July 13, 2024
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Feng Shui Green Dragon

Feng Shui Green Dragon: Guardian of the East

The green dragon is one of the “four guardians” in Feng Shui, ruling the eastern sky in ancient Asian astrology. In most interpretations, the guardians were considered “gods” or “symbols” of gods because they ruled over the heavens (the sky). The green dragon, also called the blue dragon or the azure dragon, is closely associated with the wood element and the spring season.

The Symbolism of the Green Dragon Feng Shui Guardian

The green dragon is a symbol of luck. It brings good fortune, new growth, and prosperity into your life. The green dragon also supports your innermost desires and helps these inner desires manifest in positive ways. Thus, if you strongly to desire to succeed at work or school, the green dragon can help you achieve this. If you secretly want to become a great bodybuilder or an expert seamstress, the green dragon can help you with these goals too. The energy of the green dragon is sometimes associated with the law of attraction which allows you to receive back what you put into the universe. If you put positive qi (chi) into your surroundings, whether at home or at work, you’ll get back positive qi (chi).

The green dragon also represents the left side of the human body opposite from the white tiger, another Feng Shui guardian representing the right side of the body. The same is true for your home and for each room within the home. Therefore, if you want to increase your luck, you can elevate objects on the left side of the home, on the left side of each room, and on the left side of your yard. Please note, this is left as you’re standing at the front door looking in or at the entrance of a room looking into the room.

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Green Dragon Placement in and Around the Home

To invite more of the spirit of the green dragon to your home, you can start on the outside. If you plant taller plants on the left side than the right side of your yard, you will enhance the spirit of the green dragon. If you want to build a treehouse, try to do so on the left side of your home. Anything made of wood placed high will invite the green dragon spirit. For example, you could potentially erect tall martin houses on the left side of your home. You could even erect a tall wooden totem pole or another wood carving on the left side of the home.

On the inside of the home, you can make subtle alterations to enhance the green dragon energy. For example, you could make the end table on the left side of the couch bigger than the end table on the right side of the couch. The same could be done with nightstands in the bedroom but be careful to tame your dragon a bit in this room or it could cause insomnia. Alternately, you could place a taller more prominent object, such as a taller lamp or taller candlesticks on the left table than on the right one. If you decide to place a green dragon statue in your home, make sure it is made of wood to enhance its effectiveness. You should always make sure to always respect a green dragon. Never put a green dragon in a closed-in area such as a drawer or a closet.

Green Dragon Placement in Work and Business

Placing a green dragon on the left side of your desk can help you become more productive and successful at work. If this does not match the decor of your office, you can substitute another green object, preferably a green wooden object. You could also place taller plants on the left side of your office and or hang wall art, preferably framed in wood, at a higher level on the left side of the office. If you have a tall wooden bookcase, the Feng Shui placement for this would be the left side of the room rather than the right side.

If you want to get sneaky about your Feng Shui dragon influence in your office, and that of your partners, employees, and co-workers, try this little trick. Elevate the legs of the desks on the left side ever so slightly. You don’t want it to be readily noticeable, i.e. people shouldn’t feel like they’re working on a slant or their coffee spills out of a full cup! Elevating the left side just enough that a pencil starts to roll should be about perfect. You can do the same for other tables in the office such as conference tables and break room tables.

How to Improve Your Business with Feng Shui?

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The Feng Shui Dragon Turtle

The dragon turtle is a classical Feng Shui cure. While steeped in ancient folklore and tradition, it is still very popular today. In this mythical creature, two of the Feng Shui guardians, the black turtle, and the green dragon, join forces and combine harmoniously. The dragon turtle has the body of a turtle but the head and neck of a dragon. It is usually depicted walking on a bed of coins while carrying baby dragon turtles on its back. In some cases, it will also carry coins in its mouth. Traditionally, Feng Shui dragon turtles are oriented facing the window and or toward the front door.

The Feng Shui dragon turtle combines the fiery energy and good luck of a green dragon with the steadfast energy of the black turtle. It symbolizes success, power, wealth, fertility, determination, and courage. If the dragon turtle is used in business, it is often depicted with the “Ru Yi” symbol, an ornamental scepter often carried by powerful men in ancient China. Ru Yi translates to “as you wish” in English and the dragon turtle is said to grant wishes and symbolize luck. A dragon turtle with this symbol on its back is considered a career enhancer, so if you’re looking for promotions at work or improved success in your business, this may be the perfect Feng Shui cure.