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Each sign of the Zodiac emits a particular type of energy signature, shaped by its element and modality. The four elements – Air, Earth, Fire, and Water – apply to three signs each: Libra/Aquarius/Gemini, Capricorn/Taurus/Virgo, Aries/Leo/Sagittarius, and Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces (respectively). There are three modalities – Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable – that apply to four signs each: Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn, Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius, and Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces (respectively).

Air is thought; Earth is the physical; Fire is the spiritual, and Water is the emotions.  Cardinal energy initiates and leads; Fixed energy stabilizes and orders; Mutable energy adapts and serves.  Combine the element and modality and you get a unique signature for each sign that helps us understand the nature and “application” of that sign out in the world. This article will look at “ideal” gifts for each sign, so you can successfully get and/or create the best gift for the people in your life and let them know the best gifts to get you!

Remember, sometimes the best gifts are not necessarily the most expensive ones. What matters the most is the intention and what better way to say to someone that you care for them; than offering them something that they can identify with

The Joy of Gift Giving and Receiving

There are few joys as pure as giving and receiving the ideal gift.  We really get the full rush when the gift we have selected hits the mark with what the receiver wished to get.  One of my favorite novels is The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.  In the story, the lead character demonstrates what might equate to a “superpower” because he is able to give the perfect gifts to each of the other characters.  This same idea shows up in television, especially an episode of Eureka (O Little Town, Season 3 Episode 21). One of the main characters, Deputy Sheriff “Jojo” Lupo, plays hidden Santa, leaving the perfect gift for each of the other main characters, perhaps the most amusing one is a mint condition Steve Austin, Bionic Man lunch box for the character Fargo.

Each of these characters figures out the perfect gift through careful observation of the other characters.  With astrology, we are going to promote the idea that if you know someone’s Sun sign, you can have a free clue to the type of gift they might enjoy, energetically speaking.  Now if you read most of my other articles, you know I always propose knowing the full chart to get to the more nuanced understanding and insights that astrology offers.  The more you know, the better your gifts can be, but if all you know is the Sun sign, then below are some helpful suggestions you can try out on the Sun signs in your life.

Aries – the Gift Card/Certificate!

Aries is the Cardinal Fire sign of the Zodiac, which means it “initiates spiritually”.  The sign of “I act”, it will prefer gifts that reflect action, and gifts that will “speak” to its planetary ruler, which happens to be Mars.  Perhaps the purest form of gift for Aries would be the gift certificate or gift card because nothing says “I love and appreciate you” more to an Aries than getting to choose his or her own gift!

Specific Gift Ideas: the gift card, weapons (for display or use), tickets to a competitive event (or better, a participatory one), and action video games (especially Player Unknown Battleground).

Taurus – Quality Counts!

Taurus is the Fixed Earth sign of the Zodiac, which means it “stabilizes and secures”.  The sign of “I need”, it will prefer gifts that have enduring quality, and gifts that “speak” to its point of rulership, which happens to be Venus. This sign will appreciate a “hearty” gift, something substantial that will last, feel-good (literally to the touch), and serve a practical purpose.

Specific Gift Ideas: perennial plants, a boulder for the yard, the best of the best tool or kitchen appliance, and super comfortable clothing.

Gemini – Puzzles, Games, Gadgets!

Gemini is the Mutable Air sign of the Zodiac, which means it “communicates and learns”. The sign of “I communicate”, it will prefer gifts that stimulate the mind, and gifts that “speak” to its point of rulership, which is Mercury.  This sign will appreciate a “clever” gift, something that will challenge its mind, help it learn, and catch (but not necessarily keep) its attention.

Specific Gift Ideas: 3000-piece puzzle, “guess what it does” item, and Trivial Pursuit or similar games.

Cancer – It Better MEAN Something!

Cancer is the Cardinal Water sign of the Zodiac, which means it “nurtures and protects”. The sign of “I care”, it will prefer gifts that touch the heart, have sentimental value, or are hand/homemade, and gifts that “speak” to its point of rulership, the Moon.  This sign will appreciate “deeply personal” gifts, something that will become an heirloom, is one-of-a-kind, and shows something about the connection, emotionally, between the giver and the receiver.

Specific Gift Ideas: traditional gifts (especially for married couples), hand-crafted art, a childhood memory via an old toy, homemade food, and expensive chocolate.

Leo – Wow Me!

