July 21, 2024
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healing on the seven layers of the aura

Healing on the Seven Layers of the Aura

“Healing” and “health” come from the Greek word holos, which means whole. Health is wholeness, and healing, then, is the process of remembering this unity and perfection.

Healing is a process of re-unification— a reconfiguration of body, mind and/or spirit which establishes greater self-integrity.

Healing is the reclamation of the wholeness and perfection that has always been and always will be, but which we temporarily lose sight of as we travel through the world of contrast that is the physical dimension.

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Healing on the Seven Layers of the Aura

The atmosphere which surrounds us and pervades the structure of each one of our body’s cells is the force of life itselfsometimes called ch’i, prana, or astral light.

By this force, all life is nourished and in it we live and have our being. By this energy we are given life, that is to say, made whole, and within it, as expressions of it, we are all One.

The Aura is Life

We partake of this energy by way of the aura, which surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. The aura is much more than a medium or a field. In a very real way, the aura is health.

There are seven layers or “bodies” in the aura, each correlating to a chakra. Each layer of the aura is a body, just as real, alive, and functioning as our physical body, existing consciously “in a world of its own”, so to speak, metabolizing energy on its own plane and in its own mode.

Yet, externally, as each body extends out in circles beyond the physical body, it is subsumed in the oneness of the sea of prana; and internally, these worlds are interconnecting and exist immersed within the same space. Thus, there is oneness among the layers of the aura, and oneness of the aura with everything apparently outside it.

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Every layer of the aura affects the layer directly above and directly below it through harmonic induction. The phenomenon of harmonic induction is that which occurs when you strike one tuning fork and another one in the room sounds.

The energy of the upper bodies, which correlate to the “thinner” or “fainter” vibrations of spirit, induce harmonic resonance in the mental and emotional layers that are directly beneath.

This chain of harmonic induction continues all the way down to the densest frequency level, that of the physical body. Thus, what is apparent upon one level of being is actually active upon all levels of being, with each body expressing the impulse in terms of its conscious reality at its own level.

A creative impulse in the upper body will be expressed in terms of very general feelings or awarenesses. As it moves into the lower layers, it will be first expressed in terms of more specific thoughts, then specific feelings, then physical sensations.

Then the physical body will respond automatically through the autonomic nervous system, either relaxing if it reads a positive impulse or contracting if it receives a negative one.

In this way, the aura is the medium through which energy from the higher realities is precipitated down into the physical reality. It is, so to speak, the link between heaven and earth, between spirit and matter.

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Holistic Health

Health is maintained when the creative force coming from spiritual reality is directed according to the universal or cosmic law of wholeness and oneness.

The bodies of the aura show how well you are maintaining harmony within the self and harmony with the apparent other in the external world. A healthy aura shows bright colors that flow easily in a balanced field. An unhealthy aura reveals a stagnated or unbalanced flow of energy, appearing as darkened blotches of color.

When we offer resistance to the flow of this universal energy by consciously or unconsciously separating some aspect of self away from self, we become tired and ill. Disease and dysfunction are the results of chronic imbalance.

There are many causes of this resistance. There may be trauma in childhood that catalyzes habitual patterns of self-betrayal. We may have been educated in ways that narrow or distort our conceptions about the world or ourselves.

Somewhere in our thinking or feeling patterns, we are operating on a premise of separateness or limitation— that is, we have forgotten who we really are. We have lost the awareness of ourselves as a whole and perfect being residing within the perfect wholeness of all being-ness.

In disease, the same process of harmonic induction is at work throughout the energy bodies, yet in this case, the primary creative impulse has become distorted. The impulse which now acts against Universal law continues to be distorted as it is transmitted through the energy bodies, ultimately inducing disease in the physical body.

A faulty belief complex at the highest spiritual levels, for instance, can induce self-limiting thought patterns, which then induce emotional constriction, which then produces compulsive habits like smoking, drinking, or a poor diet, which then aggravate nascent cancer in the organs. Whereas health tends to create more health, the disease tends to create more disease.

The Process of Remembering

In this way we see how forgetting who we are at the spiritual level has implications on all other levels of the auric field, effectively turning the body against itself as a reflection of the “othering” of self at the higher levels.

It is thus essential that we deal with the deeper meaning of our illnesses. The spiritual, psychological, and/or emotional source of the illness must be sought out, for without addressing the source issue, we will eventually create another problem that leads back to the source that caused the disease.

Healing can take many forms, but in one way or another all involve showing love and understanding to the parts of Self which have in some way been made “other”. No matter if the malady is apparently emotional, physical, or mental, the remedy is the same: integration.

In this way, we see that even illness is a manifestation of perfect holism and oneness, for it is the call from the part of yourself that you are trying (unsuccessfully) to leave out. Illness is a message saying: “Wait. Something is wrong. You are not listening to your whole self. You are ignoring something very important to you. It is me. Here I am. Here you are. Remember.”