July 13, 2024
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How to Get Started Making Money as a Tarot Reader

5 Tips on How to Get Started as a Tarot Reader

In the spiritual profession it can be very difficult to get started finding clients.

There is such a need to portray yourself as someone who genuinely wants nothing more than to help; because spiritual healers, tarot card readers and so forth have not always had the best reputation. That being said, there are just as many people out there dying to find a reading or a spiritual service and not knowing where to look.

For this reason, when getting started, it’s essential that you just put yourself out there and let the world see a very vulnerable and pure side of you. You will have to give some free services/ proof that you want more than to just take someone’s money.

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Here are my tips for starting your vocational business.

1/ Try to help people understand what it is you do

Curiosity is going to be your best friend in drawing people in. Put out what you do, explain what it is that you do, and explain why/ how it works.

A lot of the time people will not believe in something they don’t understand, which is completely natural.

If you can introduce a person to what it is you do, and also introduce a person to why you believe in it, it will intrigue people into wanting to give it a go.

2/ Don’t Depend on it for your Main Source of Income (at least to begin with)

You want to make this your career, but you are not entitled to make it your career. Remember why you are wanting to do this. It’s rewarding, you want to give back.

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Like any vocational business, it starts off as a side hustle.

To begin with, keep it light. Put out videos on Youtube or Facebook doing readings for each star sign, talk about how the moons will affect people, do reiki by proxy. Do what you can while you can, because, with any business, it’s about building it up and making it work overtime.

Once your name is out there, it will be somewhat easier to get the ball rolling.

The main task is just to get started and start doing.

The more pressure you put on this one thing working out, the less inclined it is to start picking up. Do it for the love of it and it will be more attractive to others.

3/ Utilise Social Media

Have an account on Instagram, or Facebook, or whatever form of social media seems most fitting for what you do. It’s the golden age of consumerism, and as much as spiritual trades are about being charitable, we also have to eat. There is absolutely nothing wrong with marketing your business because your ‘corporate’ post/advertisement could be somebody’s sign from spirit.

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Stay active on social media posting your practices, freebies, giveaways, etc.

When you’re just starting out, give things away for free in exchange for reviews and testimonials. It’s other people’s trust in you that will help you get this business off the ground. In the beginning, your main concern is building a portfolio of how genuine you are and how good you are at what you do.

4/ Network

If you can find a local audience, you are winning. People are all we’ve got, and if you can offer your 2 cents to the community that surrounds you, you’ll have a lot more support behind you in growing your business.

Any good review you can get is a contribution. People talking about you is a free advertisement.

A year after I started my business, I sought out spiritual organizations on Facebook (masseuse parlors, reiki centers, training centers) and made myself known to them. From putting myself out there (and advertising my portfolio of reviews from freebies I had given out/ trades I’d made for discounted prices) I landed a contract with a spiritual company which has helped me find more and more clients as time goes on.

From this, I have been made known to a larger audience and have been invited to numerous events just from people knowing who I am and what I do.

5/ Find any ‘blockages’ you might have surrounding money and worthiness. Make an active effort to change your money mindset

In any kind of business, it’s important to get the balance between marketing and being grounded in the real world as well as it is important to be spiritually balanced and protected.

If you’re too away with the fairies, the business side of things will not be grounded enough to take off. If you’re too grounded, you lose the foundation of the business.

Make sure that you’re grinding hard and staying in check at the same time. Having enough fun and maintaining your spiritual wellbeing through meditation and mindfulness.

You cannot pour from an empty cup.

As for your money mindset, in order to cultivate a bigger income, you’ll have to rid yourself of all the beliefs ingrained in you that you ‘can’t make money the way you want to’, as subconsciously that’s what’s causing you to self-sabotage.

Read books, watch Ted Talks, immerse yourself in a community of people you aspire to be equal to in terms of ‘success’.

It will help you to level up.

I wish you the best of luck in your business.