July 19, 2024
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What is Magnetic Magic?

Magnetism is the force or energy radiating automatically from all living things. And indeed some things which we would call inanimate. It is sometimes called “od” or “odic force” or chi. It is possible to consciously develop and intensify the magnetism of a person or object. And it is this intensified and directed power which is the basis of what is known as Magnetic Magic.

We may conceive of this magnetism as fluid. Or as an emanation of an extremely refined substance which is directed and controlled by the will and thought. It can be stored, attached to or absorbed by certain material objects, while other objects will act as insulators to it.

Interestingly magicians and electricians are somewhat in agreement about the materials that conduct magnetism. Most electrical insulators are also magnetic insulators. All pure metals and crystals are good magnetic conductors, while alloys are useless to the magus and electrician alike. Oil and water absorb this force readily, though oil retains it for a longer period. Wool, paper, wood, brick and stone absorb it slightly, while silk will neither conduct nor absorb it.

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Process of Magnetizing

When magnetic magic is directed into an object, it reproduces its particular vibration or note. And the object will then come into close psychic sympathy or rapport with the person who projected the magnetism. Thus magnetism is the base power in many forms of psychic and spiritual healing. Being a healing power in itself and also acting as a carrier for more subtle forces which pass into and affect the physical body.

In magical work this magnetic magic is made use of in many ways. In healing work one may charge or impregnate an object with healing power. And then give the charged object to a sick person to wear or use. Often water is charged and drunk, or oil is charged and anointed. Sometimes crosses, pendants or other personally worn articles are magnetized.

This process of magnetizing objects is used throughout rituals all over the world. The blessing of holy water is a form of magnetizing, as is the holy sacrament of communion. In the New Testament we read of people taking cloths which had been in the vicinity of St. Paul to sick people. In modern times, people still touch the hem of a monk’s cloak or the papal gown, believing the healing magnetism of the man has passed into the garment and then onto others. Similarly, we feel called to visit sacred spaces. Sensing an uplifting energy which lingers from the intense prayers or meditation performed in that space. We keep mementos of special days, sensing something of the time imprinted on the object. And we carry around lucky tokens which seem to impart good luck.

Magnetic Magic: Exorcising or Blessing

The etheric substance of magnetism is neutral in itself and will take upon itself the impress of the mind and will that sent it forth. It is manipulated by the subconscious mind, which responds most readily to images. Thus when we are magnetizing objects, it is helpful to have a clear cut mental image which we have mentally linked with certain emotional qualities and associations. Occult systems like astrology, qabalah and the chakra system are very powerful tools for directing force in this way.

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Demagnetization removes all traces of any magnetism currently residing in the object. It is done by holding in mind the intentions to purify the object. While the magnetism of the operator is directed upon it by a traditional sign of power, such as the cross. Having demagnetized the object it is now neutral, ready to absorb any magnetic magic that may be impressed upon it.

To magnetize, the operator must have in his mind a certain intention which is expressed in words and actions which are linked in his mind with the desired action of the charged object. Ideas, words and images that are held in the operators mind must be positive and never negative, for this power does not respond to negation.

For instance, if we are charging an object to reinforce the courage of the person using it, we should fill our mind with the pictures of courage, bravery and strength. We should not say “let the wearer of this cease from being afraid” but rather “let him be strong and courageous!” All the colors, scents, music, clothing, prayers or invocations should reiterate and reinforce the theme of courage. It helps us to hold the sense of this feeling firmly in mind while we magnetize.

Consecration with Magnetic Magic

In the normal magnetization of objects, the powers and forces of the personality of the operator are utilized. In consecration, after the object has been demagnetized, it is magnetized with a special intention that it may be the vehicle of channel of a higher force or being that is beyond the operator. A typical consecration ritual is the mass of the Catholic church. Here we have the purification of the bread and wine (demagnetization). Their solemn blessing and setting apart (magnetization). And then the invocation of the presence of Christ in and through the offered elements (consecration).

The purpose of a magnetized object is to effect a change of consciousness in the person using it, usually in gradual fashion, and the same applies to the power of the blessed sacrament. That change in consciousness may or may not be apparent, yet any student of magic knows that man’s consciousness is far deeper and more vast than the ordinary waking mind.

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