July 19, 2024
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why air signs are so hard to get

Why Air Signs Are So Hard to Get?

First of all, forget about making them yours, besides being able to make that a reality—an air sign never truly becomes anybody’s. It is also extremely difficult to know what your air sign is thinking and feeling.

Let’s Break it Down

Aquarius: Very aloof, emotionally detached, and unique in their approach and desires.

Gemini: Easily gets mixed up with their ever-changing moods and emotions. They tend to feel uncomfortable with emotions and don’t often express them well.

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Libra: This sign can’t make up their mind. They go back and forth on everything, especially emotions. They do not commit to things and people easily.

If you are interested in any three of these signs, you are going to have to be very patient. Imagine, your air sign interest like a butterfly or a pretty bug—they cannot seem to stay in one place too long. They come to you, but then they fly away, off to someplace else. And they are flakey. They are not always reliable for plans, even if they act like they are, it is the follow-through, you’ve really got to watch for.

The air sign will just do whatever they want to do best, and they won’t factor in their feelings. Whatever doesn’t affect them, they do not expect it to affect you. This is because air is very forgiving, likes to get over things and goes with the flow. If they can get over it then they expect the same of you.

Gone Today, Here Tomorrow

Sometimes all an air sign needs to know that they are into you is through a good old-fashioned time. Building their trust will also take a lot of: time. Time is the keyword to keep in mind when dealing with an air sign. When the timing is right, they are perfectly capable of showing up for you. With the right person and the right chemistry, things could be magical.

Things become less magical when your air sign is constantly seeking reasons to question their own interest in you. There are certain “red flags”, which could present to turn off an air sign.

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If You Come on Too Strong

Your air sign needs to find you as equally as impressive as they view themselves. This won’t happen overnight, and if you come on too strong, this can turn them off. Air signs are always secretly picking you, so if you’re not their type, you will know it. Air connects through the mind, so when they fancy someone, they turn on their charm and flirtation.

Don’t Talk Too Much

Air signs, most importantly, Gemini, need to know that their partner is listening to them. Air signs need to be heard. Too much chatter on your part will only annoy them, as this element does not always display the most emotional patience.

Don’t Lead with Your Emotions

Air signs are big thinkers, and they enjoy a good conversation and a good laugh, but if you bring the tears out, air signs might pull back. It all depends on who you are and what you mean to them. Emotions can freak them out. This is the sign that likes to play it cool and live off vibes. Even if they do care, and they do, they make lack the words to help you out of your emotional situation.

You Can’t Force the Unknown

You may understand now why your air sign will forget about you and re-find you in time. It is likely because they do not know how they feel, but they do know that they are attracted to you in some aspect. Big moves and bold gestures can scare them away, but one should believe that one can’t mess up anything that’s meant for them. If you’re worried about the interest of your air sign, try to live in the moment with them. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself because air signs are the kings of making relationships happen naturally. Or taking a casual thing to something serious. It will happen when they are ready, and a lot of them will know this because they are no longer thinking of other people, and there seems to be the only person left in their heart.

When Your Air Sign Isn’t True

It can be very easy to be led on by an air sign. For some air signs, they just want you when they want you, which means they leave you dangling like a skinny carrot. They might sleep with you, but they ghost your texts and say no when you ask them out. This means they are only seeing you out of convenience. There is something they like about you, air signs almost always want to be cool or be friends, but there is also something or somethings that turn them off about that person. Air signs will psychically take what they need from certain people and seek emotional connections with others.

The key here is not rushing into the sex. Air signs are a sign of the mind, they are attracted mentally, and it’s this that keeps them locked. Air signs need to be emotionally and mentally challenged. Often, they benefit from a partner that shows them another way of life. Air signs like to be inspired, and they will not be attracted to anything that comes too easily to them. Attraction to them is completely unique, and no one can insult their taste because it’s not predictable to just anyone and it is highly unique.

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To conclude

Air signs are often unsure, but this changes with age and maturity. The older they get, the more inclined they are to go after the things that they want. At the same time, it also makes them more inclined to let stuff pass them by. You know what you want at the end of the day, and unlike before, you are not going to waste your time. This Is the beauty of an air sign: they experience, and they evolve. They might not always know where they are going to end up, but in the end, with the right amount of time, they always find their way.

Air signs might seem like the plotters and schemers of the zodiac, but truly they mean no harm, especially to those they care about. They never wake up with an empty head, which is why they might seem everywhere with everyone. They like excitement, and they excite others, which is why it can be frustrating when you are trying to lock one down for keeps.