July 19, 2024
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Nine-Year Cycle

Nine-Year Cycle

Within the Nine-Year Cycle, we learn that our feelings are the only means by which we find an advocate toward personal freedom. It is a year of endings, completion, and conclusions offering a chance to free ourselves of the misguided beliefs that have always caused unhappiness, boredom, dissatisfaction, and stagnation. The Nine Year reveals and teaches us how to break free from our past by surrendering our grasp on it and without this awareness, we are forever victims of something that once happened to us. The nine-year cycle chimes a bell beckoning a calling that it is now time to heal.

Freeing the Old

Nothing new happens or has an opportunity to develop in the 9-Year Cycle until the unavoidable endings take place and the more we seek to begin something new without first freeing the old, the more resistance the Universe throws our way. If we do not attempt to accept our emotional realities, we discover that our history repeats itself in the following nine years.

This is a year of reflection upon our life’s continuous journey and deeply contemplate everything that has happened to us. Sure, there will be circumstances and events that we do not want to embrace, and these are memories we are blocking from our consciousness. These are the very incidents and situations begging to be addressed and they act as a heavy load weighing us down like an anchor, preventing our intentions and momentum from moving forward. The more genuine intent we apply allowing forgotten memories to resurface, the easier it becomes to adopt and integrate the Nine Year’s healing process.

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It is the sheer weight of finding distractions and avoiding past and present emotion that causes depression, even though we try to fool ourselves into believing that depression can be escaped simply by deflecting these emotions. This pretense creates an abyss of denial and, eventually, deeper despondency. If we find ourselves activated and focused on anger, regret, fear, or grief, to the extent that we cannot live constructively, there is a promising chance we are using these emotions as an excuse or distraction for continuing to deny another emotion which is even further deeply buried. Denial is no longer a privilege on this Earth. Denial causes most of the dire problems humanity has faced in the past as well as today and this applies to our personal life as it does to life in general.

Accept Fear

Being afraid to recognize and own our feelings is a natural response and like all feelings, must follow its own evolutionary process and be allowed to move. When we cling to fear, we are refusing its purpose and ability to support us and by preventing its movement, we become paralyzed by it. The natural order and progression are to allow ourselves to feel our fear, accept its presence, and allow it to move through and out of us. This process promotes courage, integrity, and a growing ability to recognize those things to be feared, and those which need not be feared at all. Honoring our feelings as an extension of our senses, intuitions, and instincts are vital to our survival and the ability to develop into our authentic selves.

We find that being thorough and honest with ourselves in this process is most crucial because positive thinking left to its own devices can do more harm than good. If our thoughts and feelings are not in alignment, we inevitably create stagnate energy. Our thoughts and feelings are important, but they are two different forces that need to be explored and experienced separately so we can distinguish them apart. When our masculine thoughts and feminine feelings find symmetry and join forces, our personal power to survive, grow and prosper increases significantly, and our entire being is free to evolve.

The Nine Year appears to drag us backward in the wrong direction, but this process is really guidance in disguise because it is necessary to find the unfinished issues which are preventing us from moving forward. It is essential to be an archaeologist in this process and this will take us on an emotional ride. We are digging up hidden treasures, assessing past emotions along with assimilating new sensitive situations in the present which in part trigger all the old feelings needing to be released.

The Consequences of the Past

The circumstances we encounter in the present time are reenactments of the past, in different forms, representing the consequences of actions, reactions, inaction, beliefs, and attitudes. We cannot create and live fully in the present if part of us is stuck and hidden in the past. Therefore, we want to go back, dig a little deeper, and retrieve the lost parts of ourselves that have been unresolved and cemented in our subconscious.

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Generosity, kindness, and compassion play important roles in this course of development, and through a greater depth in understanding of ourselves, we become sympathetic to other people’s realities. We become aware of how we are all compounding certain problems by avoiding and denying the feelings involved and realize the difference between compassion and guilt.

Self-reflection and Intuition

Currently, if we are reluctantly involved in a relationship or anything, we do not feel certain about, guilt may have convinced us that it is the right thing to do and maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. The only way to be sure is by allowing ourselves self-reflection and trusting our intuitions to guide us. It is in the Nine Year that we realize the extent guilt keeps us from achieving happiness and how much we have denied guilt by reversing it into blame.

Uncomfortable memories always arise to be acknowledged and when they are healed, it allows us to generate more inner space for creativity and happiness to surface.

Inaccurate beliefs become replaced by new truths, perspectives, and potentials and as we accept what has happened to us, we develop a luminous vision of what we want to initiate in our lives and transform the old self into the present self, allowing our personal will and desires to determine a whole new future.

Not all endings are connected to tumultuous emotions. Some situations are finally concluded, bringing relief and reprieve. Don’t assume the worst. Accepting and integrating our past is the landscape we had to cover to get where we desired to be, and our true understanding of this journey manifests the Nine-Year Cycle into the most exhilarating and dynamic pilgrimage we will ever travel.

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