July 19, 2024
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How Will You Spend a Snow Day According to Your Zodiac Sign

How Will You Spend a Snow Day According to Your Zodiac Sign?

Winter is here, which means the memories of spending those days relaxing by the pool with the sun’s rays coming at you are just that, memories. However, about six months from now, you will be able to experience that again! But for now, that is on hold as the temperatures outside are chilly, and the snow is falling.

That also means you are no longer wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and you now have to wear sweaters, hoodies, and warm pants. That is unless you the type to wear summer clothes in the middle of winter. Some winter days will be mild, and you may not see much snow. That all depends on the weather and what it decides to do. That means you will have to expect plenty of snow days to come! How will you spend those snow days? Let’s find that out based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – A Snowball Fight with Friends

Aries, since your sign is the first fiery one, you will be spending your snow days that involve excitement and action. You will be the one to call up your friends to enjoy some activity outdoors. And you will be the one to call the shots on what you want to do because you just are the type to take the initiative on that. Therefore, you will want to have a fun snowball fight with your friends.

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It does not matter how old you are. You are always going to be young at heart, and a good fun snowball fight will keep you invigorated, and your friends will enjoy it as well.

Taurus – Getting Comfortable Under Your Blankets Reading a Good Book

Taurus, you are all about comfort and ease. Winter is appealing to you, not because of the snow and the festivities. However, you don’t mind the festivities because with that comes with a lot of delicious food. But that is not the main thing that you look for when you are approaching a snow day.

The idea of going underneath comfortable covers as you curl up reading a good book is highly appealing. Of course, you need to have a cup of hot cocoa as well. That is your ideal snow day activity. That is what you will also look forward to after a long busy day at work.

Gemini – Hanging Out with Friends by Engaging in Any Type of Winter Sport

Gemini, you are genuinely social and versatile, and as long as you spend your snow days with your friends, you are happy. You are energetic by nature, so your preference is to engage with them in some sport, whether through snowboarding, skiing, or playing hockey. That is good enough for you. Even though you cannot communicate with them quickly as you are exerting your energy, you are still moving, which is good enough.

If there is a snowstorm and you cannot leave your home because the driving conditions won’t allow it, you will be happy to chat with your friends at home on Zoom or through other methods.

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Cancer – Staying in Your PJs with Your Family

Cancer, you are the real homebody, and you will not want to leave your home on a snow day. You love those snow days because it gives you an excellent reason to not get out of your pajamas and to stay home, and if your family is on board with you, all the better.

You are happy to do anything at home as long as it involves some coziness with the fireplace running. You would lie around and read a book or play some board games with your family. Sometimes having a movie day and munching on some popcorn at home is your ideal way to spend that snow day.

Leo – Go Outside and Take Pictures to Share on Social Media

Leo, you love being in the spotlight, but you also have a knack for creativity. Your preference is summer over winter because you were born during the summer to better relate to it. However, if you can capture some beautiful images of the snowfall in your area, you won’t hesitate to do that. You will share those pictures on your Instagram or other social channels so you can rack up those likes.

You may also want to build a snowman and take a picture of that and show off your creativity. You would even create a snow angel and take a picture of the one you made as well. The snowy sky is the limit.

Virgo – Shoveling the Driveway

Virgo, you have always been the one to have a strong work ethic. You also care deeply about being in good health, and the one way to attain robust health is by exercising. You could take up any type of winter sport. However, you are also about practicality. When the snow is falling, the driveway will need shoveling. Therefore, you will not hesitate to spend hours shoveling the driveway.  You may even shovel the neighbor’s driveway because you are also all about being of service.

However, if you live in an apartment or condominium, you may take up any winter sport to get your activity going.

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Libra – Playing a Boardgame or Baking with a Friend

Libras do not like being alone, and they love anything that involves teamwork. They also prefer being comfortable, which means being indoors where they can feel warm and cozy instead of being out in the cold. What is the best type of snow day activity for the scales?

Anything that involves teamwork and staying indoors. Therefore, Libra would love to play a board game or bake some delicious desserts with a friend. When their desserts come out fresh from the oven, Libra will do a high five with their friend and say, ‘we did it!’.

Scorpio – Going Outside and Just Enjoying the Cold with the Snow Falling

What is the one who has the most intense zodiac sign do on a snow day? They will do something quite fierce, such as going outside when it is cold and snowing and standing there. Scorpio will take in the cold, enjoy the feeling of it, and allow the snow to fall right onto them.

They will still dress appropriately, but they will always undoubtedly have an appreciation for the cold air brushing against their faces. They may just sit in their backyards or will take a walk by doing this.

Sagittarius – Any Type of Winter Sports to Distract Them from the Cold and to Stay Busy

Sagittarius is the explorer and the adventurer of the zodiac. Therefore, you will not see Sagittarius stay in their home on a snow day. They prefer not to stay at home unless they are sleeping on any given day. When it is a snow day, they will get out there and engage in some type of winter sport, whether skiing, tobogganing, or snowboarding.

That will keep Sagittarius busy and distracted from the intensity of the cold weather. They won’t even notice how cold it is as they will only care about the fact that they are having fun. That is because Sagittarius loves to have fun.

Capricorn – Clean and Organize Their Home

Capricorn is all about ambition and productivity. Therefore, when it is a snow day, a Capricorn will not be the one to go outside and start a snowball fight or engage in any winter sport. They will take that opportunity to stay at home to clean their homes or apartments and organize the items they want to keep. They will organize and clean their drawers and closets and discover many things they donate or junk. One of their goals is to clean their settings clean, and a snow day gives them the best opportunity to do that.

Aquarius – They Will Run Errands Without Dressing Appropriately for Winter

Aquarius is one that flaunts their uniqueness to the world. If it is a snow day, they won’t engage in any winter sports. But instead, they will purposely choose that day to run an ordinary errand such as going grocery shopping and will wear spring or even summer clothing.

That guy or gal at the supermarket wearing shorts by the ice cream freezer aisle on a cold, snowy winter day is likely an Aquarius. That is because that is what Aquarians will do. That will undoubtedly attract plenty of looks of bewilderment. Aquarians like that.

Pisces – Staying in Bed

The first thing that a Pisces were to do on a snow day is to stay in bed. They will look out the window and see the snow is falling heavily, and they will go back to bed. Pisces will not even attempt to get dressed in daytime clothing and stay in their pajamas all day long.

It would be difficult to coax a Pisces out of bed on a cold winter snowy day unless you offered them an opportunity to bake cookies. Then that may be the motivation they will need to leave their bed.

What kind of snow day activity would you do based on your sign? If you are Pisces and you love to ski, or if you are a Leo and you just want to curl up in front of the fire to read a book, then you have to remember that your sun sign is not the only significant factor in your horoscope.

Either way, the weather is cold, and summer is a distant memory. You simply want to make the best of any snow day or freezing winter day! It will be staying here for a while.