July 23, 2024
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Foot Long Fall Horoscopes

Foot Long Fall Horoscopes

Let the chips fall where they may. This is a good ideology in theory, but sometimes the chips don’t always fall exactly where you want them to. Sometimes they take forever to land where you wish they would. You drive yourself mad wondering where they will end up — but you might as well surrender your worries and fears because they are a complete waste of time. You have very little control over the destinations of your love/life patterns. The need to gain control over your destiny is a powerful struggle that compels people to do and say things they normally wouldn’t and often regret. The need for resolution may not always come, but that’s the beauty of the fall season.

Fall is the time for fresh starts, changes, and new beginnings. It is a time to sew together the loose ends remaining from the start of the year that needs closing. Whatever trauma or emotional heartbreak you are still crumbling over from the summer — let it be or at least try to and find a way to let it fall off your shoulders. Let all the things that irk you fall off your plate of concern and concentrate on what is best for your own agenda. With or without a mate, in the words of Rosanne Barr, “love doesn’t mean your life ends”, and it is important to ensure that you don’t forget to take heed of this. Love is only an aspect of your life — it can never be everything unless you let it consume you entirely and then it will take over you.

Perhaps you’ve experienced the disadvantages of great loss, perhaps you’ve been very fortunate and have yet to learn the value of life. Yes, it is important to be happy and to do right by yourself, but it is also important to bestow kindness towards others. You never know when it will be the last time you see someone or the last time you speak to someone or hear from them. A lot of people have past and present trauma that they are gradually overcoming, and there are those who have lost so dearly and severely that they suppress their pain. This only further prevents you from experiencing future joy. I encourage that it is better not to leave anything unsaid. If you really care for someone let them know, and if you don’t, let them go so that they can heal and find someone who appreciates them to the degree, which they deserve. If you truly love someone would you not wish only the best for them? Don’t be greedy. Be great.

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An affirmation doesn’t have to be deep; it can be as simple as telling a girl you like her new lace-up boots. If someone does something you consider to be “weird” or “OMG so awkward” just dust it, as I reiterate, let it fall, don’t be a bitch, be better. Don’t think it’s not cool to be nice to others and express kindness or compassion because that’s exactly what this world needs more of. Though these days it seems that being a brat earns you some sort of social/scenester credibility, but in the long run, it doesn’t. A moment of agony can feel like never-ending sorrow, but all things find their way to heal. It just takes time:  “Time only moves in one direction, remember that…things always change.” — Mohsin Hamid

Aries (March 21-April 19)

The key for Aries is to find time to breathe this fall. They can work through almost anything if they control their temper and try not to go from zero to ten in two seconds. Aries will let things that do not concern them fall out of the conversation, and rarely will they let others know that things are bothering them. Aries won’t even listen to your argument because they have a hard time seeing things outside of their own perspective. You don’t have to have it all or be it all. If you accept this reality more and work towards a more empathic disposition –you will be in a better headspace. Also, it is okay to let others know when you are feeling defeated. It has been said that Aries is the first to pick a fight and the first to attack if presented with battle or combat of any kind. You don’t always need to have the last word. It is okay to be sympathetic to the idea of being wrong. It is okay to really listen to what those around you have to say. Often people just let you think that you are right, even if they disagree with you because they know opposing you will prove to be a waste of time. Infuriating or disobeying an Aries can be exhausting and something you don’t have the energy or heart to do it especially if you really love them. Aries has a tendency to be extremely friendly, but also spas tic when you cross them or oppose them, which is why it is best to keep a submissive attitude of compliance, stability, and kindness.  Aries will walk away from whatever they don’t have the energy or patience for. It is important that Aries abandon the notion that the only values to embrace are of a philosophical or rational nature. Aries need to find their inner empathy. Not everything is going to go according to plan so why put so much pressure on yourself? Young Aries will get lost in having a good time and may feel dull in the absence of stimulation, which is good. Later in life, they might become cursed by the reality that they can never truly be satisfied with what they have. If you feel like you are content, maybe it took you a long time to see it, but if you finally have, I suggest that you stay there. Try to find prospects for peace, pleasure, and play that allows you to really relish in the moment of life. The future haunts you, yes, but you can’t control everything and you certainly cannot control the actions, outcomes, thoughts, or feelings of others. The affirmation for Aries is to bestow an understanding and compassion that goes beyond their own expectations of how a person should be or live their life. 