Leo is the Fixed Fire sign of the Zodiac, which means it “leads and plays”. The sign of “I stand out”, it will enjoy gifts that show love and appreciation in a big and/or creative way, that turn their heads and other people’s heads, and gifts that speak to its point of rulership, which is the Sun.  This sign will appreciate “big, bold, and beautiful” gifts, something at “shines”, that others can enjoy with the Leo, and sparks joy and creativity.

Specific Gift Ideas: a lux deluxe grill, the greatest hits collection (of anything), front row tickets, famous art, or hard to find wine and spirits

Virgo – Make It Useful!

Virgo is the Mutable Earth sign of the Zodiac, which means it “serves and solves”.  The sign of “I help”, it will enjoy gifts that have a practical use, that show discerning taste in the giver that recognizes the discernment in the receiver, and gifts that speak to its point of rulership, traditionally Mercury, but recently Chiron. This sign will appreciate functional gifts that can be used and enjoyed every day.

Specific Gift Ideas: vacuum cleaner, As Seen on TV items, spreadsheet software, and gadgets

Libra – Beautiful and Brainy!

Libra is the Cardinal Air sign of the Zodiac, which means it “relates and analyzes”. The sign of “I connect”, it will enjoy gifts that are either beautiful or “smart” (or both), that show you understand how they think and what matters to them in your relationship with them. These gifts should speak to its point of rulership, which is Venus (not the physical side, but the mental side).  This sign will appreciate gifts that help them relate to others and bring harmony to their homes and work.

Specific Gift Ideas: books (either rare or the coffee table kind), artwork (not as flashy as Leo or personal as Cancer), and any meditation tool (small fountain for a desk, tabletop Zen sand and rock garden)

Scorpio – Make It Sexy!

Scorpio is the Fixed Water sign of the Zodiac, which means it “transforms and penetrates”. The sign of “I change”, it will enjoy gifts that are naughty, inappropriate, or somehow powerful, that show you understand how intense they are, and gifts that speak to their co-rulers, Mars, traditionally, and Pluto, in the modern era.  This sign will appreciate gifts that allow them to express their power and/or their sexuality.

Specific Gift Ideas: a leather-bound journal (for their secret and others), a safe, pretty much any sex toy, a chainsaw, weapons (for display or use), and a Venus Fly Trap (nothing funnier than a plant that eats bugs)

Sagittarius – Go Big or Go Home!

Sagittarius is the Mutable Fire sign of the Zodiac, which means it “expands and proselytizes”. The sign of “I know”, it will enjoy gifts from far away places, hard to acquire, and rare, that show you understand the belief most important to them; gifts that speak to its point of rulership, Jupiter.  This sign will appreciate gifts that reflect their authority, vast and/or deep knowledge about a subject, or their worldliness.

Specific Gift Ideas: pretty much anything from some remote corner of the world, travel tickets, travel items (luggage, neck pillow, magic wallet), tickets to a TED talk, and a really, really big party!

Capricorn – What Will It Do for Me!

Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth sign of the Zodiac, which means it “achieves and excels”.  The sign of “I succeed”, it will want gifts that show its accomplishments or somehow helps it achieve its goals, that show your appreciation for how hard they work; gifts that speak to its ruler, Saturn.  This sign will value gifts that help it “climb” in some way, that can be used for “increase”.

Specific Gift Ideas: money for investing, gold/silver/platinum coins/bars, classes for professional improvement, books on investing, trophies marking achievements, and a Fit Bit

Aquarius – The Weirder, The Better!

Aquarius is the Fixed Air sign of the Zodiac, which means it “revolutionizes and awakens”.  The sign of “I idealize”, it will prefer gifts that are outside the norm, purposely unique, and even quirky, that show knowledge of their authentic and individualistic personality.  The gifts should speak to its co-rulers, Saturn, traditionally, and Uranus, in the modern era.  This sign will want gifts that really say, “wow, that gift is so YOU!”.

Specific Gift Ideas: Anything, as long as it is very much the “ideal” thing to get the specific person.  For one Aquarius that might be home-brewed beer and another geode of citrine.  Really, there is no common theme except that they are uncommon.

Pisces – Something We Can All Enjoy!

Pisces is the Mutable Water sign of the Zodiac, which means it “spiritualizes and cleanses”. The sign of “I empathize”, it will embrace gifts that somehow benefit others for them having the gift, that show their unending desire to “give back” and help others.  Gifts should speak to its co-rulers, Jupiter, traditionally, and Neptune, in the modern era.  The sign will enjoy gifts that connect everyone emotionally, which it can share with others.

Specific Gift Ideas: a favorite recipe, a tarot/oracle card deck for readings with the group, catering, music (especially a live performance), and a night out for the partygoers as well as the gift specific person.

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