July 23, 2024
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Zodiac Signs and Sexual Compatibility

Zodiac Signs and Sexual Compatibility

Whether you read your daily horoscope just for fun or you are one of those people who even brush their teeth as per their horoscope, astrological compatibility is something that even the strongest disbelievers of astrology can’t fail to acknowledge. Therefore, knowing about the zodiac sign with which you are the most compatible does not only help you to make the best of friends but also the best of lovers.

Although assessing a person’s sexual life based on his zodiac sign can get a little complicated, there is none denying the fact that some zodiac signs are just naturally better at sex than the rest. This is primarily the reason to why astrology plays such an important role in determining one’s compatibility.


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Zodiac Signs and Sexual Compatibility

Sex can be a pretty tricky thing to deal with especially when it’s followed by this long list of demands and expectations. Therefore, as much as you may claim to know about sex, there are some things that even you may not be able to figure out.

This is where astrology comes into play. By providing you with a very detailed description of your zodiac sign’s sexual compatibility, this wondrous branch of science can actually help to improve your sex life by up to 10 folds.

Importance of astrology in sexual compatibility

As much clichéd as the phrase “hey baby, what’s your sign?” may sound, what if it is not really that corny after all? What if your stars actually hold the key to your one true pair?

Cause no matter how much you try to romanticize sex as being that  “sweeping you off your feet” moment, it is actually not always as intimate, passionate, and great as one might deem it to be.

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Bad sex and the impending relationship crisis that it brings along can lead to pretty unforeseen consequences such as heartbreak, depression, and this horrible feeling of inadequacy.

Chances of ending up

Therefore, knowing about someone’s sexual compatibility before deciding to get that intimate with them can actually reduce your chances of ending up with someone who doesn’t even know how to push your buttons (literally!)

Signs and their compatibilities

Astrology and its role in determining whether you are sexually compatible with someone or not is simply carried out by calculating the distance between two sun signs.

Typically, those signs which are not more than 4 signs apart are the best-suited ones for each other since this distance gives rise to a certain trine that results in a much easier flow of energies.


Being highly aggressive and authoritative in nature, Aries like things pretty adventurous and steamy.

Their innate desire for constant gratification makes them the best of lovers and are more likely the pursuers rather than the ones being pursued. They are the most compatible with Leos who are as assertive and domineering in nature.

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Taurus likes to take things real slow and sensual such that their sex is often mostly about cuddling and making small intimate talk. They get highly tantalized by the most minor of the things like smell, touch, or even sound.

Sex with them is always very natural, and things seem to happen rather naturally around them. They are the most compatible with Virgos who are even more sensuous than Taurus.


Geminis are all about “the heat of the moment” and are highly nonchalant about their sexual life. They don’t shy away from a naughty wordplay and are, in fact, the smoothest of the talkers.

Their wit and intelligence are what fuels their sex life. Geminis are the most compatible with Libras since both these signs are great at talking and expressing their feelings through words and otherwise.


Being the most emotional of the lot, cancers need to feel completely at home before getting sensual with anyone. Their playful and happy-go-lucky nature makes their partners feel at absolute ease with them resulting in great sex.

Since Cancers love being wooed by their partners, they are the most compatible with Scorpios as per their extremely charismatic and seductive nature.


Leos’ incredible sex drive is what makes them so hot in bed. They are highly charismatic and magnetic in nature and have an unparalleled level of intimacy with their loved ones.

They are very passionate and seductive in nature making them the best of lovers. Their seductive nature when combined with the loving one of a Sagittarius, results in a highly compatible combo.


Virgos like things to be simple yet special in bed. They love to foreplay before things take a more intimate turn and are absolutely honest and sincere in their lovemaking abilities.

They are the best compatible with Capricorns.


Libras love art, and that’s exactly what their sex life is primarily composed of. They have an exquisite and unique taste in things and are great at flirting.

They have the best compatibility with Aquarius.


Scorpios’ highly seductive nature makes them the best of lovers. They are very sensual and kinky in nature and like to keep things pretty steamy in the bedroom.

They feel the most connected to Pisces who are quite romantic in nature too.


Sagittarius love to experiment and are all about trying out newer things in bed. They love to be creative with their partners.

They are the best suited with equally imaginative Leos.


Capricorns can be a bit shy at first but when at absolute peace with their loved ones, they really open up.

They are mostly compatible with sensual Taurus who also like to take things slow.


Aquarius may not always brag about their sex life, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good at it.

Therefore they are the most compatible with talkative Geminis.


Pisces are highly romantic and seductive in nature, the reason why they are the best in bed.

When paired up with Scorpio, sex with Pisces becomes highly sensuous and steamy.


Astrology isn’t always the only determinant of your sexual compatibility since there are tons of other things to consider in a relationship.

Still, to know more about zodiac signs and sexual compatibility,  it doesn’t really cost you anything to know how to save yourself from another one of those “It’s not you! It’s me.”