July 19, 2024
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female zodiac love interest style

Your Female Zodiac Love Interest Style

Are you curious to know what your love interest is like? Read this article, it goes in depth about each zodiac female type and explains her love language. If you want to know what to expect before making a move or getting involved give this is a read.

Aries Woman (March 21-April 19)

She’s the type to have all her ducks in order. She is waiting for the right duck to swim in, or in her case: the best duck chasing after her! Aries woman wants the best. Yes, she’s entertained some losers in her time, but she never wants anything serious from someone who can’t swim in her lane; the fast lane. Aries Woman is self-sufficient. If she ignores you or can’t take your phone call—this is because her life does not revolve around her love relationship. Aries Woman is usually very career and goal driven. Love is a part of the package, but love is not the entire package. She wants to get married, but isn’t the type to gush about it. Aries Woman is set firstly on establishing herself into a worthy commodity and THEN she can pay attention to you.

Aries Woman needs constant affection and physical loving. She might not be the best at romance (though thoughtful and caring) she does expect the ultimate romance in return. Aries Woman will always see your faults, which is why you should not give her reason to become unimpressed. Don’t embarrass her in front of her co-workers, don’t forget an important holiday or yell at her for being too busy—accept the greatness that is the Aries Woman OR go home. Aries woman will rarely change for anyone, and if she does, it is usually because she is in head over her heels. When head over heels, Aries woman can soften into sweetness. In this case, all the control, which Aries woman had worked to build things. When lost, she becomes a puppy to her romantic interest and might even put them first!

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Taurus Woman (April 20-May 20)

Taurus girl is capable of keeping up with the boys. She probably loves watching sports, but she is still a bit of a diva. Taurus girl may have to work herself up for adventures like camping outdoors. Or she may be opposed to going all together. Taurus girl is much like Taurus guy, if she is into you, there are no questions. She will make it crystal clear, unless of course, she is scared. Taurus girl will protect the ones she loves, but she will also protect herself. And Taurus girl hates to get hurt because she knows how long it will take her to get over it. Plus Taurus girl moves slowly when it comes to big things like changing jobs or exiting a relationship. She knows how to keep herself busy and will make plans for good times and things to look forward to. She likes to get all done up and be seen in her cute little outfits. Taurus girl is a hard-worker and a strong partner. She is often the strength behind many immature men who need guidance, durability and support.

Taurus girl will stick around even when she’s not getting fed. Being alone isn’t always her favorite cup of tea. She likes to be entertained and enjoys social affairs with trusted friends. Make no mistake that she will be messaging you or displaying her love online. She can’t help it. Love is the air that she breathes. Therefore, if love is in the air, it is all this woman can see. If love mates are scarce she will care for a pet or be very involved in her friendships, but regardless relationships are big here, Taurus generally will have an entourage, even if that entourage is rather small. Taurus learns over time that she prospers from intimate relationships which she can trust. She shouldn’t pretend she can be casual about thing because it is in her nature to make a stand. She’s diplomatic, which is why she isn’t the best with blurry-defined lines.

Gemini Woman (May 21-June 20)

When’s she feels secure in her intellects, beauties and gifts –she makes love happen. Gemini girl is going to get back to you, always, but she needs time. Chatting on the phone requires her undivided attention, something she usually does not have to give. Gemini woman is independent. She will always make time for her love, always. She’s bitchy, but tender, hard-working, sweet when she wants to be and a good-time. She’s vibrant all the time even when she’s hungry and in a bad mood. Even when she feels ugly, there is something about this woman that still glows in beauty. Gem girl radiates charm when needed, and can be pushy when she’s stressed out and needing to get things done. She’s prone to taking on more than she can handle, but somehow, always manages to handle it just right. She’s ideal about love. She wants it a certain way, from a certain type of person and at a certain time.

She’s the master of planning and needs to be with someone who respects her sense of navigation. You know she’s really smitten when she starts to abandon her old ways and embrace a new way of life, which is likely influenced by the person she is with. Gemini girl is nobody’s fool, but she knows when to let things go, and she pick her battles. Gemini girl wants things to be perfect, but even when a plan is executed against her perfect expectations, she will host matters with the utmost sense of charm and generosity. She can get close, but she never lets anyone, including her partner, get too close. Gemini girl believes that a lady, acts like one and doesn’t tell her man anything that will salt your idealized image. Gemini girl will always have some secrets up her sleeve.

