July 19, 2024
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BL_PER_306_The Best Small Business Advice You Would Hear From Each Zodiac Sign

The Best Small Business Advice From Each Zodiac Sign

After the Thanksgiving holiday, there is Black Friday, which starts the holiday season kickoff, and many people take advantage of the Black Friday sales to buy holiday gifts. The sales do not end on Black Friday as they last through the weekend, and there is also Cyber Monday. Many small businesses are also attempting to make sales during this busy period. American Express established Small Business Saturday, the first Saturday after Thanksgiving, to encourage holiday shopping for small businesses. This year, it takes place on November 25th. Small businesses often struggle because customers and clients usually go to more prominent outlets to purchase the same products and services that they offer. However, small businesses can do well with good business and marketing tactics. Let’s go over the best small business advice you would hear from each zodiac sign.

Aries – Keep Hustling

Aries is known to be competitive, energetic, and passionate. The one thing to always remember when owning any business is to stay motivated and eager to succeed. Therefore, Aries would give you advice when it comes to owning a small business to keep hustling and always continue because if you do, then you will not maintain your business, as clients and customers can come and go. Refrain from getting attached to any idea of having a particular client or customer, and keep doing what you must do to get your business out there. That even means doing cold messaging in addition to running ads. Clients and customers will catch on if you keep at it.

Taurus – Never Give Up During Difficult Seasons

Taurus is known to be stable, stoic, and tenacious, and they have the gift of patience. A small business owner who is a Taurus can tell you so many times how often their business was on the brink of dying because of dealing with slow seasons and clients and customers leaving. However, their business is going strong because they did not give up when the business was struggling. All they did was keep looking for solutions to break through obstacles, and they believed that, in time, things would stabilize. Therefore, their advice to small business owners is never to give up no matter how challenging the situation is and keep asking for help to look for solutions if necessary.

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Gemini – Always Network

Gemini is a communicative sign and highly social. Therefore, a Gemini business owner would advise small business owners to network as much as possible to connect with others who can lead them to business opportunities. They tell you that you have better odds of landing an opportunity by clicking with someone linked to someone you know. That is why you will want to take advantage of networking opportunities in your area. You can develop a relationship with those you meet so they can lead you to some business in the future. You can never have too many people in your professional network. Word of mouth is a great way to get new business.

BL_PER_306_The Best Small Business Advice You Would Hear From Each Zodiac Sign

Cancer – Understand Your Clients or Customers Needs

Cancer is highly emotional and empathetic, and Cancerian entrepreneurs would advise small business owners to understand the needs of their customers or clients fully. Never assume they need something without asking them first. Ask them about the issues you can solve if they hire you. Use your intuition, which will also help you understand their needs. Be sure to listen carefully to what they tell you so you can provide them with a product or service that they can use to help them solve whatever issue they have. If a client or customer knows that the business owner truly cares about their needs and is not only looking for a sale, they will have repeat business and a solid relationship.

Leo – Show Off Your Business In Anyway Possible

Leo loves to be in the spotlight and wants everyone to notice them. Therefore, they will do whatever they can to make the world notice what they are doing. Therefore, the business advice you would receive from Leo would be to show your business off so you can make everyone know about it and do it most creatively. They will tell you that it is essential to do video marketing and other visual marketing through platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, or Pinterest. Visuals get the best attention more than text, and they will also advise you to be as creative as possible so your business stands out from your competition.

Virgo – Always Have A Business Plan

Virgo is highly analytical and organized, so many small businesses do not have a business plan. Virgo would advise every small business owner on the importance of a business plan because it can work out in the long run. You want to have a business plan and stick to it because it will outline the goals and help you ensure the company remains on track while it evolves. It will outline the business goals, strategies to accomplish them, financial forecast, and the target market. And if you already have an existing business without a proper plan, it is not too late to create one. You can also revise it if the current one is not working for you, but Virgo highlights that you need a plan.

