July 19, 2024
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The Aquarian Age in its Dawning Stages

The Aquarian Age in its Dawning Stages

Currently, our entire world is undergoing a powerful process of change. Ironically, not everyone is as aware of the implications of it. In many respects, this can be described as the painful birthing process of the Age of Aquarius. While there is debate about when it has or will exactly occur, I will assert that it has technically already begun, yet we remain in the very early stages of it, and what we are experiencing in the world is the inevitable large-scale change process.

Most of the videos I have seen on YouTube assert that the darkness we are experiencing represents the end of the Age of Pisces and that the Age of Aquarius will be glorious and utopian. Perhaps it will be one day, but such idealism may be a little too optimistic for realism. It should be noted that an Astrological Age is a 2,160-year cycle. So, even if these high ideals are achieved in a few centuries, it would be great.

Add to this complex plot is the fact that beyond national and cultural factors, there are also multi-national, wealthy, and powerful interests that have the economic power to not be subject to the laws and realities of any one country alone. While this may be regarded as a contributing factor, the exact opposite may be true since chaos is a classical invitation for opportunist attitudes and behavior to take advantage of the change process.

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As well, some of these opportunists are hardly just reactive to the changing times. Their focus and strategy are deliberate and intentional and the most powerful of these players can afford to both plan well in advance and can afford and hire all the resources they want. At worst, such networks have been slowly but surely seduced by the unquestioned posture of entitlement, the consequence of many generations of inherited wealth and power.

Among other things, and in alignment with the advances of modern technology, the birthing process underway is giving rise to a ‘global culture’. Given the diversity of cultures on the planet, including language, religious beliefs, and social, political, and economic models that stem from them, it should be evident that creating such a global culture, or as has often been said over the recent decades, ‘global village’ will take time. And the process of achieving it will invariably be complex, just as we are witnessing right now. The question is: can our individual destinies and free will choices which are core features of destiny make a difference? The answer I will offer is a resounding, yes! 

The greater reality is that the birthing process of the Aquarian Age will take decades at least, and probably even centuries in its fullest scope. I will offer with confidence that the Age of Aquarius has already technically ‘dawned’ and the World Wide Web is the synchronistic evidence of it. I have a very good theory of the exact date, actually, but more on that another time.  If you are interested in learning more about that exact date and how it reveals current cycles and offers a powerful predictive key, just send me an email.

It should also be noted that we are on the eve of the next great installment of the age, and that date is December 21st, 2020, Winter Solstice – when Jupiter and Saturn form an exact conjunction in Aquarius. More on that focus soon, as well.

As it is, what we are challenged to contend with is the delicate process of navigating the complex journey of this process. This is where both awareness of the human condition in general from this cyclic perspective, combined with accurate self-awareness, comes to the fore. Destiny, both individually and collectively, is a co-creative process. This is obvious due to the very reality of the duality of existence. Cooperation is the keyword.

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Understanding the planetary ‘influences’ at play at any given time and period of history is where Astrology can make a big contribution to us all, and to you personally. Of course, it is based on a different paradigm than that of the linear perspectives born of a purely materialistic paradigm, which asserts that life is a by-product of chance and what happens is the result of outer reality and subject to the random and arbitrary choices and actions of individuals and groups of every size.

Yet, a free society that upholds the opportunity for people to think for themselves soon undermines the limited, delusional, and manipulative tendencies of purely materialistic motives, perceptions, and interpretations.

While making absolute predictions about what is going on is not possible, Astrology clearly reveals a great deal on an individual level (Natal Astrology), and collective level, (as with Mundane Astrology or the Astrology of nations, provinces, states, cities, institutions, and businesses). Like a map, Astrology does offer a good deal of insights revealing both core themes of destiny, which includes timing factors, and the ‘probability factor’ according to each person or entity in question.

Already over the past while and over the coming weeks and months, I will bring emphasis to the cycles of our times and how their astrological designations reveal synchronicities that illustrate that destiny is indeed at play, and that life is ‘on purpose’ and therefore meaningful. How these apply to each of us personally is the subject end of this endeavor, but is the one that matters most to each of us, due to the subjectivity of our personal destinies, even though these do occur in context to larger realities. Understanding both is ideal. This is where I can assist you.