July 19, 2024
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Mercury and Venus Ingress

Mercury and Venus Ingress into Libra: Relationship Maintenance

Ingress results in a change in tone and meaning for a point, which is an energy shift designed to promote and continue growth, as well as change, on a regular and ongoing basis.  Each point moves at a different speed, so the ingress for Mercury, which is faster than Mars, happens more frequently and is part of a recurring cycle in which every point eventually “returns” to the same degree as part of its elliptical cycle around the Sun. 

This article will look at the ingress of two points this month, both moving into the same new sign.  Mercury and Venus will leave Virgo and enter Libra.  Even more interesting, they will move into the new sign on the same day.

Changing the Tone, Changing the Meaning

On September 14th Mercury will leave Virgo and enter Libra at 3:14 am eastern standard time.  Venus will follow at 9:43 am.  In Virgo, the “tone” was tied to how we manage the details of our communication (Mercury) and our relationships (Venus). While in Virgo the energy focused on service and health.  In Libra, the focus will be on relating, which will be even more strongly emphasized because Venus rules Libra and is the point in the chart most concerned with relationships.

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Mercury in Libra

Mercury is quite comfortable and effective in Libra.  Since it is an air point, and the ruler of Gemini, it operates easily as a “guest” in the sign of Libra.  Previously, it was in the sign of its other rulership, Virgo.  Venus and Mercury both do “double duty”, ruling two signs and houses.  This particular period of movement, beginning when Mercury and Venus both occupied Virgo, starting on August 29th, is intensely focused on relationships.

Additionally, the two points form a conjunction, and merge, on September 13th, the day before they ingress into Libra. Tremendous opportunity to assess our health and work on all our relationships will be available to us from August 29th until October 3rd, when Mercury leaves Libra to enter Scorpio.  While Mercury is in Libra you should connect with all the important people in your life and take time to assess the health and well-being of your relationships.

Libra is also a sign ruling the law and legal matters.  While Mercury transits through Libra, this time is perfect for writing a will, reviewing the one you have, and taking care of any legal matters, especially ones that could affect the people closest to you in your life.  Is your health insurance up to date; do you have a life insurance policy in place for your family?  How are your investments doing, if you have them? This would be a great time to start making investments if you have some extra money available.

Venus in Libra

In Libra, Venus, earth and air point (ruling both Taurus and Libra) finds itself in one of its “homes”.  As the point of femininity, this journey through the sign of Libra is very important.  It passes through each sign roughly every 25 days and returns to its original position roughly every 225 days.  The 25 days it is in Libra is one of the best times to do any necessary relationship maintenance.  Coupled with Mercury in Libra, this is a great time to make new connections, fix broken ones, release ones that cannot be repaired, and deepen ones that are healthy.

After Virgo “service and health”, the move into Libra can put us in a more relational role with others, or it should.  The symbol of the scales is telling, reminding us that Libra is also the sign of law and legal matters.  So, the relational energy is not just limited to people close to us, but the institutions that affect us and those around us, hence the suggestion that you review any legal matters and resolve any legal issues during this transit.

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I often think of Venus in Libra, at its best, as the idea of fair negotiations, harmonious solutions, logical decision making that also “feels” good because of its “rightness” (not righteousness). Libra energy seeks to balance all things.  With Mercury also present, we can experience a clarity of mind that is unmatched except when Mercury is moving through the other air signs (Gemini and Aquarius).

At the Personal Level

Understanding the movement of points at the most personal level does require knowledge of your natal astrology chart.  With your chart in hand and a solid, basic understanding of astrology, such as knowing the symbols for the signs of the Zodiac and the astronomical and calculated points that make up the layout of the solar system when you were born, you can learn your own flow with points as they leave one sign and enter another.

Based on the date, time, and location of my birth, my chart wheel begins with Scorpio and ends with Libra.  The wheel is made up of 12 segments (pie pieces) called Houses.  Scorpio rules my 1st House of Identity and Libra rules my 12th House of Spirituality.  Up until September 14th, Mercury and Venus have been moving through my 11th House of Community, so the focus for both these points, in my personal life, has to do with my community (of friends and the local community where I live).

Each sign flavors an area of our life in some consistent way.  With Virgo ruling my 11th House, I am constantly concerned about living in and associating with healthy people who want to provide service to others.  With Libra ruling my 12th House, my spiritual journey and lessons come through my relationships with others and how I best connect and find harmony with others.  More pointedly, I have a spiritual obligation to help others find balance in their lives.

When points move through our houses, they bring their unique energy to bear on that area of our lives, both as an emphasis in our own inner development and with external triggers.  I am going to need to use the Mercury and Venus energy to better understand my role in the lives of the people around me, as close as family and as distant as the strangers I meet while out in the world.  If you know your chart, then you will be able to know where Mercury and Venus will be doing the bulk of their work during the time between September 14th and October 3rd.

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