July 23, 2024
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Serpentine: A Divine Shamanic Gemstone

Serpentine is a gemstone with beautiful dark green hues, chemically composed of magnesium silicate and water. It focuses the energies of the Earth, also called the power of the Dragon. This is a magical mineral that stands out and is often used in shamanism. This is the gemstone of the Wyrm, the ancient wonderful serpent of ancient Celtic legends that can take shape as a gorgeous woman. This is why serpentine is a gemstone of great spiritual power.

Serpentine protects and restores balance to your aura

Serpentine can restore balance to your ethereal body (also known as the aura) and accelerate the influence of benevolent entities upon you. Serpentine will most particularly help you to dispel any energy imbalance in your aura.

Likewise, your natural magnetic field is disturbed by problems, disappointments, and troubles. This might be the reason you are often so tired, discouraged, or even depressed for no reason… This shamanic gemstone can strengthen the energy field of your aura and let you benefit from all the power of spiritual forces.

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Your corporeal shell is just one of the various “bodies” that make up a human being. Beyond this visible physical body lies an invisible vibratory shell with a name that varies depending on tradition: astral body, aura, vibratory shell, or ethereal body.

It is fundamentally made of energy vibrating at a specific frequency, like anything in the universe. Our visible shell is the materialization of a low frequency of primal energy. This is why the physical body represents a rather “low” rate of this universal energy. Your ethereal body vibrates on a higher frequency.

Your mind, corporeal shell, and vibratory body are connected. There are no separations between them, they are constantly interconnected, in perpetual motion with a delicate balance that is hard to uphold. Any imbalance in each of your three electromagnetic components has repercussions on the other two, triggering psychological, physiological, and spiritual disorders.

The harmony in your personal entity (mind/physical body/ethereal body) depends on your desire to grow and on outside protections like the one serpentine provides. Just like every other mineral, serpentine radiates vibrations. You just need to put it in contact with your body, in resonance with your ethereal body, and any disturbance on your frequency levels will be restored.

It will restore the full dynamism of your ethereal body, will strengthen it, and will help when it needs to resist energy assaults from evil spirits.

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Serpentine: a shamanic gemstone that must be worn

The closer to you a gemstone is, the better it can restore your balance and protect your being (mind/physical body/ethereal body). In other words, serpentine will operate depending on where you wear it on your body.

This is why it is essential for your serpentine to be in contact with your physical body as often as possible. If you decide to wear it as a necklace, it must touch your bare skin. Likewise, always handle it with your bare hands.

During moments where you are not using it, you should nonetheless try to always uphold a physical or psychic connection to your serpentine. Touch it, look at it, think about it, try to turn it into a familiar companion, because it is your friend and ally.

Your shamanic gemstone is one of the infinite forms of life. Treat it as such. It will pay it back one hundredfold by flooding you with blessings. It will communicate with you in its own, subtle way through the vibrations that it will constantly send your way.

How to set a positive charge into your Serpentine  

Just like you, a mineral is made of vibrations on a subtle level, but its energy materializes in rougher shape than yours. Do not treat your serpentine as “just a rock” but as a pure transmitter of positive energy. It won’t be long in rewarding you for it, sharing its great powers with you.

If you were tense, nervous, worried about your problems, or simply distracted when you bought it, this means you did not respect it when you welcomed it into your life. You might have charged it with negative energies, even unknowingly, and you will then have to cleanse it. If you are in such a situation, don’t worry, thinking positive thoughts will purify your serpentine from these negative waves that you should dispel before any use.

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Treat your Serpentine as an ally, as a friend, and it will only enhance its powers. As such, as soon as you wear your talisman on you, your aura will automatically find a new balance. As soon as you hold it in your hands, you will feel a flow of energy running through your body and your mind. This benevolent vibration will immediately grant you peace of mind, great serenity, and you will feel in better shape.

Serpentine: a gemstone with mighty positive powers

Once you have created this bond of friendship with your Serpentine, you will notice other positive effects: your intuition and psychic powers will be unveiled to you in a rather spectacular way.

In truth, this gemstone can very quickly release the spiritual potential found within you, allowing you to draw the positive forces of the universe into your life. Your mind will be in harmony with universal forces and you will have a chance to receive spiritual messages in order to guide you even more safely to the ultimate fulfillment of your desires.

Additionally, Serpentine can also trigger wonderful phenomena very quickly, like reading other people’s minds or knowing whether or not someone is lying to you…

Likewise, human connections and meetings are first and foremost a sharing of energies. So for any important situation, at work, in your everyday life, or during a professional or romantic appointment… always keep your magic gemstone with you. It will constantly charge you up with positive energies, and your own positive vibrations will be amplified through your serpentine and will positively affect other people’s behavior in your presence. You have the advantage now!

You will always get out of a difficult situation by keeping your cool, and by having your serpentine with you. As soon as you have a problem, just touch it and mentally call for its help and you will receive hints to solve your current crisis. Pray to ask for the intercession of your serpentine over the entire course of your questions.

If you do it with respect and trust, your serpentine will enhance your well-being, grant its energy to you, and rebalance your own vibrations so that any situation might be turned to your advantage.