself in private.

Do you relate to these comparisons to natural disasters based on your zodiac sign? You may relate to several of them and remember that you have several planetary influences on your natal chart. Therefore, if someone compares you to a tornado, earthquake, forest fire, or blizzard, and you happen to be a Sagittarius, Taurus, Leo, or Capricorn, the way to respond to them would be to say, “I know because I just learned about that”.

You can also throw that back at them based on their zodiac sign. You can compare them to a natural disaster based on their sign, and they may look at you in a puzzled way – but after they think about it they may agree!

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