Cancer Woman (June 21-July 22)

Cancer girl is hilarious in her ways. A real natural Martha Stewart type who can creatively whip you up a costume or whip you up a perfectly accessorized outfit. She’s a raging flirt, but it’s harmless if she is with someone. She would almost never cheat. Like Cancer guy, she wants to build a home worth coming home to. She wants to make meals and cook romance. She’s sensitive, loving, caring and friendly. Yes, all Cancers have it in them to be moody or pressed by stress. You may need to lift her ego every now and again, but when this girl’s got it right, she carries herself with a certain, admirable light. All your friends love her, and the family too, sometimes Cancer girl seems too good too be true.

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The only caution is knowing where her head is at. Often, she will revert to her Cancer shell and deal with her emotions privately. She has to learn to let others be there for you if she expects to achieve true emotional intimacy with another person. She also has to be careful not to hide behind her humor as so many Cancers do. Everyone thinks Cancer Girl is funny, but she needs to know it is okay to take a moment to be serious. If you really want to impress her don’t hate on anything that is apart of her empire. She will defend her people to the core. Cancer protects by nature, and they won’t waste their time on anything unworthy of protection.

Leo Woman (July 23-August 22) 

Leo Woman loves to be in love so much that she doesn’t always recognize her pattern of falling madly in love, and then falling madly out of love. Regardless, when she finds the one, she is happy and will broadcast her love all over everything and everywhere. If she is an extroverted Lion, she will want the world to see all the cute things that her lover and everyone else does for her. A Leo lady loves attention, whether she is more bold/brazen or modest/shy, the queen Lion doesn’t do well without people to love who love her in return. She wants to make her mark—somewhere, but sometimes loses her own way when she becomes blinded by an attraction. A perfect example of an outgoing, attention-loving, Leo lady is Jennifer Lopez.

Note that she doesn’t nurse staleness in any union and if she feels rebuffed by her lover, she will seek attention from others. Stability is great for this woman, but it is not the recipe for her relationship success. If things in love become too predictable or stationary for this woman, she will bore and roam elsewhere. Who knows who she is texting all the time? Or who she is talking to? This woman is capable of blowing air into many different tires at the same time. Leo lady loves to be in love, but she knows all to well how love can hurt, she almost always has her back-up. It would be rare for her to exit a relationship without a chaperon to her car. She can be flaky, so don’t think she doesn’t love you, if she forgets about you. When she needs you, she will be right there like a beautiful explosion you can’t ignore. Take nothing she does to heart unless she asks you to, this woman can love many things, but the thing she loves the most is the thing she can’t bear to leave. Lucky you are, if this is you.

Virgo Woman (August 23-September 22)

She can be a bit shy, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want attention. Virgo girl can be outgoing too, but there is always a shy side to her. She needs to feel comfortable to find her voice. Otherwise she might keep to herself. She’s visually observant and notices everything, but will question whether people are into her. They usually are, but she will resort to “preparing for the worst and hoping for the best”—this woman can’t help but worry. She’s good-natured, sure she has a naughty side, but that usually comes out behind closed door. At the root she just wants to be with someone forever and know that she can trust them. Virgo girl has usually been through the ringer with partners and knows that people doesn’t come free of problems.

She’s maternal to her lover’s needs. She’s devoted and ready to spend as much time with you as possible. Finding a mate is very important to her but she doesn’t have the cheesy ability to sell her beauty as aggressively as some girls do. She’s got some intellect and she’s got class. She wants attention but she doesn’t demand it, it is naturally achieved. Suitors come to her in a timely fashion. She’s got a wifey vibe to her, but don’t let it fool you entirely. She’s not innocent, she may come off this way, but trust me, the Virgo vixen is no fool.

