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Numerology Sex Number

Your Numerology Sex Number and Compatibility Chart

Numerology is a powerful and amazing tool to find out about yourself, your career, your possible future, and your sex life too. It can also tell who your numerology life path number is compatible with along with what your numerology sex number says about your sexual relationship.

It’s very easy to calculate your sex number with the help of the letters in your first name as well as your partner’s first name. With the help of that, you can know where your relationship and sex life are taking you two.

How to calculate your numerology sex number?

To calculate your numerology sex number, see the letters in your first name. All the letters are linked to a specific number, and you have to add those numbers according to the letters in your first name to get your numerology sex number.

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If the numbers are coming in double figures, add those two numbers to one another to get a single figure. That’s your numerology sex number.

Number 1      A, J, S
Number 2      B, K, T
Number 3      C, L, U
Number 4      D, M, V
Number 5      E, N, W
Number 6      F, O, X
Number 7      G, P, Y
Number 8      H, Q, Z
Number 9      I, R

Name example: Jessica

Step 1: J=1 E=5  S=1 S=1 I=9 C=3 A=1

Step 2: 1+5+1+1+9+3+1=21

Step 3: 2+1=3

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Jessica’s numerology sex number is 3.

Now let’s see if your numerology sex number is compatible with that of your partner. Being compatible with each other is very important in a relationship and so find out your compatibility number too.

Sex Number Compatibility chart

Sex Number Compatibility chart

Sex Number 1 – Passionate Sex Life

Passion is a very important thing for you and your sex life. You love to be in a sexy mood always, and that can be great inside the bedroom. However, you need to realize that both partners are in this together and they both have needs so try to stay connected with your partner.

Your sex number 1 is compatible with numerology sex numbers 3 and 5. This means they are able to understand your needs better and make you happy. 

Sex Number 2 – Emotional Sex Life

You like to express your feelings for your partner and having sex makes you feel close to them. You love taking care of your partner and spending time with them.

Your sex number 2 is compatible with numerology sex numbers 6 and 9. Number 6 will understand your sex-related needs while number 9 will try to fulfill your desires.

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Sex Number 3 – Exciting Sex Life

You are always hyped to try out new things and would like to stay away from the regular sex routine. You are very confident in yourself in terms of sex and would like to make sex fun.

Your sex number 3 is compatible with 5 and 1. The number 5 is also of a similar nature which makes it a perfect match while number 1 also likes to add in some spices.

Sex Number 4 – Staying low

You aren’t an expressive person and like to stay low when it comes to sex. Before having sex, they would like to feel comfortable with their partner and will only then open up a bit.

Your number 4 is compatible with 3 and 5. You will like to share your experiences with number 3, and number 5 will make things passionate for you.

Sex Number 5 – Playful

Sex is your place to go to when you feel like escaping your problems. You love sex because you think it’s fun and you would like to try out new things, positions, locations, etc. anything to make things fun. But you also have to care about your partner’s needs too so keep that in mind.

Your number 5 is compatible with the numerology number 3. You will enjoy 3’s fun personality as they would have similar interests too.

Sex Number 6 – Wild sex life

You got a lot of fire inside of you, and you need to listen to your heart to know what you crave for.  You feel like you need to earn sex in a new relationship and once you start going nobody can stop you.

Your number 6 is compatible with 2. They will make you feel loved and comfortable that will make you open up to them.

Sex Number 7 – Intellectual

Your emotions have an influence on your partner’s feelings. You want your partner to connect with you on an intellectual level as well to make the sex great. You are able to analyze your partner’s sexual needs, which is a good thing.

Your number 7 is sexually compatible with 3 and 6. You’ll definitely get on well with numbers 3 and 6! 6 will seduce you with their sweet talking and 3 will have you putty in their hand’s thanks to their tenderness.

Sex Number 8 – Sweet

You crave for passionate sex life and feel connected with your significant other. You have a sweet way of keeping things sexy in your sex life.

Your numerology sex number 8 is sexually compatible with 1. You both will have a passionate life together.

Sex Number 9 – Enthusiastic

You are sexually intense, and it’s the only way for you to bond with your partner. You find ways to make sex perfect and not focus on pleasure. You are like a pro during sex.

Your numerology number 9 is sexually compatible with the number 7. 7 will love to listen to your wild sex fantasies and will be patient with you.


Numerology is a great way to get some information on your possible sex life. Just calculate your numerology sex number to know what type of sex you are interested in and are you and your partner compatible in your sexual relationship.