July 13, 2024
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New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, the first two criteria for success are to have a specific plan and respect your commitments. That means seeing things through to completion, stabilizing your results, and never falling back into old bad habits that are, in large part, responsible for your unsatisfying life in the past.

January – the month of New Year’s resolutions

January is the month to make New Year’s resolutions. Everybody knows it, everybody thinks about it, but most people forget all about the promises they make at the start of the New Year. The hectic lives we lead don’t give us much time to sit back and reflect on what we’d really like to be doing, or who we’d really like to be with.

We hope that after reading this article, you’ll take the time to define your objectives for the New Year’s resolutions as precisely as you can. Twelve months of success, Luck, a happy and fulfilling love-life, and a profusion of money, are what we sincerely wish for you.

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But for that to happen, you need to visualize your goals.

How to visualize your goals

Start by writing down four or five of your most important objectives for this year. Do you want to regain lost love? Have more money? Enjoy a streak of Good Luck?

Then take each goal and imagine a situation where it has been achieved. You’ve succeeded in accomplishing your goal and your New Year’s resolution. What are you doing? Where are you? What do you feel?

You need to visualize the situation in as much detail as possible. In your mind’s eye, you should see and feel everything that happens, and live it in your being. Smile, enjoy your success and develop a firm belief in its reality.

Visualizing scenes of success will send a strong message to the forces of Luck. The vibrations you emit will be captured by Cosmic forces and, if they’re positive enough, transmitted to the Astral Powers, who are sure to answer you favorably.

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Right discipline

Your New Year’s Resolutions should be based on clear and precise goals. Make a commitment to yourself, and then live up to it. One of the main difficulties people have on the road to success is being disciplined, and putting in a constant effort, even when the going gets tough. You must never get discouraged or lose your motivation. You need to be persevering, even when you feel tired and worn out.

But if you do, what rewards will be yours! The energy of Luck will support you no matter what you do. Think about what you’re passionate about, what really motivates you. Ask yourself what your goals and desires are and arrange them from most to least important. Only then should you go ahead and start changing your life.

The first step on your path to success

Visualization will be of great help to you. To improve their performance, athletes visualize themselves in competition, winning an event before it takes place. In the same way, you can visualize yourself in situations where all your fears and doubts are dispelled, and you’ve succeeded at accomplishing one of your goals. Make that the first step on your path to success, and all your desires will materialize in your life.

If you visualize what you want on a regular basis, nothing will be able to stand in your way!