July 19, 2024
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Zodiac Signs Ranked from the Most Tech-Savvy to the Least

Zodiac Signs Ranked from the Most Tech-Savvy to the Least

Whenever a new piece of technology arrives, you either become excited, or you fill up with dread. The dread comes from the fact that technology overwhelms you in the first place. You may be one of those people who cannot wait until the next gadget arrives, such as the brand-new iPhone model, to try it out. Or you may be one of those people that will hang on to your old iPhone or gadget as long as you can to spare yourself from learning how to use any new technology.

That is considering that it took you a while to learn how to use your old gadget. You do not want to go through that again because you are not the type considered tech-savvy. What influences whether or not you are tech-savvy? That would be your zodiac sign. Let’s now take a look at the zodiac sign that is the whiz when it comes to technology to the one who will take a long time to learn simple technology.

Aquarius – The Sign Representing Technology

Aquarius is the sign that is all about technology. Therefore, it is not a surprise that someone who is an Aquarius would be the one who would be the expert when it comes to figuring out new technological advances. Those who have the sign are so gifted when it comes to technology that if they had to build a computer from scratch, they could do that easily.

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Aquarius cannot live without the latest technology. That is why they are the ones who have to take their new gadgets with them wherever they go. For example, if they go out in nature, they will drag along their video games and other devices they love.

Gemini – Technology Involving Communication

Gemini is the sign that loves technology as well, given that it is the sign of communication. However, the thing about it that they love the most is when it comes to keeping in touch with their friends. That is why they will be the ones to master any new social network quickly or additional texting features that so many people don’t know.

Gemini would spend so much time online talking to their friends that they would lose track of how long they use their devices. They would also be the ones to play online games with others, which is a socializing form.

Sagittarius – Eager to Learn About the Newest Apps

Sagittarius is the type to go and explore, and one of the things that they are ready to do is find out about a new app. That is especially if the app relates to travel or helps them find out about the city’s best places to explore. Sagittarians love learning further information about anything, as well as socializing.

When it comes to Sagittarians wanting to communicate with their friends, they are similar to Gemini as they will master any social network. Based on Sagittarian’s enthusiasm for learning new things, traveling, and meeting new people, their motivation to learn about new technology works is high. Therefore, they become pretty good at learning how to use it.

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Scorpio – Figures Out How to Use New Technology Intuitively

Scorpio isn’t one of the signs known to be necessarily tech-savvy. However, Scorpio is excellent when it comes to digging up information on anyone or anything. Those who have the sign are intuitive and use their intuition when using even the newest technology they haven’t used before. Scorpio will figure out how to use it on their own through their intuition.

For instance, if Scorpio no longer wants to use a Windows PC and wants to try the Mac instead, they will figure out on their own how to make that transition. The learning curve isn’t tricky for them because of their intuition. In addition to that, Scorpio knows how to rely on technology when it comes to doing their intense detective work as well. Maybe Scorpio isn’t tech-savvy the same way as Aquarius, but they are efficient.

Virgo – Does Well with Basic Technology and Wellness Apps

Virgo is an analytical sign and does quite well when it comes to working with older technology. However, when it comes to new technology, it can take Virgo a while to figure out how to use it, even with its analytical nature. It would likely take Virgo a lot less time to figure out how to use it if they kept their pride at bay and asked for assistance.

However, Virgo likes to figure things out on their own. And that is the case even if it takes them a long time to familiarize themselves with the latest technology. Virgo is not the type to be the first in line for trying out new apps or gadgets. The only exception would be if these apps and devices had to do with wellness. For instance, Virgo would look forward to the latest Fitbit app or gadget on the horizon. However, they may stick to the older version if it doesn’t appear to be too user-friendly.

Leo – Filters and Photography

Leo is all about being in the center of the spotlight. If you see someone’s Instagram profile full of selfies with various filters, that is likely one owned by a Leo. Leo is not overly concerned about the newest device around. However, when it comes to apps that provide fun and unique features, Leo can work with them quite well.

Their photography skills can advance with the use of these unique filter apps. They love taking selfies and using fun filters. Leos also enjoy taking pictures of anything that they just want to show off as well. That can include their pets, picturesque outdoor settings, their new possessions, or anything important to them. Leos usually like to add interesting filters to those too.

