July 19, 2024
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Egyptian Numerology as Your North Star

Reach Your Highest Potential with Egyptian Numerology as Your North Star

In numerology, the 8th day of the 8th month is a highly spiritual and activated event in our calendar year. The Lions Gate is a time of increased cosmic energy flowing between the physical and spiritual realms. Energetically, Lionsgate open’s the energy portal for the new year. Reach Your Highest Potential with Egyptian Numerology as Your North Star…

Lions Gate and Ancient Egypt

Lions Gate is connected to ancient Egypt and for thousands of years was observed and honored as a time of great energetic influx and activation. This gateway is marked by an alignment between the Earth and the star Sirius. As Sirius rises in the sky, Orion’s Belt directly aligns with the Pyramid of Giza. Sirius rising in the sky at this time of year was considered a sacred occasion and marked the start of the new year in many cultures.

The ancients believed it was a gateway to heaven and the central station for higher vibrational beings. They understood that the energy of this star carried highly advanced wisdom that could be intercepted when Sirius was strong in the sky.

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The opening of the Lionsgate 88 Portal is activated until August 12th and is important to our spiritual journey. It can bring awakenings, lift our consciousness to new heights, download light codes, encourage self-mastery, align with levels of activations, and provides opportunities for progression on our ascension path.

Those of you who follow me, know that Egyptian Numerology is not only about numbers, but also a philosophy, way of life, and commitment to living your highest potential using Numerology as your North Star.

Understanding of a Higher Consciousness

Numbers are symbols, vibrations, light, energy, and like us, they are subject to constant upgrades in service to the collective understanding of a higher consciousness.

The information we had about numbers even 10 years ago may not even apply to us today and why should it? We are not the same people we were 10 years ago. We’ve grown with the unending tides and ebb and flow of light codes downloaded to us on a daily basis. The universe is in constant flux…ever-changing, ever-evolving, and always moving in a forward motion.

The veils have been lifting one by one for decades. The new information that we have about numbers actually stemmed from ancient wisdom from so long ago that it is surfacing now as new information.

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But, if you find that you feel safer believing and following in the old constructs, paradigms, and definitions of numbers then that’s okay because it means they are still serving you on some level.  

Consciousness is like a ladder you climb one rung at a time. You cannot miss a step, or you will eventually have to go back and repeat it. The old ways serve a purpose. They are placeholders for those on that level of consciousness. Everything has a reason and purpose.

We must graduate from levels of consciousness and master those dimensions before moving onto the next one because that is just how our universe works. You cannot get to the 5th dimension unless you evolve through the 4th and so on. There are more dimensions than the 5th but the 5th is the dimension we are all merging into if you are on a spiritual journey. 

Visiting the Higher Realms

By using certain drugs can get you high and reveal those higher realms for a brief period of time but you cannot stay in those realms because eventually the drug wears off and you must come down.

The reason you may be able to visit the higher realms in these cases is that we can open our third eye with certain hallucinogens, but our soul really needs to walk through the dimension paradigms and anchor these lessons and gems of perception into our physical reality. We need to be present and sober to receive and process this information or else we are stuck with a temporary experience of euphoria with no place to go.  But these high moments allow us a Vision. And if we can imagine it, we can create it.

Egyptian Numerology serves as a higher dimensional vision placement. It helps people understand their greatest potential using Number Frequencies connected to their birth and name chart. If we can imagine it, we can create it.

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Useful Resources

I have many resources available. The most obvious are my two books, “Egyptian Numerology: Emergence into the Fifth Dimension” and the sequel book which is “The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the Asking”. I just released two eBooks on my website. The Sacred Oracle Word which offers information about our birth names and includes our Conscious Awareness number and the second one is called Becoming Your Inner Hero which is about learning you’re the energy of your Life path through the symbols of archetypes. All of my books include important information regarding master numbers.  I offer private Chart Readings, a Mentorship program, a blog, and a YouTube channel. I have a Community Facebook Group with members who support each other on their spiritual journey. 

Being a spokesperson for Egyptian Numerology has not been easy. It is an innovative science that speaks directly to the heart and soul. Not everyone is ready to embrace new information. But I wake up every morning enthusiastic and inspired about sharing this information and I won’t lie, sometimes I feel defeated by those who defend the old ways.

To conclude

Finally, I’ve been talking about a master class that I’ll be offering. It got delayed due to technical problems, but I am back on course and hopefully, soon I will be able to announce the date of this free webinar.

This new year, it’s about “Unity”. It is about joining forces and becoming one with a Higher Awareness.

I am not a public speaker, and personally will probably never be one. And I don’t make tons of money from the work that I do, and I certainly don’t get paid for about 75% of my work.

Plus, I do this work because it is my life purpose, it is what I was born to do, and because I follow my calling the universe has taken care of me.

I have an understanding with the universe. As long as I follow my dreams, I will always be taken care of. This is my truth; this is what I teach, and this is the message that I part with you. Also, you can learn about Egyptian Numerology on my website.

Thank You, Namaste