July 21, 2024
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Feng Shui Red Phoenix

Feng Shui Red Phoenix: Guardian of the South

The red phoenix is one of the “four guardians” in Feng Shui, ruling the southern sky in ancient Asian astrology. In most interpretations, the guardians were considered “gods” or “symbols” of gods because they ruled over the heavens (the sky). The red phoenix, also called the red bird or the vermilion bird is closely associated with the fire element and the summer season.

The Symbolism of the Red Phoenix Feng Shui Guardian

When you think of the red phoenix, think of a majestic spirited bird flying free and high over the landscape searching for opportunities! In Feng Shui folklore, the red phoenix is associated with great inspiration. This graceful bird symbolizes freedom and an openness to receive new ideas, new opportunities, and new people into one’s life. The red phoenix can help you be more receptive to trying new things and expanding your horizons. The red phoenix also represents what you see in front of you and the psychologically need that most people have for an open view rather than a closed view. Most people think better and feel better if they have an open view in front of them.

The symbolism of the color red and the fire element linked to the red phoenix relates to its own lifecycle. It is said that at the end of its life, the red phoenix doesn’t really die but instead bursts into flames. The bird is then “reborn” from the ashes of the fire. In this way, the red phoenix is a symbol of starting over. It can also be a symbol of a radical transformation of mind or deeds. For example, a person may suddenly have an epiphany that changes them to the core. If you need a fresh start on life, a new career, a new way of thinking, a new dedication to your family, or you need to break some old habits, the red phoenix is a good Feng Shui cure to help you accomplish any of these goals.

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Red Phoenix Placement In and Around the Home

The red phoenix’s energy is the south bagua of your home, the area around the main entrance to your home. It is also the view from the front door looking out. The red phoenix needs open space and an unobstructed view, or the energy will not flow properly. A front door that looks out on a tall building or a close mountain will obstruct your ability to see the sky and the grounds in front of you. This can be psychologically damaging and limit your potential. It can also prevent new opportunities and new ideas from entering your life. On the other hand, an open view outside your front door welcomes the energy afforded by the red phoenix. This is auspicious for new opportunities and new ideas.

To welcome the energy of the red phoenix, you should never place a tall fence in front of your home. A short fence is fine, and in fact, can actually help to filter out and protect you from any bad opportunities or bad ideas. However, you should be able to see over it and beyond it easily. Tall dense vegetation and or tall trees with thick trunks and dense foliage should also be avoided in the red phoenix area for the same reason. However, like a short fence, smaller vegetation like bushes and flower beds, or small sculptures and benches, can help you avoid bad energy while still welcoming the positive energy of the red phoenix.

Do you want to be more creative or invite more opportunities in your life? You can place splashes of red in your front yard to invite the spirit of the red phoenix to visit you more. You could also place a small figurine of the red phoenix, or a piece of artwork depicting its beautiful image, near your front door to enhance the qi (chi) of the red phoenix. Always place the red phoenix higher than the other three guardians of Feng Shui good energy as it needs to feel free and have this broad perspective.

Red Phoenix Placement in Work and Business

If you work at a desk or spend a lot of time at a particular workspace, the most important guidance you can receive from the Feng Shui red phoenix is to orient your desk or workspace so that you’re looking out toward the entrance to your office or business. This puts you in the command position, ready for any opportunities that come your way. If you must have your desk or workspace facing a wall, the next best thing is to hang a mirror on the wall above your desk so you can easily see what’s behind you.

If you have no other choice than to work in a cubicle, where there is no way to create open space in front of you, and a mirror won’t help, one possible Feng Shui cure to this situation is to hang a large photograph or painting depicting a landscape scene with a distant perspective. For example, the scene could be from the top of a hill looking far and wide. Try to pick artwork that contains splashes of the color red, such as red wildflowers or a red sunrise or sunset. Put this landscape in front of your primary workspace so you can gaze upon it periodically and gain the perspective of the red phoenix during your workday.

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The Red Phoenix and the Green Dragon in Marriage

The red phoenix represents the yin (feminine energy) that complements the yang (masculine energy) of the green dragon, the Feng Shui guardian of the east. This is why these two guardians are often paired together to bring about harmony and cohesiveness in a marriage. It strengthens the bond of marriage too. While the green dragon can reel in the free spirit of the red phoenix if it gets too carried away, the red phoenix brings fresh creative ideas to the green dragon. This allows both partners to become better versions of themselves.

Artwork depicting the red phoenix in a circular dance with the green dragon is a popular Feng Shui cure for married couples striving for a good marriage. This circular dance forms an image reminiscent of the yin-yang symbol, It should be placed in a southwest corner of the home, according to the bagua map, where the “south” is the front door and the “west” is the right side of the home as you enter through the front door. The joining of these two Feng Shui guardians in a dance is a beautiful expression of how the yin and yang energies, each allowed to be expressed to their full potential, can be blended in the harmonious union — at least that’s the aspiration of a happy marriage in Feng Shui tradition!