Libra Woman (September 23-October 23)

She wants to present herself as the most fashionable and admirable female in the room, but sometimes even Libra girl loses her footing. Libra lady can lose her way, but she usually finds something even better to rest her limbs upon. Libra lady knows how to keep the connection strong between mutual friends. She knows how to form intimate relationships with various people from various groups. Libra is the lady who could have a lover and a home full of pets, or in some Libra cases, she might allowably have a second bed mate. And Libra lady loves to love and feel love, but also loves to relish in the natural pleasure of love, life and great music. Libra lady has a bit of ‘hippy chic’ in her.

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She sports some mixed ambitions and multi-talents. Libra can be a very productive working force that takes on too much and doesn’t know where to invest. And Libra can be terrible with emotions or absolutely fabulous with them, all of this depends on the individual history of the Libra lady and what she has had to overcome in her personal trails. Plus Libra lady doesn’t like drama, so if you have been texting or talking about a matter, which Libra has expressed very little interest in, you can expect to be ignored until things blow over. Libra lady always wants thing to blow over. Keep this in mind while you take her silence as judgment. Libra lady knows that most arguments and misunderstandings were probably best resolved by taking space.

Scorpio Woman (October 23-November 22) 

Scorpio woman is a totally lovable bitch in total control. She could run your show, project manage your life and organize you closet. She’s powerfully smart. Scorpio male might internalize his intelligence, but Scorpio woman will put her smarts to the test. She’s not quick to find a mate she can’t live without, but when she does, she will not live without him. She’s capable of using people along the way. Often for sexual entertainment or just sheer amusement, but at the root she is looking for that picture-perfect devotion. She can be abusive, but does not mean to be. Sometimes Scorpio woman wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. She’s not a mushy lover, but she wants to feel like it is okay to say ‘I love you’, really she needs a partner so adoring that he either forces her to say it or teaches her that it is OK. Scorpio Woman is very capable. Often she will hide her true feelings and emotions from other people.

Scorpio woman takes joy in helping other people with their problems. This is also so that she never has to get into her own. She’s an excellent listener, but is prone to taking on too much at one time. Scorpio woman will do this to avoid dealing with her troubles or worries. She’s very inclined to lose herself in work or the needs of other people. Scorpio woman can get wound up in a ball of stress, which is why it is key for her to take solace in a playful partner who will remind her to enjoy life. She’s pretty straight forward with her time and her concern. If you are of value to her—she will make time for you, but please be mindful of her past relationships. They might highlight why she is the way she is but also will show if she’s capable of true emotional intimacy.

Sagittarius Woman (November 22-December 21)

She’s part man-part-amazing. Yes, she’s sexy, well traveled and confident, but she can open her own doors, pitch her own tent and pour her own beverage. Regardless, she won’t be bossy if her man attempts to master any of these things for her. Secretly, she’s a wet blanket for romance, but most people would never guess it. She probably comes off like the workaholic, bossy, control-freak, money-hungry type, but she’s actually all about the best value. The best value doesn’t come easily, which is why she is OK to wait. She’s not picky, she just knows what she wants – there is a big difference. She might be on the hunt longer than most, but she’s out there, and she’s not afraid to get stung, as long as you don’t leave any emotional bruises.

You might wonder what she’s thinking, but in this case, it always best to just ask, check-in, shoot her a text –she’s not going to make the first move. If she does, she might be in the fast-pace lane to get over someone else, but otherwise she will bear on caution. Sag is protective of the people they love and themselves. Sag is OK on their own, they want to be in-love, but not with just anybody. If Sagittarius woman gives you the chance and you really like her: shake her tree a little bit. Don’t play the game knowing that she will be. Sag Woman is a gamer, she knows how to play, but while she may play the field hard, with her heart, she runs a soft game. If you want in, you will have to play a little harder, dig a little deeper and work a little bit in order to get her to open up.

Capricorn Woman (December 22-January 19)

Capricorn Woman is high-class and hard work. She’s not going to give up her ambitions just to be with you, in fact you better get some ambitions if you plan to be with her. She’s tough, but she’s tender. Not to everyone. She’s especially devoted to the people she lets in, but as she ages she finds this is fewer and fewer. For some people, she’s all about maintaining a certain reputation, which require taking a certain about of distance. In which case, she can never really be herself. In other cases, Capricorn Woman is hilarious and understood. People aren’t as intimated by her once they get to know her and see how hard she is on herself. Capricorn Woman wants the best and she wants the best in love.

