July 22, 2024
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Hamsa Hand

The Magic Strength of the Hamsa Hand

Some symbols immediately captivate our eyes. They generate instant attraction as if they were tattooed in our minds. The Hamsa hand is one of them. You probably have noticed it before, maybe in a necklace or as a Hamsa bracelet, but do you know its true meaning and why is considered as one of the most powerful amulets in the world?

If you focus on its design, you will notice the perfect symmetry of the hand, with the two outside fingers sharing the same dimensions and the middle finger slightly more significant than the other two, it is a masterpiece of equilibrium. If you use your imagination and go further than its form, you can see a kind of rose that is starting to bloom.  But this is not the only interpretation that is connected with the Hamsa meaning.

Inside the Hamsa hand

And while the exterior on his own is full of meaning, a whole world comes to life in the interior of a Hamsa hand. The inner part of this amulet is as rich in symbolism as the outside part. However, the interior is also the part that is subject to several variations.

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There is a wide range of patterns that can be seen on a Hamsa hand. Much more than you can imagine. Some of them are full of details, with lines and forms that give the hand a special dimension. Perhaps the most common element that you can find in many pieces of jewelry, like a Hamsa bracelet or a Hamsa necklace, is an eye.

The eye is no ordinary eye; it is the eye that sees everything. Hence, the incredible power of protection of the Hamsa eye. This eye is constantly surveilling the energies and the persons that surround us. It protects us from evil encounters.  And at the same time, boost our good karma.

The Hamsa hand frees us from envy, and it is an efficient solution to repel Evil Eye. Depending on the way you are looking it, the Hamsa hand is also saying stop. Nothing passes after this point. It works as a barrier for people that want to harm you.

The origin of the Hamsa hand

To unveil the origins of the Hamsa hand, we need to take a ride to the Middle East, where this hand is a symbol for spirituality, that brings luck, health, happiness, and fortune to those wearing it. Some place its origin on the Jewish tradition, while others claim that it is a Muslim symbol, also known as the hand of Fatima. In any case, the meaning for Hamsa in both cultures stands for similar values.

In Jewish tradition, the Hamsa hand is perceived as the Hand of God. It is no coincidence that the Hamsa hand is associated with the number 5, not only because of the five fingers in a hand but also because of the five books of the Torah.

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In numerology, five is a number of balance. Five stands for freedom and creativity. And at the same time, the number five is related to trying something new in your life and being open to changes.

On the Arabic tradition, the religious element of the Hamsa meaning is equally as important, since it is linked with the five Pillars of Islam (faith, pilgrimage, charity, fasting, and prayer) and it is also a tribute to woman in general, if we take into account that Fatima is the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad.

A hand for the stars

The are many ways to wear a Hamsa hand. You can carry it as earrings; you can wear it around your neck as a Hamsa hand necklace or put it in your wrist as a Hamsa bracelet. You can even wear it on your forehead.

The fact is that the Hamsa hand is a real fashion inspiration. It is used in t-shirts and is also a popular choice at the Tatoo Parlor.  No wonder why some designers are obsessed by capturing the essence of the Hamsa meaning.

The hand is a complete star magnet and is not unusual to see it being used by many celebrities. From Jennifer Aniston to Heidi Klum, or Jay-Z and Gwyneth Paltrow, they are all loving it. Even Madonna, who is famous for promoting the Kabbalah, has fallen for the looks of the Hamsa hand and its fantastic magnetism. The hand has turn into a trend among famous people.

The right direction

But there is also an important thing to consider while wearing a Hamsa hand, and that is the direction that it should be pointing at.  Because the hand can face upwards or downwards, it depends on the use you want to give it or the benefit you want to achieve from it.

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If you get one with the Hamsa hand facing downwards, with the hand assuming a receiving posture, it will attract wealth and good karma in your direction. As if you are ready to take all the blessing that the universe is offering you.

On the other direction, with the hand facing upwards, as if it was making a blocking gesture, it will be mainly serving as an amulet of protection. Not only protection from the Evil Eye, but also from any negative thoughts that don’t let us advanced in our evolution.

In this sense, the Hamsa hand can push you forward.