Key Numerology Numbers for January 2021

Numerology is the study of numbers as meaningful constructs related to human consciousness.  Numbers occupy our lives in many ways, starting with number values associated with the letters of words, especially our names. 

We have the numbers of our birthday, month, and year.  Most countries have a number sequence for citizens (in the United States, it is the 9-digit Social Security Number or SSN).  Most of us have a phone number; if we drive a car, we have a number plate.  Each word and sequence of numbers reduces to a number between 1 and 9, and each of those numbers has spiritual meaning.

This article will explore the number meaning of this month and this month + this year.


The Two Numbers for Each Month

Each month of the year has two key numbers: the number of the month itself and the total of the month number plus the year number.  January is the 1st month of the year, and thus a 1.  January 2021 is 012021 or 6.  

The Number 1 Month

According to Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker in Numerology and the Divine Triangle, the number 1 represents new starts, action, originality, and making decisions (41).  Further, they say, “The period [we] are now entering is a time to begin again, to make a new start.  The vibrations of 1 reveal the powers within, and now [we] must take the reins and determine our future course” (124). 

Hence our interest in New Year’s Resolutions.  The first month of each new year is seen as a time of opportunity and initiation.  What do you want to initiate this new year?  Since this month ushers in the New Year (2021), it is important to understand the shift from a 4 year (2020) to a 5 year (2021).  In 2020 the foundations (4) were rocked by the pandemic.  The transition (5) work will be the overall focus of this year.

The Number 6 for 01/2021

The calculation to a 6 for 01/2021 makes this a month to focus on family, health, service, and listening to others’ problems (41).  The number 6 has five representations in a tarot deck: the Major Arcana 6, the Lovers; the 6 of Cups, Loving Connections; the 6 of Swords, Transition; the 6 of Pentacles, Generosity; and the 6 of Wands, Victory. 

Spellcaster tarot visuals

The Spellcaster Tarot

There is a success quality to the number 6, which benefits from the commitment of partners in the Lovers card.  The 6 of Cups reminds us that we need loving people in our lives to thrive.  If we have reached a certain level of material success, we should be generous with those around us who are in need (6 of Pentacles).  Several times in life we will need to leave one “shore of belief/thinking” and travel to a new “shore of belief/thinking” (6 of Swords).  And lastly, we can be victorious in our struggles and a role model for others (7 of Wands) this month.

Your Number and the 1 and 6 this Month

It is rather easy to calculate your life path number; it is simply the total of your birthday reduced to a single digit.  In my case, I was born 04/12/1968, which equals 31, which reduces to a 4.  My life path is about working hard, establishing a solid foundation, and staying within my limits. 

In relation to the number 1, I should think about what I need to do to be safe and take care of my responsibilities.  The number 6 reminds me that through service to others I build strong networks so I have support should I find myself in a place of need or crisis. 

If you happen to have a life path number 1 (The Pioneer)

This month will focus on what you need to make a priority to pursue your happiness and preserve the integrity of your identity (1).  Making sure you know who you need to help and who provides you with service (6) will keep you moving in a positive direction. 

If you happen to have a life path number 2 (The Partner)

This month you need to spend more time communicating and asserting what you want and need (1) from your partner so he or she can better help you.  It will be important for the two of you to do every day (6) activities together to keep your bond strong and healthy.

If you happen to have a life path number 3 (The Creator)

This month you should discover and initiate some form of creativity just for yourself (1).  Once you know what you want to do creatively, consider whether or not you can put it into service for others (6) as a way to find even more fulfilling creative expression. 

If you happen to have a life path number 4 (The Builder)

You should think about and put energy into the activities and choices that will support others (6) Recognizing that you need to take care of yourself first (1) in order to be able to take care of others will be necessary to find stability.

If you happen to have a life path number 5 (The Traveler)

You need to seek out service opportunities (6) as your way to explore the world this month.  Be sure to focus on the service you enjoy and value for yourself (1) so you will have the energy to help others.

If you happen to have a life path number 6 (The Educator)

You are going to be able to see where the greatest need for service (6) appears around you.  Take the initiative and act (1) to help others; do not delay, your service is needed now.

If you happen to have a life path number 7 (The Mystic)

You may find your role as a mystic requires you to deepen your understanding of your individual purpose (1) to be able to better serve (6) others.  People in crisis need to see someone weathering the storms of life with a strong personal conviction.

If you happen to have a life path number 8 (The Leader)

You need to be a beacon and role model (1) for others.  Acting with integrity and initiative, especially acts of service (6), will inspire others to follow suit, allowing more and more people in need to get the help they deserve.

If you happen to have a life path number 9 (The Counselor)

Be ready to be a lone voice of support (1) in one-on-one engagements.  You will also help others (6) if you can guide them to “find themselves, individually” through your counseling skill.

Philip Young, PhD

I am a spiritual adviser located in Cary, North Carolina. I earned my PhD in English from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 1996 and had a career in academics until 2007, when I retired to become a stay-at-home father. In 2013 I “hung out my shingle” starting my business Black Unykorn Enterprises, LLC. I provide spiritual guidance using different tools: astrology, tarot/oracle cards, numerology, and past life regression (using muscle testing). With a home office, Zoom, WeChat, and WhatsApp, I work with local clients in person and distance clients from around the world. You can read about my practice and contact me through my website:

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