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what you want versus what you need in a relationship

What You Want Versus What You Need in a Relationship Based on Your Zodiac Sign

When looking for a potential partner, you focus on looking at what you want in a relationship. For instance, if you are the outgoing type and you tend to take life a little too casually, you will want to find someone who is just like that. You may think of them as your soulmate. However, even though it is important to find what you want in a relationship, you also need to find someone who will give you something you need.

Therefore, the ideal mate for you would be the one who takes life more seriously and honors commitments. They can give you some good examples of how to be more well-rounded. Let’s see what you want in a relationship as well as what you need based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Someone Confident Who Will Stand up to You at Times

Aries, you are the passionate and confident one. And you want to hook up with someone who has the same level of confidence, passion, and independence as you. However, you would not work well with someone who lacks assertiveness as you would become very frustrated with them unless they are open to becoming more assertive themselves and want your help.

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Therefore, what you want is someone assertive and confident, and what you need is someone who has the same level of confidence but is also agreeable, so you don’t keep butting heads. You also need someone who will stand up to you if you are not reasonable. You may get mad, but you will have even more respect for them for doing that.

Taurus – Someone Who Is Keen to Earn Your Trust

Taurus, you want several things, which are stability, routine, and luxury. It takes you a long time to change anything. However, once you decide to make a change, there is no going back. What you want in a mate is someone who will wine and dine you and buy you plenty of gifts. You have a strong materialistic streak as your love for luxury is an earth sign and has Venus as the ruler.

However, you really need someone who will go out of their way to earn your trust since you don’t give it so quickly and easily. And that does not only mean them buying you gifts or taking you out to expensive restaurants all of the time. Trust cannot be bought; it only is earned.

Gemini – Someone Who Is Energetic Like You and Understands Emotions

Gemini, you are versatile and sociable. However, you are not the one who likes to make commitments unless you are confident that you have found “the one”. What you want in a partner is just as energetic and versatile as you, and communication and intellectual stimulation are important. You need a partner to provide that to you. However, the one thing you do not show and don’t know how to face is emotions. It would be best if you had a partner who can match what you want, but at the same time, can teach you a thing or two about getting in touch with your emotions. That will balance you out much better.

Cancer – Someone Who Cares About You and Helps You Inch Out of Your Comfort Zone

Cancer, you are highly emotional and nurturing. However, at the same time, you do expect others to give back, which they should. You do not want to go out of your way for someone and see that they don’t appreciate you. That will cause plenty of resentment. Therefore, the one you feel is the best partner is one you can take care of and will also take care of you. You are right, that is an ideal partner, but at the same time, you need that partner to challenge you and help you inch out of your comfort zone. That will help your relationship stay successful.

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Leo – Someone Who Will Love You for You And Will Challenge You When Needed

Leo, you want to be in the center of the spotlight, and you want attention on yourself. Therefore, the partner who you think you want is the one who will stroke your ego and will do everything as you wish. However, as much as your ego is essential, you want to find someone who will help tame it. That means you need a partner who will compliment you on natural characteristics that will not stroke your ego, which involves your kindness vs. your intelligence, for example. You also want your partner to challenge you in ways that will help you evolve. That means having a partner that will give into all of your wishes is not the best one for your growth.

Virgo – Someone Who Will Help Bring You Out of Your Shell and Accepts You for You

Virgo, you are the perfectionist as you are too analytical for your good at times. That is why you are too hard on yourself and hard on others. You want to have a partner that will fulfill your desire for perfection, but you know that cannot happen. So what you need is a partner to help you accept this reality and one that will help you accept your imperfections by loving you, imperfections and all. And at the same time, one to help bring you out of your shell.

Libra – Someone Who Will Value Your Relationship

Libra, you are the most sociable sign, and relationships are significant to you. However, you only want others to like you, and you will even want to please others for that reason. You don’t like conflicts, and you are also indecisive for that reason too. You want to be in a relationship with someone who likes you for your looks and other superficial reasons. However, what you need is someone to love you for you that goes beyond your appearance and challenge you to make decisions independently and help you evolve. In other words, you need to be with someone who will value you as a person and your relationship.

Scorpio – Someone Who Makes an Effort to Earn Your Trust

Scorpio, you are passionate and intense, and you don’t allow anyone to enter your world easily. However, what you want is someone who will do as you please so you can be in control and, at the same time, someone who does not try to barge into your world and tries getting a hold of your secrets. Therefore, what you need is someone who will make an effort to earn your trust so you can naturally allow them into your world without feeling pressured to do so. That will also help you realize that there is no reason to be in control if you can trust that partner.

Sagittarius – Someone Who Brings You to Reality

Sagittarius, you are adventurous, and commitment is something you do not want to do unless it involves someone who shares the same interests as you. That is why you want someone who will escape to every new destination and enjoy some freedom with you. However, you will not get far in life if you constantly want to travel and escape. That is why the one you need will most definitely share your interests but will encourage you to make commitments and ground you to reality. If you stick with someone who escapes responsibility all of the time, neither of you will be able to cope in the real world.

Capricorn – Someone Ambitious Who Helps You Explore Your Freedom

Capricorn, you are ambitious and take everything very seriously. That is why you are the one who has an excellent time with achieving goals. Therefore, the ideal partner you think is for you is one who mirrors you in every way – someone who is ambitious and goal-oriented. However, even though it is true that someone who is ambitious is the right fit, you also need a partner who does not spend all of their time working. In fact, you need a partner who will help you take a break and enjoy some freedom. Of course, work is essential to you, but you need to play too to find that perfect balance.

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Aquarius – Someone Who Is Independent and Organized

Aquarius, you are a free spirit, and you are not the type that likes to commit. However, if you become lonely, you are willing to do that. Therefore, the ideal partner for you would be one that will be a free spirit like you, and you want someone to mirror you as well. However, you tend to be very scattered. The partner you need will be one that will compliment you, the one who is also highly independent but is a lot more organized. Your partner can help you also stay organized so you can achieve much more and feel less frustrated. You may really appreciate that!

Pisces – Someone Who Is Creative and Logical

Pisces, you are the very dreamy one, and you love to get lost in your fantasies. You want a dreamy partner like you and one who takes emotions very seriously the same way that you do. In fact, you would fantasize about having a partner like that and you would even imagine the fun places you would visit with them. The ideal partner would have a creative side and would also never squash your dreams and creativity. However, you need a partner who will bring you down to earth too. You need a logical partner who will help keep you grounded. That is the only way the relationship would have a chance at working.

When you see the type of partner you think you want; you may learn the hard way they are not the right ones after all. That is because they must have certain features to help balance you in order for the relationship to work. So regardless of your sign, if you hook up with a partner you think you want and do not have any of the qualities that you need to compliment you somehow, you will see the relationship will not work.

Therefore, the next time you are looking for a partner, you will consider that the right one for you will have traits that you want and need. Those traits may not be the desirable ones, but the necessary ones, and your intuition will confirm that when you put some thought into it. That will increase the chances of it working out for the best!