Taurus (May 20-April 20)

Either you are on the verge of stamping something down for keeps or you are having a really hard time letting something go. You try to be as cool as possible, but sometimes, only sometimes you just want to scream. It is really hard for this sign to forget. If it appears like they don’t care, you can trust that they are still haunted by elements of their past. Taurus would rather not know about things or situations that affect their idolized romantic commitments. Their level of devotion will make it hard for them to see any fault in their mate, or at least any faults that will be vocalized to their mate or to others. People see you as stoic in your ways, simplistic, but fun and they sometimes forget that even if you act tough, interactions with certain stimulus will directly hurt you. At the root, you are actually quite sensitive and have limitations. You just don’t want anyone to know it. Not to say you don’t have kind words to give — you have many, and even if the fall season means change for you, it also means change for the people that are closest to you because it is highly unlikely for a bull not to have sentimental, conventional attachments to the people that they are devoted to in life. This Fall, you have to be a bit selfish, Taurus, but sincerely selfish. Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words, yeah we’ve heard it all before but if you need a change, or think something needs to change but it hasn’t — don’t stop to smell the unrefreshed roses.  Keep walking, or in your case, keep crawling — no real changes that mattered ever happened overnight, especially not for the bull. Sometimes they never achieve change, but this will only occur if they lack the will to try or the ability to see beyond their love. Love and devotion are not always enough.  Try not to be indecisive or insecure about anything– just do it. It’s okay to get caught up in love, but you don’t want the web to own you, your passions, or your potentials. If there are any reasons for you to question the love in your life, take that as a sign to stop making excuses for that person and move on. If you want to take a break and be a lazy bull — do it. In the end, Taurus will always do what they want, no matter what anyone says, even if it takes them a while to come to their senses, they usually do. It just takes them time — and that is the Bull’s affirmation: to really relish the hours and figure out their personal position. Find a way to factor the most out of time without hurting yourself or those around you. You can have everything you desire in life if you simply change your approach.

Gemini (May 21- June 20)

If anyone can let it go — it’s Gemini. A problem or person can easily fall out of their mind if they want it to. On the other hand, if they don’t want to forget you, the issues, or the problems of the past then things can be rough. Ok, let’s be fair, Gemini will only seemingly let it go, they will present perfect social face because they’d rather not let you know that you got to them. In reality, they probably don’t care for you. If you dumped them or wronged them — they won’t really be a big fan of you or anyone who has anything to do with you in the aftermath of your relationship. They will, however, act very cool and calm — they might even kill you with kindness, which might make you believe that you matter. You probably don’t, or at least not for too long, and if you do stay in their lives, it could easily be to provide a sense of ego-stroking. Though, there is the total opposite Gemini, in which they will have absolutely nothing to do with you. There is the possibility that they will not even acknowledge your presence or speak to you. If they do it will be obvious, they aren’t crazy for you because when they see someone they like, another personality will appear. You will notice the difference. The Gem will be a gem to those that they love with their whole heart. This is the thing with Gems, they often do have two sides to them. It’s not said they are two-faced (even if they are often described as this) but it is to say that they have a strong sense of duality within them, which brings out contrasting personality traits. Gems will keep a lot inside; they will lie easily and will do anything to protect their reputation.  They know what they are doing. They don’t want to be embarrassed nor do they want to be associated with things that will complicate or mess up their need for perfection. They’d rather “not talk about it” and do something impulsive or thrilling because this appeases their anxiety surrounding emotional issues. This Fall, it is important that Gems keep with their playful, ‘let’s let it go’ nature, but to also think of what it is that they really want for themselves.  Owning up to fault and working towards self-awareness is the first step. This doesn’t mean you and your friends; it means you are on your own. Gem gets lost in projects, work, people and crushes and often don’t fix the things that they need to in order to change. They can get lost in their vanity. Sometimes they give too much and do too much for others that they don’t open up and let people in. They don’t let people know what they are really thinking. Instead, they might constantly provide for their mate without thinking about their own desires. They might think about their own desires, but they often won’t vocalize them to others. Nobody can know that Gem doesn’t have it all together. Unhealthy relationships will only cloud Gem’s ability to produce to their fullest potential. This Fall, the affirmation is to discover sincerity within and keep an open mind towards dealing with your feelings as oppose to avoiding them. Figure out what you really want and make that leap. Many of you are really happy, but some of you haven’t been sincerely happy for a really long time, and now is the opportunity to make better choices and changes that will better enhance yourself and your life.

