July 19, 2024
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How to De-stress

How to De-Stress According to Your Zodiac Sign

Talking about problems is a tricky thing. It takes a whole lot of courage to open up to someone and end up feeling like you’re the only one.

Sometimes what upsets us doesn’t seem to strike others as that bad. Why do you seem to be the only one chewing your fingernails and getting cold sweats when something doesn’t go your way, while others are chill about it?

How are you supposed to relax, when your problem seems unique only to you? Well, it’s often actually unique to your zodiac sign. You’d find plenty to relate to with someone who shares your sign.

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How to De-Stress each Zodiac Sign?

Below is a checklist of how to de-stress, specific to each sign. Which of the following calms you?


The one sign that is energetic enough never to want to slow down, the fiery, powerhouse Aries might not benefit from some peaceful me-time.

In fact, it would do better for them to find an activity that challenges their mind or pushes their physical limits to help them feel more in control and release that emotional energy.


Stress for Taurus is usually caused by unpredictability or not having things done as planned. They find it hard to adjust and are stubborn by nature, so the way to unwind might be some solitude and alone time in order to escape from people or situations that can cause more anxiety.

Spend some comfy time alone with yourself or nature, take a quiet walk, and listen to some soothing, calm music.

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Geminis are in their element when trying new things to stimulate their brains. They love change, so a trekking trip, travel adventure, or maybe even learning something new (reading a complicated book or a new board game) might help the Gemini relax their stressed mind.

New experiences and knowledge that switch a monotonous routine up for you might be just what you need.


Warm, loving Cancerians find comfort in their loved ones and home. Take a day off, cook a nice warm meal, and spend some quality time connecting with those closest to you.

Talk it out and catch up with your friends, set a date night, or watch a movie with your family. Comfort zones and safe havens where they can be themselves make Cancerians open up and de-stress effectively.


Leos love feeling admired, accomplished, and idolized. It might work wonders for their self-esteem and image to indulge in a new self-care routine.

It might also help if you go out and buy new clothes or makeup, or get all dressed up for a night out. It could help you feel much more positive.

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This sensitive Earth sign loves perfection and something which allows them to feel good about themselves. Virgos also have great analytical skills, so when struck with anxiety, slow down and try not to get overwhelmed or spiral out of control.

Make checklists of tasks you were supposed to achieve, and clear out previous things you had to do. Take a deep breath and try to organize the mess which have you stressed, before you can move on to other things.


Figuring out how to de-stress when it comes to Libras can be confusing. Imbalance upsets Libras the most, so when hit with anxiety, they need to regain that balance in their life.

Yoga could be helpful since it’s all about meditation, peace, and balance, and so could an activity where they can indulge themselves but just enough, and also challenge themselves, but again, just enough.

Keep themselves productive and busy, but do not exert themselves too much. Balance.


Out of all the zodiac signs, Scorpios are the ones who are not afraid to feel the depth of their emotion, even if it’s negative.

An angry or depressing playlist, a really dark horror movie, or even a scary or depressing book, might be just what they need and how they de-stress and may help the Scorpio recover.

All in private, of course, because Scorpios prefer solitude where they can be themselves with no fear of being judged.


Sagittarians are adventurers, travel junkies, and freedom seekers. Out on the road, trying new things, and constantly challenging themselves is how these unpredictable wanderers roll.

However, always being on the go and doing something new is what could end up exhausting or draining you. So do the opposite! Sit still, take a deep breath, and chill out, travel fiend!

The road can wait, and you need some quiet me-time just to do nothing before you can go out and do everything. Meditate, read a book, or take a warm bath. Stay in the house for a day. That’s how you de-stress and recharge.


The determined, focused Capricorns find peace in structure and order. When faced with stress and anxiety, they tend to feel as if they lack control or order, which puts them further off balance. Thus, fixing that is how you de-stress, as a Capricorn.

Make checklists of things to do, set yourself up for a new task/ challenge, and try your best to complete that in order to regain control over the situation and yourself. When you achieve something, you’ll feel more like yourself again.


Aquarians, find relaxation in new experiences, busying or stimulating their brain with activities usually done alone, such as something spontaneous or productive.

These bright intellectuals usually like to occupy themselves with something new rather than turning off their brains in order to deal better with their problems, and how they de-stress is unlike most other zodiac signs.

Take up a new course or watch a documentary, or solve a difficult puzzle.


The sensitive, compassionate, and dreamy Pisces can find no better way to unwind than to get some real me-time to meditate, daydream, take a nice warm bath, or even get a good cry in.

Don’t be embarrassed, no one’s watching, and we promise you’ll feel so much more relaxed afterward. Let loose those long restrained, pent-up, emotions and waterworks if you feel like it.

You tend to find an emotional release in your own fantasy or private space where nobody can judge you.


It’s all about finding your own safe haven and comfort zone. What means home to you? How do you unwind? Figure out your coping mechanism. Does it mean curling up with your cat and a good book, or do you relax after a good workout?

Do you like a peaceful walk through the woods, or dancing your heart out with some friends in a loud club?

Self-care depends on you, and what ‘me-time’ means for you. Take a breather and give yourself some time to recharge. Your stress will be easier to deal with once you’ve taken a step back, learned how to de-stress, and are ready to tackle life again with renewed strength and vigor. You got this!