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The Most Common Mistakes during a Tarot Reading

Most Common Mistakes That Can Occur during a Tarot Reading

Tarot readings are a powerful tool for gaining insights and guidance. It can reveal so much about ourselves and the situations we’re facing. But, you can easily avoid many opportunities to misuse this tool or make mistakes. Here are some of the most common mistakes during a tarot reading:

1. Not Defining the Question

One of the most common mistakes in a tarot reading is not clearly defining the question or intention. A vague or poorly defined question can lead to equally vague or confusing answers from the cards. You need to be clear about what you wish to know. This will help you get specific insights from the tarot cards.

2. Reading the Same Question Too Often

Another common mistake is asking the same question in different readings. This can lead to conflicting or repetitive answers. It causes confusion, not clarity. This shows that you are too attached to the outcome and are trying to control rather than flow. Ask once and then leave it and let it go.

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3. Allowing Fears To Influence the Reading

It’s very common to ask questions that you feel quite attached to. This can create some fear and negative emotions in you. Try not to project your fears onto the reading, as it can affect its objectivity.

4. Failing to Ground and Center Yourself

During a tarot reading, you must ground and center yourself. Do this before starting the session. This creates calm and focus. It lets you connect with the cards and your intuition better. If your energy is too scattered, it can disrupt the reading. It can make you less connected to your intuition.

5. Ignoring the Card Layout

Another common mistake I often see during tarot readings is ignoring the layout or spread of the cards. The layout of the cards in a tarot reading is important. It gives a framework for interpreting their meanings. This can help you to prevent misunderstandings and make the whole process clearer.

6. Using Overly Complicated Spreads

Complex spreads can overwhelm you. This is especially true if you are a beginner in Tarot. This can make the reading harder. It can complicate the cards unnecessarily. Simple is always the best as it is direct and difficult to misinterpret.

7. Misunderstanding the Cards

Every card in the Tarot has a spectrum of meanings. It is important to avoid the mistake of misunderstanding the cards. This can happen by relying on just one interpretation or meaning. Misunderstanding a meaning can skew the reading. It leads to inaccurate or misleading insights. You may also be overlooking the way the cards interact with each other. Failing to see this can really change the reading as well.

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A woman lays out tarot cards on the table

8. Taking the Cards Too Literally

Another common mistake in tarot… We need to see tarot cards as symbols. They are metaphors, not literal predictions or answers. And they offer guidance and insight into the energy. They also show the potential outcomes for a situation. But, it’s not right to see them as absolute truths.

9. Lack of Practice and Knowledge

Reading the Tarot is a skill that requires practice and knowledge. You need to be able to understand the deeper symbolism of the cards, and this takes time and practice to develop. Be patient learning the meanings and interpretations of the cards. Also, practice different spreads and techniques.

10. Inability to Remain Neutral

During a tarot reading, it can be quite difficult to remain objective. We all have personal biases and emotions that can cloud our judgment. During a tarot reading, interpreters often let personal biases and emotions affect how they interpret the cards.

11. Being Too Rigid

When you read the Tarot, it is key to stay flexible. Being too rigid can limit your ability to see everything. Be open and remember that context and intuition also play a significant role in the reading.

12. Not Listening to your Intuition

Here is another common mistake during a tarot reading. People rely only on the book meanings. They ignore their personal intuition. And intuition is such a pivotal role in reading the tarot cards accurately. You don’t want a generic reading that fits anyone. You want a reading tailored to you or the person you are reading for.

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13. Imparting Fear

Reading the tarot for someone else is a big responsibility. You might influence how they see their situation. You need to be careful of what you say because you don’t want to impart fear and create more angst in the person. Try to be gentle and kind; remember that you probably have a very vulnerable person in front of you.

Conclusion about Common Mistakes in Tarot…

Reading the tarot for yourself or someone else can be a very fragile and delicate position to be in. It is so important that you respect the tool you are using and recognize that you need to be as careful as you can be. Try to avoid these mistakes as best as you can. However, remember to have fun and see this is as a tool that is helping you grow and trust more in your intuition.