July 21, 2024
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Psychic Archetypes Teacher

Psychic Archetypes: The Teacher

A psychic archetype represents a core energy expression that we feel defines our psychological and spiritual journey, in this, previous, and future lifetimes.  While we may engage in various forms of life practice, like being a soldier or a doctor, we are one enduring archetype, which could be the Warrior or the Healer.

This article will explore the psychic archetype of the Teacher.

One Archetype, Many Guises

History is replete with warrior priests and soldier healers (medics).  Educators can be athletes and athletes can be educators.  We can wear many guises over the course of our lifetimes, but we most often operate from a single psychic archetype.

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Sometimes necessity and circumstance can force us into a guise that is far away from our spiritual purpose, or so it will seem.  If we look closely enough at our actions within any circumstance, we will be able to see the consistent psychic imprint of our representation.

I have a varied work history, which includes construction, website design/management, teaching (college English), and now spiritual advising.  Through each iteration of my work opportunities, I found myself in the same role repeatedly … as a spiritual and emotional advisor to the people around me.

The Teacher

At one time I would have thought my archetype was the Teacher.  I started teaching while I was working on my Masters in English in 1991.  I would spend more than a decade and a half as a college instructor, from 1992 to 2010.  I loved teaching.  However, if I look at the interactions I had with students, my most common and repeating role was that of the Counselor.

A Teacher archetype individual truly and deeply loves disseminating knowledge, showing how to develop skills, and imparting wisdom.  Teaching is an aspect of every archetype, Fathers and Mothers teach their children, Warriors teach others how to fight, but the Teacher is the archetype with the gift for moving people from one state of understanding and skill to another, higher state of understanding and skill regardless of circumstances or roles.

Each archetype travels through lifetimes to gather experience inside and outside its ideal representation to enjoy and understand the full range of human experience while learning lessons associated with completing his or her work and/or being kept from being able to complete his or her work.  Lessons cut both ways.  Sometimes we learn by support and other times by resistance.

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The Ideal Society (Utopian Vision)

It really is not hard to imagine an ideal society in which each person discovers their psychic or spiritual archetype and is given a way to express that archetype through work and interactions with the other archetypes in the world.  Bringing such a world into existence would require a large-scale and comprehensive acceptance of balance between science and spirituality, between creativity and necessity, and between compassion and integrity.

Reality is an ebb and flow of balance, imbalance, and re-balancing, which is where all the souls learn lessons that cannot be found in utopian visions or the spirit realm.  We choose to be here; and psychic or spiritual archetypes indicate that we choose a singular type of role so we can experience true mastership.

Are You a Teacher?

Each archetype has definable and distinguishable traits.

Drawn to the Transformative Moment

Teaching is about transforming, about being able to recognize, create, and seize the transformative moment for others and move them through it.  The teacher’s true gift is his or her ability to move others through the teachable moment successfully.  A student comes into an English class and does not know how to diagram a sentence.  By the time they leave the class they can diagram a sentence.

Many different archetypes can teach this skill in their role as a teacher, but the Teacher will help them understand WHY it is important to know how to diagram a sentence and why it matters as a thinking skill.  Transformative moments, when fully realized, include not only the functional skill to do something but the clear understanding of why to do something.

A Desire to Serve Others and Community

The Teacher has a crucial role in the survival and betterment of communities, society, and humanity.  They love to and must move people from states of ignorance to states of understanding.  They want to see the joy one feels when a student comes to understanding and awareness about a subject or action or skill.  The Teacher is as much a pillar of human society as the Mother and the Father, especially since they work outside the family dynamic.

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Teachers are at their most powerful when the student wants to learn, though they can be surprisingly effective with those who want to resist learning or choose willful ignorance.  Many a class can start with numerous uninterested students that get drawn into the learning process because of the skill, enthusiasm, and talent of the Teacher.

Tireless Interest in Learning Themselves

Teachers have their own passion for learning and never stop being students in their own right.  They simply explore knowledge with a natural intention to share that knowledge, looking for the best techniques and their own style for imparting knowledge.  Experimental by nature, the Teacher will try numerous techniques to communicate and show students how to learn what they know. 

They take their passion for a subject and use it to master the subject on two levels. First is the mastery of the material or skill.  The second level is figuring out how to impart that same mastery or appreciation to others.  Their personal joy in learning is part of the foundation that makes them the Teacher archetype.

Are Leaders

Outcomes matter to the Teacher archetype; they feel fulfilled when a student “gets it” and can move on without them.  They know and feel success when someone can do or understand something after the person has worked with them.  In their highest manifestation, they can be understood as the transformers of all societies. 

Teachers show others what is necessary knowledge and how to learn to be successful out in the world.  The act of teaching is fundamental to helping them understand their place in the scheme of the community of archetypes.