Though she’ll take a chance where her heart wagers. Sometimes it turns out great, other times she proves to be too capable of taking care of things on her own. She can scare away weak men, easily. She doesn’t like want she can toy with willing. And she prefers a challenge. She doesn’t mind making more than you, unless, you mind. Plus she does best with a person on her playing field, but if she loves you, she will cheer lead your goals, even if they are smaller than hers. Capricorn woman makes time for love. It may seem she puts work first, but love is want she looks forward to. Love is what she rests her feet up against. She needs love and while she may not be the first to show it, if you do, she will never forget it, and in her own time, will warm up to you just the same.

Aquarius Woman (January 20-February 18) 

She’s not your average damsel in distress. In fact, if there is a problem, she can probably fix it herself. She’s independent and feminist at heart. She knows she can keep up with the boys. She’s not afraid to be adventurous or try new things. She’s spiritual, active and intelligent. She wants to enjoy life, but might struggle in the love department. She’s a thinker and sometimes over thinks things, situations and people. She’s an excellent flirt and knows how to be cheeky, she is open to kissing a lot of frogs. Dating can be adventures here and often she will experience these adventures. She will make a call and then wash her hands of you or see you again in three years time. No hard feelings, Aquarius girl doesn’t welcome bad thoughts upon enemies, but she will harp on elements of disrespect.

She knows how she should be treated and will snicker in the opposite direction if you show her an unruly side. Or she will string you along and suddenly stop hanging out with you all together. When it comes to love, Aquarius is subject to having eternal flames and short-lived failures. Jen Aniston’s published, romantic track record speaks volumes to this assumption. She was constantly in new relationships, but did not settle for the second ‘one’ until much later. Aquarius women might want motherhood and marriage, but they don’t have time line for either—just ideals. Career, work, success and young-inspired goals are encouraged in the Aquarius world. While Aquarius views these dreams with a short time frame, Aquarius is aware that love functions by the clock it desires. If Aquarius girl likes you and you don’t feel the same from them, you can expect efforts. Even it’s nothing serious. Aquarius likes the attention and never forgets where she can always find attention if she needs it. She also knows life is too short not to take risks. 

Pisces Woman (February 19-March 20)

Pisces girl is the queen B of wanting what rejects her. Some say she is so addicted to the rejection that when things are going right she might do something impulsive just to create a little drama. Truth, she is just used to the worst and accustom to expecting it. She might have five people who love her and one person who doesn’t, in which case she will foolishly focus on the one person who doesn’t. Love for her is the ultimate. She has probably found herself “working” for love in the last while. Giving too much when she wasn’t getting back the same. Pisces girls tend to persist with the person they love. They don’t lose faith quickly if their heart is set on you. If you manage to keep their heart it is probably because you are complicated and not always easy to read. Pisces Girl is highly perspective and will get stuck on the people that she can’t read easily. Her curiosity and thirst for knowledge makes her pressed for answers. She will go fishing.

This usually hurts her more than it does anyone else. If you like this girl, let her know. If she likes you and is letting you know, don’t string her on if you don’t feel the same. A person who uses a Pisces is a sad individual. Taking advantage of the emotionally weak and generous is never kind. Don’t let her fall into flighty mode, but don’t let her take off that easy. She will try to sass you away if she isn’t interested, but if you really start to create a dialogue with her, and formulate a meeting of the minds – she can change her mind. Pisces girl is capable of liking the oddest of matches if they take a chance. She’s a chameleon. Looks are not everything, but Pisces girl tends to fall back upon her dream crush and becomes a sucker for boyish good looks. Try not to take it too hard if you’ve stalked her for a date and she didn’t bite. Remember she wants most what doesn’t want her, so play your cards right and she’ll be stalking you. Sadly, the moment she does this she loses all her mysterious sex appeal and luring intuition. Try to see past that too. Technology sort of vamped the emotional charm of the Fish girl, you got to feel her fins out on land!