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Libra – Stay Diplomatic No Matter What

Libra is the peacemaker and is the sign that represents balance, and when it comes to business, there will be times when you get frustrated with clients, customers, and even your service providers. No matter how upset they make you, it is essential to remain calm and diplomatic. That does not mean taking any abuse that your customers or clients toss at you if they are unhappy, but the best thing to do is to talk to them in a way that will help them stop and listen so they understand your perspective. The old saying “the customer is always right” is untrue, and even when it comes to a situation where the customer is in the wrong, you have to be cool, collected, and diplomatic.

BL_PER_306_The Best Small Business Advice You Would Hear From Each Zodiac Sign

Scorpio – Understand Your Customers’ And Clients’ Needs Inside-Out

Scorpio is passionate and has excellent skills in discovering secrets and unraveling mysteries. That is why a Scorpio business owner would tell you that you need to know your clients’ and customers’ inside-out. This is not the same advice Cancer would tell you regarding being empathetic towards your customers’ and clients’ needs. You need to know what customer or client you want to sell to instead of creating some generalized profile hoping that someone would buy from you.

When you attend networking events and create new connections, tell them about what you are selling and ask them how they can best benefit. That does not mean that those new connections will give you business, and you should not expect them to, but they can give you a good idea of what type of clients or customers you want. Once you get them, you will want to learn about them inside-out to tailor them to their needs.

Sagittarius – Take Any Incredible Opportunity That Comes Your Way

Sagittarius is known to be the adventurer, the opportunist, and the optimist, and any Sagittarius business owner will tell you that if you are offered an opportunity that can help grow your business or help you build a strong reputation, take it, no matter how risky it is. Sagittarians are risk-takers, too, so they will advise you to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to growing your business. Sure, you want to be sensible and don’t want to waste your money, but don’t be afraid to invest in an opportunity that may be a little out of your budget if you intuitively feel it can help skyrocket your business. You can always arrange a payment plan.

Capricorn – Failure Is Your Friend

Capricorn is the most goal-oriented zodiac sign and highly ambitious, and you may be surprised to hear their advice, which would be to embrace failure. Failure is the only way to success because if you don’t fail, you will not learn; if you do not, you will never know how to succeed. Your overall goal is to have a successful business; the only way you can do that is by taking risks that may turn out successful and some will not. Therefore, when you take a not successful risk, learn from it and utilize what you learned when you take subsequent risks. Eventually, you will get it!

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Aquarius – Look For Learning Opportunities

Aquarius is progressive and innovative, and Aquarians are another group that will encourage you to keep moving past your comfort zone. Their advice to small business owners is always to continue learning. Please don’t pass up trying something new all because you are not familiar with the process, whether it is a new way to market your business or adding a new skill to your offerings.

Each time you encounter a way to market your business, and it does not sound like it appeals to you, instead of shunning it, how can you make it work for you instead? Learn more about the marketing method, and take a course if needed, for example.

BL_PER_306_The Best Small Business Advice You Would Hear From Each Zodiac Sign

Pisces – Never Stop Dreaming

Pisces is the dreamer, but it does not mean they don’t have their logical side either. Therefore, a Pisces business owner will advise small business owners never to stop dreaming. If they think that a goal they set is unattainable, the advice they would give is to not give up on that. However, make the steps to achieving that goal achievable so you have much better odds of reaching it.

As important as it is to dream, you must take appropriate action to turn your dream into a reality gradually. Capricorn’s and Aquarius’ advice also comes into play, as you will need to expect to fail sometimes when trying something new and never stop learning! That is the only way you can make your dreams come true.

If you are a small business owner or aspiring to be one, pay attention to what you can learn on Small Business Saturday, which this year takes place on November 25th, the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. Running a small business takes a lot of money, energy, and time, and the advice you receive from each sign will help you succeed. If you are a small business owner, what advice would you give to others who are also entrepreneurs or who strive to become one?