July 19, 2024
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Egyptian Numerology vs Classical Numerology

Egyptian Numerology Versus Classical Numerology

Welcome to Egyptian Numerology versus Classical Numerology.

I am Sara Bachmeier with Egyptian Numerology and author of “Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into The Fifth Dimension “.

I am often asked the question, “What is the difference between the two?”.

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I have spent two years giving examples of my work on my YouTube channel, Egyptian Numerology Community Facebook Group, my blog, several radio stations, and articles for the law of attraction, but this is the first time I have shared literal information comparing them side by side.

There are similarities and differences between Traditional and Egyptian numerology, and I am not claiming one is better than the other. Personally, I am a fan of both and am comparing the two because I believe both offer vital services. I find it essential to do research when choosing a divining tool to trust and work with. 

The three areas I am looking at are the terminology, the categories, or placements, and the quality of the number definitions.

Because I specifically work with Egyptian Numerology, I have visited several interesting internet sites of traditional numerology to do my research. Honestly, there is so much on the internet that it was hard to choose which one to follow but a few of the most popular are Christine Delorey, Numerology.com, and World Numerology. I am not comparing Egyptian Numerology exclusively with these websites but those three were some of my favorites.  

So…. Let’s look at the similarities between the Egyptian numerology and Classical numerology.

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The Similarities

  1. They both work off a person’s birth date and name.
  2. Both forms calculate the Destiny number by totaling the vowels and consonants off of the birth name.
  3. Both types of numerology calculate the Achievement number by adding our birth date to the birth month.

The rest of the information differs in either the terms, calculations, or definitions.

You might notice right away that the terminology referring to categories are similar but indicate different things when comparing Traditional to Egyptian numerology.

The Differences

For example, we find the differences in “Categories” with Traditional Numerology in:

  • The term Soul Urge number refers to the total numeric value of vowels in a birth name, but the term Heart’s Desire is also used to describe the numeric value of vowels in the birth name. 
  • The term Expression number refers to the total numeric value of both vowels and consonants in the birth name, but they also use the term Destiny number to describe the same thing.  
  • Your Life Path Number is used to describe your life path, but they use the same numeric calculation to describe your life purpose and Karmic Debt numbers. 
  • Your Karmic debt number refers to the numbers – 13,14,16,19 and is contingent on the life path Numbers 1, 4,5,7, and 9. So, again they are using the same number as your life path to describe your Karmic Debt. 

I don’t know how they chose these particular numbers to be karmic, but it is standard in Traditional numerology. I researched the origin of this category and I could not find where or how these numbers were chosen. Your Karmic Lesson is different from your Karmic debt. Your Karmic Lesson is calculated by noticing what numbers are missing in your birth name.

  • Your Personality number is the total of the consonants in your birth name.

In Classical numerology, the Pythagorean method is used to calculate the numeric value of your birth date and name.  You will notice that in some cases, different terms are used to describe the same category which can be misleading because it makes one believe that there is more to this numerology than what they actually offer. Your Life path, Karmic debt, and life purpose are all taken off the same calculation using your life path number. In Classic numerology, your Life path number is the most important number in your birth chart. 

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In Egyptian numerology, most of the terminology is the same as Traditional numerology but used to describe different categories. Each Category has only one Term and uses a different calculation, so nothing is duplicated. This means that the Life path number is simply your life path number and your Karmic Lesson and Life Purpose number have a unique calculation representing their individual placements. 

Your Life Path number is important but is equally important as your Karmic lesson and Life Purpose. Egyptian Numerology also uses the Pythagorean method to calculate your Destiny, but your Soul Life Path is calculated by adding birthday first, then the month, followed by the year.

In Egyptian Numerology the terms and categories are as follows:

  • Your Soul Urge number is your day of birth.
  • Your Life Path number is the total of your day, month, and year of birth.
  • Your Karmic Lesson is produced using an ancient Egyptian astrological chart. It is carefully selected using your astrological sun sign. Your Karmic lessons are carried over from past lives and contrary to traditional numerology, Egyptian numerology believes that the numbers missing in your birth name are your strongest assets and not your karmic lessons. The reason why the numeric values of the letters are not present in the arithmancy of your birth name is simply because you do not need to work through the essence of these frequencies in this lifetime. 
  • Your Soul Life Purpose is the total of your Life Path & Karmic Lesson because these two values work together to bring you closer to what you incarnated to do and why. 
  • Your Heart’s Desire is the total numeric value of the vowels in your birth name.
  • Your Expression number is your Personality number and is the total numeric value of the consonants in your birth name.
  • Your Destiny number is the total numeric value of both, the vowels, and consonants in your birth name. 

A NUMERIC EXAMPLE of Egyptian versus Traditional numerology using the random birthdate of January 23rd, 1978.