Cancer (June 21- July 22)

Life is too short to be unhappy. You have your moments, but if you are a true, crabby Cancer type who hasn’t found the one, don’t let your moods rule your disposition. Don’t let love or the company of others be the sole thing that makes you happy. It’s time to stand up for yourself a little bit and take time and space to figure out what you really want to do. Cancer isn’t in the biggest rush to be a “success”, but they want success in love as this is the main thing that motivates them to be warmer people. The comfort of others inspires the crab to be a better person. You fall easily, but you also fall easily into the arms of other people’s wounds. You want to fix, help and protect even when you shouldn’t. Some of you have started to make some changes by leaving places that make you sad, jobs that cause you anxiety, or people who made you feel shitty. By trying to eliminate the things in your life that don’t bring you happiness you will become happier, and if you are seeing this yourself then you are on the right track. Your moods determine your life, so it is really important to surround yourself with things, people, and projects that bring out the best in you. Also, surround yourself with those who want the best for you. When you are unhappy with yourself it is impossible for you to be happy for others or pay compliments towards the achievements of others. When this occurs, people do not see all of the great things that you actually are, and you are a lot of great things. Cancer needs to work on trying to affirm people in a positive way in the hopes of bringing back some of that energy into their own life and onto themselves. Letting things go and bestowing forgiveness of the past will only enable Cancer to create a better aura for the Fall. You might think that joy comes in the form of codependency, but a Cancer cannot gain the confidence they require burrowed behind the presence of another person. The confidence has to already exist in the Cancer for love to work and in a lot of cases it does, but the young Cancer will need time to figure out that hiding behind a relationship (that probably won’t last) this fall won’t get him good grades in school. Cancer is at their best when they are in love, but the key here is to find the right person because all the shitty prospect they chose to entertain will not benefit their general happiness.

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Leo (July 23- August 22)

Leo is one loyal mother fucker, which means they will let a lot of things fall out and fade away when they really care for you. They might not forget, but it will be hard for the Lion not to love the people that they care about naturally. On the other hand, if you have bruised Leo’s ego too severely or have wronged them in an immaculate way that tests their immense loyalty– they will never look at you the same. Sure, they’ll be fabulous in your company, but by no means will you ever gain the full portion of their heart or their sustaining love and attraction. If you mess with Leo’s loyalty — you have messed with their ego, their heart and their ability to trust you. Leo might paw for a sense of relief but will later realize –it was never really worth it. It’s hard for you not to be a part of something that makes you feel great. The key is not letting others determine your happiness too much. Ask yourself, how often are you actually alone? This Fall is important for the Lion to touch base with their inner core by finding a piece of mind that isn’t completely tied to another person. Leo man falls prey to giving too much to others, and never really communicates any kind of deep emotion, but he’s there for you if you need him to be. His heart won’t let him turn his back on the things and people that he really loves. Leo girl can either suppress or disclose too much. Sometimes she’s dramatic about her emotions, but only with certain people. Leos generally act like they are “free falling” because they never want anyone to know they are upset, suffering, or feeling weak. In true Leo fashion, it is not in their model to show vulnerability. If they express a form of anger, frustration, or resentment it is usually something they have bottled up over time and it will only come out in an intoxicated or pressure-filled moment. People love Leo, they attract all kinds of suitors, but it is ok to think you are good enough (and never question it) because you are. You don’t need anyone else to remind you of this. The affirmation here is to find love without looking for it. You can be and do so many things as long as you take a stance that you are not going to let anyone get in your way or distract your focus. If you are in love, it is important that you illustrate ways of showing it –and you probably do, but you have it in you to be romantic without being told to so why not? Affirm the Leo fire of love.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Virgo won’t want you to cross them and it can seem like they are total dicks, jerks, or cold chicks when you do, but at the core, they are generally caring people — they just prefer to keep it real. They will need to size you up first and won’t take anybody telling them their business. They will let things fall into place, but they don’t want to be nagged by you because in all likelihood they are already nagging themselves. Sometimes letting nature take its course can be hard for the Virgo for even on the first date/encounter they are already hypothesizing potential downfalls for the future. They don’t want you in their face telling them what they did wrong or how to change it– they want acceptance. Even if Virgo is secretly highly self-critical when it comes to you — they are perfect and anything you say that is perceived as negative is subject to defense and scrutiny. Do nothing until you hear from them — because they will contact you if they have interest in you or if they are interested in making peace. They appreciate a good apology. Despite obvious emotional and empathy issues, Virgo males rarely like to be alone and while they do need a fair amount of alone time, they will often still have a sexual companion to pursue or find joy in. Virgo is prone to finding joy in the attention of someone who is interested in them. They want to engage, be a part of the chase and feed the ego that they are trying to build. Virgo can be a bit scary when pushed to their limits. This can occur because they will often take on a lot and dip their pen in a lot of different kinds of ink in order to get the job done, but they will get the job done. Nobody wants “bitch” Virgo to surface this fall — it is important for Virgo to listen better, express more and display compassion and empathy towards the people in their lives. Virgo should try to find personal pleasure in conjunction with meeting their work demands. The playful, socially charming energy of Virgo is best demonstrated in showing others what they are capable of giving on a consistent basis. Virgo will be most successful when they execute from a place of consideration, self-assurance, and confidence. Your past and your present are not always meant to cross over. History does not always repeat itself. It is possible to fall into something new, but you will have to let go of whatever has hurt you in the past or whatever you have questioned to be unsuitable for yourself. Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt if you focus a bit less on your own needs and started to do more productive things which are going to further educate and inspire you to become a bigger and brighter individual. It can be hard for Virgo to get back into the fall mentality post-summer, it is key that they have something to focus on in order to make this adjustment period easier. Here, it is crucial to have healthy, prosperous personal goals that can be set and made in time. Virgo knows that they progress at their own pace and while they might be listening to your concerns and don’t intend to do wrong by you, ultimately they will always do what they wish.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

