July 13, 2024
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dark moon rising

Dark Moon Rising

Scorpio season slips into the second period. Mars, now in Scorpio as of October 30th is quite in sync with the fact that November is a Universal 16/7 month. This is a karmic number. It can be interpreted to be a renovation project, of sorts. Yet, it also aligns with the Eastern spiritual concept of self-transcendence. More commonly, it can manifest as the toppling of old institutions or the decline of or fall from fame for some. In the most positive sense, it can result in some form of initiation to a higher level yet involving an arduous process. Let’s see the Dark Moon Rising.

Dark Moon Rising – A Powerful Month

My analysis of the finer details of what makes November and the adjoining Scorpio New Moon on November 4th so powerful and potentially difficult for us all is elaborated below.

Venus entered Capricorn on November 5th and will synchronize with, yet another revolutionary push linked to the economy. The push towards a digital economy and the steady encroachment of cryptocurrency is the most obvious expression. It appears that this process must come by virtue of the existing system crashing. Of course, it is likely that deeply invested and high levels of economic power are pushing for this.

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This Scorpio New Moon is powerful indeed. It occurred on November 4th at 5:15 pm EDT (2:15 pm PDT…). Using a Raven as its symbol is apt due to the Scorpionic aspects of its nature. As is true of all signs, however, there is a dark side and a light side, and Scorpio is regarded as having the greatest range of both. The Raven is symbolic of death and decay, as is Scorpio. Raven’s attraction to carrion can make this bird’s symbolism seem all the more morbid. We also see this clearly depicted in the season even if simply as steadily decreasing hours of daylight. Yet, the leaves falling from trees on the already barren ground in northerly regions depicts it most strongly, as pretty much all annuals have since perished and perennials have or entering their dormant stages.

Yet, in the midst of this process are themes of transformation and the promise of rebirth. So, you can focus on how, where, and why you are wise to purge, to purify, to make clear changes in your perceptions, interpretations, philosophy, worldview, self-concepts, attitudes, behavior patterns, lifestyle rhythms, and orientations, etc. to make the most of this potent cycle.

It should also be noted that every New Moon is unique and this is true of every annual Scorpio New Moon. Again, this is due to the ever-changing patterns of planetary movement and interaction. I have stated this many times over the years because understanding it is the essence of holistic understanding in Astrology.

Aspects Involving the November 4th Scorpio New Moon

So, true to the title of ‘Dark Moon Rising’, what makes this November 4th Scorpio Moon especially potent and ‘Scorpionic’ is due to the following factors:

1. The Moon in Scorpio

The Dark Moon Rising in Scorpio is already in its sign of ‘detriment’ when in Scorpio, which generally implies difficulty linked to the arduous processes of destined change, death, decay, purging and letting go of previously cherished desires and well-established, comfortable and, at least, familiar lifestyle rhythms and patterns. Of course, if we are in alignment with this process and the various synchronistic actions that align with it, then we are in the Tao or in the flow, and it can prove quite liberating. Yet, if we are attached and out-of-tune and resistant or caught off guard, then it will naturally prove extra difficult.

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People with the Moon in Scorpio in their Natal Chart or by transit, progression, or in a significant Return chart tend to undergo a steady and rhythmic process of undulating emotional highs and lows. I refer to it as the ‘roller-coaster-moon’. There are always exceptions due to other factors and no single factor in a chart is ‘pat’ and final, as briefly suggested in the above paragraph.

2. The Moon conjunct Mars in Scorpio

The Moon conjunct Mars in Scorpio occurs in the lead-up hours to the New Moon at 1:55 am, EDT activating its own cycle 29.5-day cycle, which is the time period from one New Moon to the next. This will be the first of two conjunctions of Mars in Scorpio with the second occurring on December 3. This first conjunction occurs at 3 Scorpio 07. This degree is linked to Sagittarius and thus to Jupiter. At that moment, Jupiter is positioned at 22 Aquarius 48, which is itself linked to Libra and Scorpio.

The outer expression of this influence will likely manifest as ruthlessness and violence on one hand, and as reactions of anger and outrage, on the other, both reaching high levels over the course of the cycle.