Egyptian Numerology calculates the following:

  • Soul Urge number – 23
  • Achievement number – 6
  • Soul Life Path number - Master Number 22/4
  • Karmic Lesson number – 3
  • Soul Life Purpose number 7

In Traditional numerology using the free online calculator with the same birthdate January 23rd, 1978. 

  • Life Path- 4
  • Karmic Debt -13/ 4 (same as life Path)
  • Soul Purpose is the number 4- (same as Path)
  • Achievement – 6

Review Comparison

Classical numerology uses the same number frequency for more than one category calling it different terms to change the description.

It uses your Life Path number to determine your Karmic Debt and Life Purpose. It uses the term Soul Urge and Hearts Desire to describe the same category which is the vowels in your birth name.

The terms Destiny & Expression number refer to the same category which is the total of consonants & vowels in the birth name.

When doing a reading on your birth chart there are a total of 4 different categories using only two calculations which are your Life Path and Achievement numbers.

Traditional Numerology only recognizes Master numbers 11, 22, and in some cases Master number 33.

In Egyptian Numerology, a birth chart reading has five different categories using only one term for each placement. It does not double up the category with different terms and uses five original calculations including Soul Urge, Achievement, Life Path, Karmic Lesson, and Soul Life Purpose. 

Your Karmic Lesson and Life Purpose are unique to numerology due to the use of an Egyptian astrological chart which determines your Karmic lesson.

It refers to your day of birth as your Soul Urge number and recognizes Master numbers in all categories 11-99.

  • Your Karmic Lesson is a number of an ancient astrological chart – carried over from past lives and is not derived from your Life Path number.
  • Soul Life Purpose number is the total of the Life Path and Karmic number which gives it a unique understanding found only in Egyptian numerology.
  • The term Heart’s Desire number refers to the vowels in the birth name.
  • Expression number refers to the consonants in the birth name.
  • The Destiny number refers to your Destiny.

Now that I have covered the similarities and differences between the terminology and categories found in a birth chart reading, let’s take a look at the number descriptions found between Classical and Egyptian numerology. 

Classical numerology has the main focus on the duality of each of the numbers meaning looking at the good/ bad and strong vs. weaknesses found in each personality. Because it uses the Life Path number to describe your karmic debt and life purpose, it offers more in terms of qualities, talents, ambitions, and challenges. The Life Path also exposes why events occurred past, present and future.  

It describes the personality of each number, attributes of the number, and challenges that this energy could possibly face. 

If you are just starting out in your spiritual journey, Traditional numerology can offer you a description and clarity on what your strengths and weaknesses are. It works with the single-digit numbers 1-9 and recognizes Master numbers 11, 22, and 33.  This was beneficial to me when I first researched my Life Path because it gave me a glimpse of what I needed to work on and work through.

Like astrology, it is important not to use numerology to classify types of people in categories of good and bad or strong and weak because every individual has much more substance and spiritual influence than what is projected through a Life Path number and descriptions based on words. 

I started Egyptian numerology because after years of working with Traditional numerology I became disenchanted with most divining tools still operating in the third and fourth-dimensional thought process. 

As we evolve on our spiritual journey, we move out of thinking in terms of good and bad. When this happens, we need information based on a higher understanding.

It appeared that no matter where I looked either the internet or books, I received the same information and I got to a point where it no longer served me.  I wanted a vision of my highest possibilities and needed something that I could aspire to and challenge me to be the greatest version of myself. I became uninterested in the dualistic nature of number frequencies. I did not want information that described me but rather information that inspired me to reach higher than I previously thought possible.

My personal journey is in my book: “Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into the Fifth Dimension“.

I found what I was looking for in ancient wisdom and sacred truths. The knowledge that withstands the tests of time.

Egyptian numerology recognizes the individual dark and light life force as the total self and not isolated into strong and weak aspects.  This offers an elevated vision of completeness and wholeness. 

It also describes an individual’s gifts, talents, and unique abilities. There are more calculations to cover and intertwine to discuss the events occurring in one’s life concerning the past, present, and future. 

Because Egyptian Numerology bypasses the need to explain the negative versus the positive influences of number frequencies, it allows for the possibility of involving several elements that support awareness of vibrations in general. Egyptian numerology uses Pythagoras’ findings that everything is connected through resonance frequencies. Therefore, we can use sound, color, animals, chakras, and angels or spirit guides associated with specific number vibrations to enhance, expand, and encourage spiritual evolution. 

In conclusion, if you are seeking information about yourself that requires your strengths and weaknesses, utilizing your abilities, and recognizing your challenges, then Classical numerology is a wonderful resource and a perfect place to begin.

If you are seeking information that encourages, confirms, and challenges you to remove the veil of illusions, utilize the abilities you were born with, and become the highest version of yourself, then Egyptian numerology is a fruitful journey to explore. 

I hope this information was helpful and not too confusing. If would like to learn more about Egyptian Numerology, you can refer to my book; Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into the 5th Dimension or visit my website.

Thank you!!! Namaste