This is your time to shine — it’s the time of the Libra, Happy Birthday! If anyone wants to let things go it is this sign. They want their freedom to play and this applies even when they are in a relationship. There are parts of the Libra that you will never own as they get their love fixes from a variety of different sources, people, places, and hobbies. Now more than ever is the time to make decisions and stick to them–impossible yes, but there has to be something you could do to demonstrate that you care enough about something/someone to be “alone” with it. It’s hard for you to predict where you are going to be all the time, but the fall provides a bit of a compass for Libra. Yes, you’ve been lost a few times, yes you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole, but the beauty of Libra is that they are always willing to weigh the scales and perceive a resolution that will get them back out there. In all likelihood, you have been everywhere and back this summer, but now you are going to have to find your joys in a more calculated fashion — there has to be a bit of a schedule or a sense of planned commitments in order to find a sense of peace in your life. It is okay, to be honest, and open about your personal needs though it can be in your nature to avoid all forms of confrontation. You’d rather be playing/listening to music, doing something artistic or thrilling like fulfilling food, fucking outside of the box, or engaging in witty conversation with your lover. Generally speaking, Libra does not like to feel socially isolated in any setting and will be sensitive to the feelings, critiques, and concerns of others. They fall prey to the idea: “I like everyone. Therefore, everyone should like me.” This season, you are going to have to own up to the things that you tried to blow off in the past. Take a moment to inhale the freshness of a new season. Yes, you can still find time to do whatever you want, but you know now more than ever that there are loose ends you absolutely need to tie together firmly. Or at least a bit firmly than before, what’s the next step? Or I shall, what’s your next flight?

Scorpio (October 22 – November 21)

A lot of loose ends will come together this Fall for the Scorpio. Anything you’ve questioned or stressed about over this summer suddenly feels less vital to you. This is because you finally want something different, something new and exciting. It has taken you a long time, as it often does with this sign, but for some of you, you finally feel like you are there. The