Expect these measures and reactions to peak when the Moon squares and opposes Mars on November 10, 17, and 25th. Among other outer synchronicities, we should expect this cycle to generally manifest as ‘heavy fighting’ between establishment and rebel societal factions the world over. The second conjunctions on December 3rd occur at 22 Scorpio 46 which conceals links to Cancer and Leo which, due to other factors, will leave many in the mainstream feeling confused, perplexed, and ambivalent while revolutionary voices sound trumpets of defiance and resolve to oppose draconian measures. In both cases, we can also observe the position transformational Pluto in government and establishment Capricorn.

At the time of the first conjunction on November 4th, Pluto will be positioned at 24 Capricorn 30, which includes Virgo and Libra influences. With Mercury at 27 Libra 31 and Venus at 28 Sagittarius 58, which is very closely aligned with the Galactic Center, more and more people will be exercising their critical thinking faculties as they come to recognize a ruthless, hidden agenda behind social events and mandates posing as benevolent.

During the second Moon/Mars conjunction on December 3, Pluto will be at 25 Capricorn 05 which is energetically linked to Virgo and Scorpio… This influence can be understood as surgical, to say the least. Positively, this can be linked to the removal of a brain tumor, yet includes the very real possibility of serious injury, scarring both physically and emotionally, and the ever-present possibility of death due to ‘complications’.

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So, there is nothing easy about these cycles; no, not easy at all. So, be aware and prepare as you are inclined.

3. Moon will be square Saturn in Aquarius

Moon will be square Saturn in Aquarius just 8.5 hours prior to the Scorpio New Moon. So, in addition to the conjunction to Mars discussed above, this hard aspect is also contributing to the overall flavor and inevitable expression of this already loaded November 4th New Moon.

This ‘upper square’ itself is linked to Capricorn and tends to manifest as destined themes coming to a sharp and difficult turning point, yet one that can also be understood as ambitious and full of resolve. Since the conjunctions to Saturn occurred on October 14th at 6 Aquarius 53, thus carrying the influence of Aries as well as Aquarius, and with Mars meanwhile in Libra and Mercury there too, and retrograde, it carries complexities that can be understood to strengthen the drive and determination of both.

4. Moon inconjunct Chiron

Moon inconjunct Chiron at 9 Aries 19 and retrograde, just about 5.5 hours prior to conjuncting the Sun to form the New Moon, contributes to the overall complexity of the score. It carries themes of Cancer as well as Aries, and so of their ruling planets, Moon and Mars, bringing added emphasis to the Moon/Mars/ Scorpio conjunction.

This aspect indicates a lack of self-awareness and what can be also understood as an identity crisis. Positively, it activates stepping out of one’s comfort zone to activate critical thinking and needed adjustments to see things more clearly beyond the projections of conditioned beliefs.

5. Uranus in Taurus

The first aspect that follows the November 4th New Moon is a stressful opposition to Uranus in Taurus. Basically, this influence reveals turbulence as with rapids, as fast-moving water collides with large, anchored rocks. For example, this would be an ill-advised time to enter into an important and legally-binding contract or to embark upon a new venture of any kind.

Dark Moon Rising In Summary

So, from this generic perspective of the general ‘astro-weather forecast’ linked to this potent and heavy November 4th Scorpio New Moon over the course of its cycle, we are wise to be mentally and emotionally prepared. In this regard, recognize ‘the things that are’, that these complex cycles in these complex times are destined. This does not condone the actions of any person or group, but it supports us to transcend the lower, fear-based, instinctual reactive states and enter into the eye of the storm as much as possible, to keep stress and anxiety and any other casualty linked to negative attitudes and actions to a minimum.

From this place, we can also contribute with prayers, meditations, and with the simple power that results from remaining calm and centered.

On a final note, there will also be breaks in the clouds, if brief, along the way, so make the most of them when they arise, whether as clearly visual or via uplifted emotional moments or swings of mood. Further, how these aspects and the themes of your destiny will manifest are also relative and must be assessed on a personal level as with an Astrology Reading.