July 16, 2024
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Baby Sussex

Baby Sussex: Predictions and Compatibility of the New Royal Family Member

A new member of the British monarchy is on the way. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the dukes of Sussex, will be the proud parents of a baby that will be 7th in the line of succession to the English throne. But how will Baby Sussex interact inside a court that for the moment is ruled by a Taurus?

In Zodiac terms, there are two possible scenarios for the arrival of the new Windsor offspring: Baby Sussex will be Aries or Taurus. It all depends if the baby comes before or within the due date. Either way, both signs are fitted for a ruler, even if he is not directly leading the line of succession.

Baby Sussex Horoscope as an Aries

If Baby Sussex is an Aries, the nights will be short on Frogmore Cottage, the new home of the Dukes of Sussex, since Aries is an active sign full of energy. However, if this energy is well canalized, Baby Sussex could develop future skills to be a great leader and aim at higher roles than just being a far heir to the throne.

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In this sense, it is important to remember that a real Aries is only satisfied with being number one. And if they are known to be stubborn, they are also very passionate about everything they do. It is part of the fire element in Aries.

Baby Sussex Horoscope as a Taurus

On the other hand, if Baby Sussex is a Taurus, this will not be a new situation for a court that already has a Taurus on top. Taurus is very self-conscious, which makes this sign to stand out among other signs. Their level of awareness is huge so that they could maintain confidence while interacting with anyone.

Like a bull, Taurus is focused on his goal. Either they get what they want, or they will get very impatient with whoever or whatever stands on their way. This is part of the Earth element linked to them.

Concerning the personality aspect, Taurus is traditional. The values in which they have been brought up are fundamental for them. Especially for those related to the family.  This is definitively a big advantage inside an environment in which tradition and protocol play such an important role.

But how will the character of an Aries or a Taurus be perceived among the other members of the royal family?

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This is how the zodiac constellation of the court would look like depending on both cases (Aries or Taurus):

Zodiac compatibility with the Father (Virgo)

Prince Harry is one of the most charismatic members of the royal family. His spontaneity and his humor sometimes make him closer to the people than his brother. And while many wouldn’t mind seeing him occupying the throne, he seems more interesting in continuing the charity work started by his mother, the late Lady Di.

As a Virgo, Prince Harry is very realistic and meticulous. Despite his royalty, he has his feet on the ground. He doesn’t like special treatment. Even in the army, where a perfectionist like Aries can find himself at ease, he has insisted on being treated just like any other soldier.

Compatibility with Virgo if born as an Aries

In terms of compatibility, Virgo and Aries have opposite personalities, but this doesn’t stop them from creating a stable relationship based on admiration. They both find each other’s nature to be intriguing and fascinating. This will allow them to build an intellectual bond that will flow in both directions.

Compatibility with Virgo if born as a Taurus

Usually, the controlling nature of Virgo clashes with Taurus, however, there is something that Taurus appreciate, and that is honesty. Virgo is direct and is not afraid to use criticism in a good way. Mainly if the critics are directed to generate improvement, if we picture this on a father and son relationship, this can create stable and enduring bonds between both, as they can always rely on each other to hear the truth.

Zodiac compatibility with the Mother (Leo)

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is the best proof that fairy tales do exist. From an emerging actress, she has passed to be an icon. The press loves her, and she is an infinite source of headlines and tabloid covers. Although she is used to be in the spotlight, she still needs some time to fully get used to the overexposure of being the “Queen of Hearts” of the British.

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However, being a Leo comes very handy if you suddenly wake up being part of the royal family. Leos are known for being elegant and because of their main assets: nobility, goodness, royalty, and organization. These are the perfect assets for a duchess.

Compatibility with Leo if born as an Aries

Concerning the compatibility between Aries and Leo, there is always a struggle between both signs. They are competitive, and none of them will back down since both are trying to dominate each other. However, there is one thing that brings them together, and that is their emotional side. Both are passionate and warm persons.

Compatibility with Leo if born as a Taurus

At a first glimpse, the compatibility of Taurus and Leo on the emotional level is not the strongest. But there is a quality that is strong on both sings, and that’s generosity. It is no secret that a mother will do anything for her child, and with Leo, the giving and sharing nature will go even further.

Zodiac compatibility with the Uncle and Cousin (Cancer)

It is probably just anecdotic that the father (Prince William) and son (Prince George) share the same zodiac sign, but what is more remarkable is that one of them is born at the beginning of Cancer, and the other at the end of this period. It will be interesting to see how a sensitive Cancer will rule the court. And not only once, but twice, among two different generations.

Compatibility with Cancer if born as an Aries

Aries and Cancer can build a solid relationship even though they don’t share the same philosophy of life. Cancer takes things smoother, more serenely, without leaving his comfort zone, whereas Aries is much more active and adventurous. However, being around an Aries can help Cancer to be more dynamic, thanks to Aries contagious strong energy.

Compatibility with Cancer if born as a Taurus

The synergy between Taurus and Cancer is also remarkable. There are a lot of common points that get them closer since they both show similar interests. In terms of work and objectives, Cancer can find the perfect partner and the best support to undertake joint projects.

Zodiac compatibility with the grandfather (Scorpio)

Prince Charles has spent all his life preparing to be a king. And although he is more than ready, the longevity of his mother seems to be eternal. But he is patient as a good Scorpio would be. No one like a Scorpio knows how to wait for their right moment. They are entirely confident that they will get what they want in the end.

Scorpio is also one of the most gifted sings in terms of psychology. They have excellent skills to have significant influence and power over others. And yes, why not… they can also be a little bit manipulative. The perfect weapons for a king!

Compatibility with Scorpio if born as an Aries

Concerning the compatibility between Aries and Scorpio, it is all about mind games. Scorpio could try to canalize Aries energy for his own benefit, using affection as bait to have control over Aries.

Compatibility with Scorpio if born as a Taurus

”Not another Taurus!” this might be Charles first reaction if Baby Sussex is born after April 20th. The truth is that the relationship between Taurus and Scorpio is very smooth and friendly. Even though they are opposing forces, Taurus knows which buttons to push to make Scorpio happy.

The great grandmother (Taurus)

The shadow of the queen is prominent among the Windsor dynasty. In hard times, she has carried the weight of her family and the kingdom on her shoulders. Being a Taurus, she is gifted with excellent self-control and loads of patience. You don’t see her losing her composure.

But it is the management skills from Taurus that made Queen Elizabeth II profit the most. Taurus are born leaders and, in a way, somewhat reserved. This explains a lot why she is not that emotional during her public appearances.

Compatibility with Taurus if born as an Aries

With Aries, the relationship with Taurus is very good. They are both aligned cosmically. The level of trust between both signs is quite high. However, due to the advanced age of the queen, it is unlikely that there will be enough time to generate a long-lasting bonding relationship. So, the time that they will have with each other will be precious.

Compatibility with Taurus if born as a Taurus

It is no secret that Taurus is one of the signs that enjoy the most the people of their own sign. They can build a very steady and reliable friendship. There will be a good sense of cooperation since they both share the same interest and nature.