July 23, 2024
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Your Ascension: The Final Destination

Your Ascension: The Final Destination – When you are fortunate enough to have a spiritual awakening, there is a responsibility, a gateway of knowledge that opens up, a resource of remembrance that happens for you.

The road you were traveling on splits in two and at this point, you are presented with the path you came from and a new path guiding you toward higher awareness.

Hello and welcome, I am Sara Bachmeier with Egyptian Numerology outlining the truth about your awakening journey. 

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The Truth About Your Awakening 

When you come to this imperious fork in the road, the decision to choose your path can get challenging because you have to trust this new energy Source and you have to make decisions based on your inner knowing which will lead to your authentic self or your inner hero.  

You begin to realize that you can’t take everyone with you on your new soul journey because not everyone sees what you now know, and you recognize that it isn’t their path… it’s yours.

You may have to leave others behind. It is now your responsibility to own your ascension and find a tribe that supports you. 

The law of impermanence comes to greet you and you learn that time has a different meaning and everything that you once knew to be true, everything you once believed in that kept you safe, and everyone you once relied on to support you, has changed…. And the spiritual truth is born, that nothing in the material world lasts forever.

Time is no longer filled with empty space… it is valuable, and you slip between the sheets or the veils of reality where the non-linear belongs, the paranormal appears, and signs, symbols, and synchronicity live.

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Your night dreams deliver messages and start to have a spiritual meaning and your intuition flowers open and start to heighten.

Your Ascension: The Final Destination

These are all things that your current friends and family may not understand. They will either not listen, or they try to listen, but they just don’t hear, or they assume you are now out of control.

And yes, you are out of control in a sense. You are no longer controlled by the mundane, superficial, linear, and material world. You now belong to the world of spirit where the rules of the game of life have changed.

You must consciously choose to follow your inner hero, learn, and respect the universal law of impermanence, forgive those who don’t understand you, and forgive yourself for the years you spent asleep.

After awakening, it is your responsibility to purposely move forward. You cannot take back what you have seen. You cannot unsee the inner landscapes of your soul. You cannot pick and choose what to see and know whenever you want to.

The awakening has a life all its own and it becomes apparent that preparing yourself to receive is just as important as the seeking process. 

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The awakening will ask that you live a life of integrity and make some changes or adjustments to your present way of life. You will no longer be able to ignore people, places, and things that do not serve the light. 

Your awakening is your personal ascension and the final destination.  The journey inward may weigh heavy at times, and you may find yourself feeling lonely. But keep in mind that your third eye opened because you were ready. You have what it takes to journey inward on the unending spiral of discovery.

Stay Awake. Don’t Go Back to Sleep

I am so passionate about Egyptian Numerology because it helps us make better decisions. When you understand your 8 core level numbers, along with the other categories, it is a game changer for your self-esteem and your confidence. 

It heightens your self-awareness – who you are at a core level so you can become the best version of yourself moving forward. It helps you remember who you are and why you came here!

And that uncomplicated the awakening journey immensely!

Egyptian numerology helps you live more authentically attracting you to your purpose, which means you can have a greater impact on the world…

Egyptian Numerology is Powerful in so many different ways! 

You may be wondering…

How do I discover the best way to work through everything that is already coming up in my life, the stuff that is carried over from past lives, and everything that is bound to come up in the future, without making myself totally crazy?

I am going to share with you an easy way you can learn more about your soul map and create a genuine sense of meaning and purposeful focus for your life and become your very own superhero!

Now, this is where my clients say to me “Oh come on Sara… become a superhero. Isn’t that being a little dramatic? How do you see this as even possible?

And I always say, It Absolutely is possible! Let’s take a look at what a superhero really is… it is a moral and virtuous person who possesses extraordinary abilities or supernatural powers and uses them to maintain peace in our world!

And in essence, we are all born superheroes. We all have unique gifts and abilities to BE and DO extraordinary and amazing things. In fact, we are meant to pursue our natural powers and master greatness in our lifetime and our awakening is only the beginning. 

All of us would naturally develop and activate our talents if we were encouraged by masters of greatness and not told at a young age that we were ordinary and maybe not that very special. 

I am going to tell you the secret of becoming your very own superhero. The secret is in the remembering of who you are and why you are here! It is not so much something new that you learn about yourself, but it is definitely something that you start remembering

And that is why I am here. I want to help you remember. I want to guide you into the amazing journey of self-discovery that not only unlocks your superpowers but transforms your life into the superhero you are born to be … every day.

My Monthly Group Coaching Program

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I dedicate this Group Coaching Program to all lightworkers, light warriors, wounded healers, and miraculous healers, and everyone dedicated to becoming a conscious creator or maintaining the best version of themselves.

This Group Coaching is a gift to your higher self, to your sanity, and the physical fitness of your soul. Treat yourself to a program of enlightenment, spiritual community, and the insurance of a vibrant energy field.

These are critical times and exciting times, but most importantly they are opportune times. I am honored to be a part of your ascension process and I look forward to seeing you inside the Unlock your Superpowers forum.