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Your Zodiac Sign as a Harry Potter Character

Your Zodiac Sign as a Harry Potter Character

You know Harry Potter, you’ve read the books over and over, and watched the movies again and again. You probably know every line and have picked your house. But do you really know the characters? Have you thought about the zodiac sign each Harry Potter character might embody? I’m not talking about their birth dates here, but rather the sign each character represents. So here, Harry Potter isn’t born on July 31st and isn’t a Leo; he is…


Aries: Harry Potter

Yes, in my view, Harry Potter is the first zodiac sign, an Aries! I see you might disagree, but let’s accept the truth: Harry Potter has all the traits of an Aries. First off, he’s a fire sign, like the Leo he is according to his birth date. Moreover, he is brave, determined, and stubborn, like a true Aries. This makes him a bit of a hot-head, but above all, a hero. Despite all his weaknesses and blunders, Harry Potter fights for freedom and peace with his Aries spirit.

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Taurus: Neville Longbottom

After Harry Potter, give me Neville! Orphaned by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Neville possesses qualities typical of the Taurus sign. Indeed, he is loyal, as every Taurus should be. He places friendship and trust above all else because he knows how much his parents suffered due to the dark side of magic. Also, he works hard to improve and help others (remember Dumbledore’s Army).


Gemini: Fred and George Weasley

I think you guessed which zodiac sign I’d assign to the Weasley twins: Gemini. Yes, Fred and George embody the communicative spirit and intellectual wit of Gemini. Indeed, through their humor and pranks, they know how to convey the right messages (like blowing up Dolores Umbridge’s rules in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix). Also, with their eloquence, they are quite charismatic and have a sharp wit, typical of Geminis. Plus, Geminis are twins, just like Fred and George.

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Cancer: Molly Weasley

Molly Weasley is the quintessential mother, a true Cancer! She cares for her children fiercely and does not hesitate for a second to welcome any trustworthy person into her home. Harry Potter sees her as a surrogate mother, most likely. She can sometimes be smothering to her children (those Christmas sweaters!), but she loves them and does everything for them. No surprise when Percy decided to name his daughter Molly in honor of his mother.


Leo: Ginny Weasley

Ah, Ginny, Harry’s love interest from their first meeting. Ginny is sometimes overshadowed in the films, but she is nonetheless a main character. As a Leo, she is bold, brave, and knows what she wants. Having grown up surrounded by boys, she learned to hold her own and never hesitates to put someone in their place. For instance, remember the time she casts a spell on a classmate who annoys her during her fifth year at Hogwarts.

Virgo: Hermione Granger

Which zodiac sign is the most studious and meticulous? Yes, it’s Virgo. And who is the best student at Hogwarts? Hermione Granger! Always with her hand up in class, and her nose in magical textbooks, Hermione is the embodiment of the Virgo zodiac sign. Her mental strength and intelligence save her and others more than once from dire situations.

Another character embodies the Virgo sign: Dolores Umbridge. However, here the traits are pushed to the extreme, forcing others to conform to her demands.

Libra: Cho Chang

I think Cho Chang would make a very good Libra. On one hand, she’s popular, she’s liked by others, she plays sports, but she also wants to help Harry save Hogwarts. She’s not just a pretty girl at a school. Also, we can note her search for harmony in her journey with Harry. First with Cedric Diggory, she doesn’t seek to multiply lovers. After the young man’s death, she waits to feel better before getting close to Harry. Like a Libra, she seeks the best way to act for herself and others.

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Scorpio: Severus Snape

Severus Snape is indeed a Scorpio, so complex is his character. During childhood, he had to face mockery from other wizards (yes, James Potter, we know it’s you) about his coldness. As an adult, he had to become secretive, intense, and still solitary. This secretive personality, shaped by painful magical events, made him courageous and a true Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Sirius Black

Sirius Black is undoubtedly a Sagittarius. Despite the danger that hovered over him for almost his entire life, he maintained a free spirit. At the Order of the Phoenix, he knows how to be serious and make good decisions, but he could also laugh with others, and he loves Harry above all. His philosophy of living, true to that of Sagittarians, makes him one of the most touching characters, in my opinion.


Capricorn: Minerva McGonagall

Minerva McGonagall plays a major role at Hogwarts. She is the head of Gryffindor House, the deputy headmistress of the school, a professor of Transfiguration, and her role expands over the years and the volumes. So what is her zodiac sign in Harry Potter? As a Capricorn, she has a great sense of duty and discipline, and she knows how to punish or reward students. Just like Albus Dumbledore, she gives or takes points from houses and students, even if she likes them. She also knows how to celebrate victory and is very happy when Gryffindor wins.


Aquarius: Luna Lovegood

The dreamy eccentric, Luna is an Aquarius. She does not fear being different from others, with her clothes and life philosophy (we clearly remember the trio’s reaction when they first met her). Moreover, like all Aquarians, she loves to defend others. She believes in her father, and does not hesitate for a second to support Harry when he wants to make others understand that Voldemort is back.

Pisces: Remus Lupin

Remus Lupin is a complex being, like a Pisces. Often rejected because of his dual nature (remember, he’s a werewolf), he is nevertheless very empathetic. His friends and family are his raison d’être, and he does everything to protect them. His wisdom and life experiences have made him courageous, and he never revealed that Sirius was also an Animagus during his escape.


So, now you know the zodiac signs of the characters in Harry Potter, according to me! Do you agree? Do you see yourself in the character of your zodiac sign? Let me know!


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