July 19, 2024
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How to Find Out if You Are a Starseed?

Do you often have a feeling where you feel as if you came from a place unknown to you or those around you? A person who is a Starseed does originate from different planets, stars, galaxies or even solar systems. So, what is a starseed? An individual who is a starseed thinks of himself to be alienated. The individual is an advanced being and has an unfathomable amount of wisdom that exists within their core. A starseed person has the aim and mission to assist Earth into the Golden Age.

Are you a starseed? We are about to share 13 signs that can help you discover if you are from the starseeds or not, read on to find out!

Unique Aura

Since starseeds come from another star, they possess a completely different personality and aura. They are also known to have a different vibration, which allows them to access details and information that does not belong to this world. It is this information that allows them to know about various clues that can help them create advancements on the planet and hence give rise to new technologies and inventions.

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At the base of their existence, star seeds know they originate from a different world than the normal, they come from a different star, a different planet. They know very well that Earth is not their true home and this can lead them to feel lonely and misfit in this world.

What else do we know about star seeds?

A starseed is an extremely instinctive, empathetic and psychic. Being sensitive to the world around them, starseeds wish for the world around them to be a better place to live in for everyone. Also, a star seed is known to have an interest in activities related to space, alien life and time travel. The most interesting quality of a starseed is that he takes his own path if he does not agree with the irrational views of society. Starseeds are known to walk and forge on their own road, and they try a new solution to something.

Beliefs about Starseeds

Despite the presence of various thoughts and beliefs with reference to the reasons for their existence; a starseed is known to be on earth to be of service to mankind. Their reason for being here is not to understand the world, the people who live here but to assist the societies into a new age, an age of technology. When it comes to the appearance of a star seed, they are known to have long necks, angelic faces, and large eyes, which also tend to make them appear unique and special. So, What Starseed Race Are You?

Blue Avians

These are multidimensional beings who guide those who wish for guidance. They help people who wish to grow through the road of love and life. Also referred to as the architects and protectors of life; Blue Avians are peaceful protectors.


These are a fifth dimensional and higher star race who have evolved in contrast to our four-dimensional world that we live in. Owner of high intelligence and critical thinking, Arcturians are natural analyzers.

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Andromedans are people who have pleasant Aura and people feel comfortable and pleasant around them. They are gentle in nature and the potential of being noticed. They have a very balanced and mature nature.


Known as the younger race, Pleiadians have male energy in general and they have unique personal powers, which they radiate constantly and are owners of very strong personalities.


This race is also referred to as the Reptoids.


Felines are curious, creative and are capable of profound relaxation as well as deep meditation. They are quite serious and focused about their tasks but when it comes to other things they are quite playful, lighthearted and fun loving.

The 13 Signs of being a Starseed

  1. A starseed has a strong feeling and sense of having knowledge about the Earth not being his real home. No matter where a starseed is, he always has a feeling of homesickness, and this can sometimes lead to depression in some cases.
  2. A starseed feels out of place and misfit in society and does not hesitate to go against the rules and beliefs if he does not agree with them.
  3. Starseeds tend to see dreams related to aliens and spaceships; this is quite unique and special.
  4. Also, a star seed majorly sees UFO’s and has a strong connection and affinity for space, the spirit world and time travel.
  5. Starseeds have an outstanding sense of empathy for those around them, and this furthermore sets them apart from the people around them. If you are a starseed, you will feel different from those around you. However, you will have a natural inclination that will allow you to relate to their struggles.
  6. It will be such that other people around a star seed will be quite uncomfortable in his presence. They will instinctively know a star seed to be different. Star seeds can sometimes also feel isolated within their family.
  7. Starseeds continuously feel challenged to awaken up and reconnect with their real purpose in life.
  8. It is sometimes hard for them to find their purpose and aim and also, they might face difficulties in integrating into society.
  9. Starseeds are often hesitant in communicating due to the differences among them and those around them. They may suffer from social anxiety and might have a hard time trying to make small talk with people.
  10. Life on earth might bore you at times if you are a starseed, it might disappoint you especially when you remember your original home place.
  11. What’s fascinating about starseeds is that they are mature for their age even as children. They have an old soul within them which shines almost all the time and makes them act and behave all wise at all times.
  12. If you have a natural inclination and talent for subjects like physics, technology, engineering, metaphysics, and space travel; then it might be true that you are from the clan of starseeds.
  13. Star seeds are choosy in making friends and thus have few of them. However, the ones who are their friends understand them perfectly without the need for any logic and explanations.


Star seeds are known to have a lifestyle, which is completely different from the others around them. If you are one of them, then you might often feel as if you are in a constant phase of awakening and are forever growing. For you to help everyone awaken, you need to become a way-shower. You will have to open your heart and tune into the aura. Being a starseed, you are expected to be filled with light, to help others and to shine!

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