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Aries – Eager to Try New Technology Because it Is New

Aries is all about passion and energy. Therefore, the idea of a brand-new app or device emerging excites them. They aren’t concerned about the strong possibility that they will have to work with the learning curve to use the latest technology. Aries just wants to be the first to get their hands on it because they like being first for anything. That is why when the newest iPhone becomes available, for instance, Aries will be the first in line for it.

However, once Aries obtains it, they will find that they will need plenty of help to figure out how to use the device or app. Aries is an independent sign; therefore, they will likely not ask anyone for help. They will instead search for assistance online on how to work with the new app or device. Once they can figure it out, Aries becomes hooked until technology evolves further and the latest gadgets and apps emerge.

Libra – Basic Aspects of Social Networks

Even though Libra is an air sign such as Aquarius and Gemini, Libra isn’t one tech-savvy one. However, because Libra is an air sign, those with it are all about socializing. Libra is the most sociable sign of the zodiac. That is why Libra loves to use social networks to connect with its friends regularly.

Even though Libra likes to text their friends and keep in touch with them via social media, they don’t do well with advanced technology. Advanced technology tends to throw them off. That is why Libra doesn’t like it when social media platforms keep changing to keep up with evolving technology. However, they will find they have no other choice than to work with the evolving social media platforms to stay in touch with their friends.

Pisces – Graphic Design May Be a Strength

Those with the Pisces sign are dreamy, intuitive, and good with the arts. Pisces also has the potential to be quite good with technology. However, the idea of it throws them off. That is because Pisces is one of the signs that prefer to remain in their comfort zone. That is why Pisces will be the last one to go in line when grabbing the latest device on the market.

However, because Pisces has an affinity for the arts, those with the sign may be open to the idea of learning graphic design. They may enjoy it. Even though you have to be somewhat tech-savvy to learn graphic design, Pisces will be open to it as long as it involves them using their imagination and creativity. Pisces can be quite efficient at that.

Capricorn – They Prefer Things Old School

Capricorn is all about business, organization, elegance, and money. Therefore, Capricorn would rather spend their days organizing their houses or apartments than spending the time figuring out how to work with the latest technology. Capricorn isn’t capable of mastering it; they don’t want to bother with it. Capricorn just does not see the need for it, and that is why they will likely be the ones who still have their Windows XP desktops in their home offices. They may reluctantly advance it if Windows no longer supports the version that they like, for example.

Also, if Capricorn creates a monthly budget, they will not get the latest budgeting app. They will use Excel and calculate expenses and profits through that instead. When it comes to setting appointments, they will use the old schedule or datebooks instead of using an app to track the appointments.

Cancer – They Only Want to Learn How to Work the PVR

Cancer is a homebody and is the most nurturing sign of the zodiac. Therefore, they prefer staying at home and cooking for their friends and family. Learning the latest technology is not something they have any motivation to do unless it involves working the PVR. That is because they enjoy hanging around their dens to watch TV. If there is a TV program that they won’t be available to watch it, they will have to record it with their PVR.

However, if someone else is available to set the PVR for them to record that program, Cancer will ask them to take care of that. Like Capricorn, Cancer will use Excel sheets to create monthly budgets and old datebooks to set appointments.

Taurus – They’d Be Happy to Stay in the 90s if They Had a Choice

Taurus is the one sign that loves the status quo, and the idea of how quickly technology advances throws them off. Therefore, Taurus strongly dislikes leaving their comfort zone, and they would be happy if technology today were the same as it was in the 90s. Taurus may not even have a PVR and may still have their old VCR machines as well as their old box TV sets.

Taurus may even choose to stick to dial-up modems with their Windows 98 desktops. What about their cellphones? They may use a Blackberry or a very basic cellphone. Once again, it does not mean that Taurus is not capable of getting on with the times. The fact that they do not like anything evolving is what holds them back. Technology is the one thing that advances fast.

However, what if you are a Taurus and you love technology the same way as Aquarius? Or, what if you are a Gemini and have views on technology as a Capricorn? Never forget about how your sun sign only makes up a fraction of your horoscope. Your Moon sign rules your emotional response to stimuli, and your Moon sign may have a more significant influence than your sun sign on technological advances. Therefore, if you are a Taurus with an Aquarius Moon, then that would explain why you can’t wait for the newest iPhone to come out.