July 18, 2024
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Self-Awareness and How to Connect with Your Inner Consciousness in 6 Steps

We are the products of millions of years of evolution and in our consciousness are stored the ancient remnants of the past, the experiences, tragedies, and the triumph of life. Our uniqueness allows us to explore our inner consciousness and seek guidance from it. This is the central tenants to achieve to live life successfully and with content. This article focuses on how to connect with your higher self and be self-conscious as well to aspire for your goals and ambitions and move forward in life.

Connecting the Dots

We are all in need of improving ourselves to adapt to the changes and face the challenges in front of us. This process also requires healing whenever we feel low or experience a communication gap with ourselves. To get clarity, the art of healing requires nothing but self-awareness. This is to interact and communicate effectively with your higher self and gain confidence in your decision-making ability. Hence connecting the dots, we find that to actually heal our mental state and experience the beneficial physical outcome as well, self-awareness is a necessary healing art.

A clear message of the Divine

The connection to your consciousness is the first step to self-awareness. We may not realize, but we are actually contacted by divine forces that exist right behind us. Our divine self is an example of how we can feel at one with nature by extracting the energy and letting it flow through us.

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The Medium of Mediation

Meditation is a self-healing-art, it is the most common approach towards self-awareness. it is also the art of healing yourself and connecting with your higher consciousness. it can be carried any time of the day and is usually done in a short amount f time, depending on the concentration factor. Find a nice, calm spot which doesn’t provide any distractions, sit down with your back straight, breath in and out for a few seconds. After you are relaxed now focus on the energy flowing through you from the base of the spine to your head. Finally, visualize it and you will enter the realm of higher learning.

The Essential Steps

To connect with your higher self isn’t done willy-nilly, but it needs considerable effort, focus, and determination. We have to be more consistent and ambitious, as well. Meditation is a way of involving yourself in the self-healing and higher learning process. To learn how to connect to your higher self, here are some tips to follow:

1. The serenity of the surrounding

Serenity plays a significant role in your meditation which allows you to contact your higher self. Here serenity means the environment in which you will perform the meditation. To connect with your higher self, you will have to choose an environment that is calm, serene, and quiet. This will increase your chances of a more enhanced and better connection with your higher self. Therefore it is necessary to choose a more private and silent environment in which there is no disturbance.

2. Sitting in a new dimension

When meditating, you will have to find a spot but then comes the tricky part sitting, relaxing, and focusing. Although the word sitting might give off the idea that it is a simple task where one closes their eyes and sit to meditate. Although that is the gist of it relaxing in that position by aligning your chakras which runs through the midline of your body and then eventually opening each chakra points, releasing energy and letting it flow through you simultaneously. This task requires focus and strict attention to yourself. The higher self of yours takes quite an effort to be contacted with.

3. Freeing yourself

The term freeing yourself implies here a state of total freedom in which you can let go of every thought, burden, and stress. After you can relax and free yourself from negative thoughts, then can you fully open the door to explore your inner consciousness. This strategy is critical in determining to how extent you will be able to infiltrate your inner consciousness and maintain a stable connection with your higher self. It is necessary to pin any underlying thoughts or negative perceptions that might be influencing your working pattern. It is because of eliminating these negative energies your higher self can guide you through trodden paths of life towards a successful future.

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4. Divine interaction with self

The purpose of connecting with your higher self is to seek guidance and let your higher self make you confident about your choices. This cannot be done in a loud place, but rather a silent environment gives you the perfect opportunity to connect efficiently. The idea behind the communication with your higher self is based on the wisdom that is imparted when you can interact. Not only that but love, abundance, power, and spiritual vision are the multivariable beneficial aspects of this interaction with your higher self.

5. Receiving energy

Finally, when you can complete the meditation process, you will realize what you need and what your sincere desire is. The connection with higher self will have given ff certain clues for you to think about and apply in your daily life. There will be underlying messages that you will have to decode and as well as analyze. The divine contact with your higher self will enhance your living by creating more harmony in your life and giving off positive gestures which include positive aspirations and perceptions.

6. Be Consistent

It is not necessary that you have a clear answer right away. You will need some time to get the full extent of the divine message. You need to repeat the meditation process again and again till you get the desired results. You can do it every day for 15-20 seconds, which hardly is a long time. Not only it is easily done, but it will bear the benefit of making you more confident in your decision and will strengthen your will. Therefore it is necessary to be consistent in your practice of meditation to connect with your higher-self more often.