fall out for the Scorpio will take time, it will be drawn out and toxic. It festers slowly and even if it seems healed or closed there is always a part of their being that owns you. It’s a love you can’t get rid of because it is rare enough that a Scorpio would ever sincerely give their love in the first place. No, they are not the type to say it too much or smother their partner, but the Fall Out here is hard because if Scorpio is set on you (or was) it will make it all that much more difficult to forget them. It is hard for Scorpio to forget, to move forward, but many of you are taking on a new light and seeing things, people, and old habits in a fresh way. Many of you are finally getting what you’ve always wanted and aren’t prepared to fuck it up this time. You are a testament to the ongoing dramatic tale that ended well — or at least received a point of resolution that you can rest easy with and will allow you to try and open yourself to the good that is coming and could still come. This Fall, keep with this faith. Give up your control. Don’t take everything to heart or as a personal attack on your being. Let everything roll off your back and into your mind as something to help produce inner strength and positive change. You know that in order to be happy you need to be happy first with yourself. Your generous, vicious side will only translate poorly onto others if you don’t feel the power within. You need to embrace the realization that your looks and bodily gestures say a lot about what you are thinking. Your expressions reveal a lot about the inner turmoil or sexy thoughts you chose not to talk about. Be happy for others, try, because if you can achieve this — things will go a lot better for you. Change won’t take so long to come if this is sustained. As some of you may have learned already, you can get what you want if you give things time to marinate on their own. Many of you have and are probably in a better place because of it.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

It is hard enough for Sag to really let you in or trust you in the first place, so if there is some kind of Fall-Out it will generally take them a bit to compose their hostility. They can easily cut out people that they don’t trust. In the end, they’d rather be good with everyone if possible, and won’t be a total jerk or bitch about it when they see you out. Though, there are plenty of Sag-related stories regarding weird incidents, as Sagittarius is usually emotionally suppressed and unable to reach out to the people, they need resolution with. In most cases though, Sag won’t be afraid to say what they really think or feel. They will call you out if they are comfortable. They simply won’t talk to you. Falling into something is hard for Sag because they are not attracted to things that come easily, and once they get something they might have even greater expectations of that person than when they initially met. Sag strives for the best and expects the same of their partner. At least, it is hard to satisfy all levels of the Sag because they do have a strong sense of what they want/who they are. This Fall, things are going to come together with a little more especially regarding personal successes. The Sag has never been known for their need to stay in one place. They are not creatures of habits, but creatures of excitement. This being said, Sag also wants to be successful, make a lot of money, and fall in love with the right person. Fall is a good time for new goals, to start from scratch and find a sense of personal achievement that keeps them motivated and hungry for more. Sag gets lonely though, even if they need and crave alone time, they get loner-lonely and sometimes will seek comfort in temporary fixes that do not suffice in the long run. They love the fanfare, and they love having a good time. They do have envy and scrutiny, but they may not always articulate it. If you have things that they want, they will take heed to this, but will probably just go out and get it for themselves and won’t be too coy to tell you about it.

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Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Sometimes you just take on so much that you find yourself toppling over. You will do everything you can to keep your composure because this is what you do best. Ideally, you do it even better with the right partner by your side. You love sex and feel this is the one time when you can truly let your guard down. The combination of dim lights and a private setting helps to release your inner rebel/humor. You have a sense of humor that is strong, but it often gets suppressed at work. You are great at keeping your composure, but even you experience times when you can feel your threads unraveling. It is okay to leave some threads loose even if you do know how to sew open wounds back together in an orderly fashion. The loose ends in your life will continue to bother you this fall because you want everything to come together. You want your future just as you’ve mapped it. Capricorn woman wants a sense of security, a good job, she wants to know what will be sealed in her future. Capricorn man just wants to make sure he is financially capable of being able to provide for his mate before he pops the question. He might show weakness or sensitivity, but he still wants to be “the man” on paper. As mentioned, several times, Capricorn is a bit of a workaholic. This fall, try to create some new beginnings — play in the leave–get dirty. By embodying a new attitude that sees the glass three quarters full instead of broken on the floor (taunting you to clean up the mess) and you will find yourself a lot happier. Achieving this will be hard though because Capricorn is stubborn, sometimes cynical, and prone to never stopping. Every season is a chance for them to do as much as possible and achieve new goals. They can’t help but be impressed by money and nice things but don’t let this steer your love choices. Those relationships will likely be short-term. As a Capricorn, you are also very impressed by good work ethic, class, and most importantly someone who can make you laugh. You should certainly keep with the light-hearted part of who you are. Make people laugh with your dry, sarcastic humor. Compliment someone. Take a second to listen before you write someone off and judge them. Give positive reinforcements that will ultimately reinforce you in a prosperous way. 

Aquarius (January 20 – February 19)

Aquarius doesn’t want to hold onto too much for too long. Therefore, if he/she held onto the loss of you for a significant period of time you can render yourself special. This sign is a lot like fellow Air sign Libra in the sense that you can never truly own them. Unless AQ feels like they have found their place with someone or something, they will keep wandering through different people and places until they do. They will seldom disengage from the journey or adventure of life. They will keep looking — they will not give up. AQ won’t be able to grow up if they feel sucked down by something/someone from the past because they won’t be able to give their true self to anything that isn’t sincere. This isn’t to say AQ won’t give, they will always give, they will always be friendly, engaging, and full of optimism. They will always give you a chance to impress them and will acknowledge it when you do. You’ll entertain them with your attention, but AQ always knows when it’s not right just as they will know when it is. AQ knows from the start what it is about you that they don’t relate to. This doesn’t mean they won’t see all your good qualities at the exact same time, but just that they aren’t going to fall in love with you because they will perceive how you ‘just aren’t for them’ long-term. They aren’t going to stick to you if you aren’t the right kind of glue.  If you are an AQ without a sense of direction, you won’t be able to make a true commitment, but you might find that your life is taking you everywhere. If you chose to go with it — the possibilities here are always infinite. Though most of you prefer it this way. Though you are rarely ‘completely’ alone in the sense that there are always suitors and tons of friends around you. You are not one to like staying in one place for too long and can be very aloof and detached from the people in your life. The ongoing, never-ending adventures of an AQ will be fruitful and fulfilling. AQ will fall down and fall up and fly off and keeping flying, falling up and falling down — but they will always rise to the occasion. AQ doesn’t like to stay in low drive for too long. They don’t feel comfortable in an emotionally useless position. They will fight for happiness. Therefore, if there is something bothering you this Fall, you might take a moment to vent, but in the end, you will power through it and you will advise yourself to work past it. AQ always power through. You have to remember that your ‘friendliness’ will take you to a lot of places and introduce you to a lot of people, but these relationships and experiences won’t always last or mean anything. Sometimes for this sign, it is just about the experience and the thrill of it all. You will know when the ‘first to fall’ person finds you, and opens your eyes to a whole new experience, one which you never doubt. 

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Sometimes you let it fall quickly and other times you create a magical fairy tale about how you wish things would turn out. Instead of seeing what people around you see — you create your own Cinderella version of the story. Things are in a constant state of flux for the fish because it is hard for them to bite attractions or good sex, and therefore they will entertain old flames, especially if the light of your presence continues to linger in their heart. Pisces is usually highly flexible (physically and mentally) and will strive to be extremely thoughtful and generous towards the people they love. They will give a lot when they love you, and very, very little when they don’t like you. They might not even be able to look you in the eye if the fallout was that bad. If they are a big-headed fish type, they will go out of their way to make you feel small. Younger Pisces will probably repent in a childish fashion by marking their social territory. They will let you know how popular they are by exerting their likability by being the center of love and affection at a party. This fall, the fish is really starting to wake up, some of you have been sleeping for far too long, but many of you are on the right track. If you are thinking to yourself, “I am what I am”, good, go with this logic. This ideology will enable you to be a lot happier in general. If you continue to cut out the people, places and things that make you feel unhappy or uncomfortable in your own skin– you’ll be better off. With every hater, you encounter there are ten people who love you and your endearing company. It is always better to focus on this than the latter. Don’t send hidden social media messages to rectify what you can’t let go of — it doesn’t achieve anything. Know in time, the memories will fall out of your mind. As many of you may have learned through your own experiences that anything is possible. Change is constant. It’s alright to exert your fantasies, but this is better achieved when these fantasies are expressed upon the right people. As such a mutable sign with so many variations that apply to your symbol (there are many different fish in the sea: ugly trout, shy guppies, beautiful starfish etc.) Therefore, it is hard to peg down the fish as one type because they are essentially ‘everything in one’, you just have to find the right combination of elements in order to stay emotionally balanced. All fish are very different, but certain things will hold a commonality. Most fishes have a tendency to feel things on a deeper level compared to other people. This level of empathy for others, this need to belong, be popular or be admired will certainly take away from your need to fulfill your personal potentials. This fall pick a personal goal for yourself — don’t get lost in the party or the person you are with/into — find a space within yourself to draw out the shape of your own desires.