July 21, 2024
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Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most Trusting to Least Trusting

Zodiac Signs Ranked from Most Trusting to Least Trusting

Have you ever wondered by some people will trust and believe anything you say and do and keep ignoring red flags? On the flip side, have you wondered why some people cannot accept or trust you at all even if you have proof to show them that something is right? And then you meet those who fall somewhere in the middle as they will give you a chance to prove yourself. However, once you give them a reason not to believe you, they no longer trust you.

How would you describe yourself? Do you say that you are overly trusting? Just a little trusting? Not trusting at all, or do you fall somewhere in the middle? Let’s talk about that more as there is a reason for that. That all depends on your zodiac sign, and let’s go over the signs ranked from the most trusting to the least.

Pisces – Ignores the Red Flags

Pisces is the most trusting sign of the zodiac. And it is not that Pisces lacks the intelligence to be more discerning, but they believe the good in everyone and everything. Just remember that Neptune rules Pisces, and that is the planet that dissolves boundaries and can represent deception at its worst. That is the main reason that Pisces is overly trusting.

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Even though it is good to give people the benefit of the doubt, you can get hurt if you ignore red flags around you too much. Therefore, those who unintentionally allow themselves to deal with manipulation and being taken advantage of are Pisceans for this reason. Even after getting hurt, they will still trust others again the same way.

Aquarius – Doesn’t Think Poorly of Anyone

Aquarius is a humanitarian and always sees the good in people, even those who have proven themself not trustworthy. Those with the sign do like to see ill in anyone, so they always give people the benefit of the doubt. Even if someone has a reputation for not being trustworthy, Aquarius will trust them.

The only time Aquarius would not trust someone again is if the individual had purposely hurt or lied to them. However, Aquarius would still likely forgive them but maybe mindful of signs of red flags.

Cancer – Compassion Gets into the Way of Trust

Cancer is compassionate and has too much compassion when it comes to others. That even means if someone were purposely trying to get attention and sympathy from Cancer, they would succeed. Because of Cancer’s nurturing nature, they would give attention and compassion to the individual no matter what. For instance, someone who pretends to be homeless wears ragged clothing and knocks on Cancer’s door during a downpour. Cancer would allow them to come in and dry them off and give them something delicious to eat. It would not occur to Cancer that the individual faked the entire thing about being homeless. Why would the individual fake homelessness? Perhaps to get a free meal, and that is what they achieved with Cancer.

Gemini – Laidback and Wants to Have Fun

Gemini loves to communicate and socialize, and that makes them one of the least suspicious zodiac signs. However, they can also sniff out a lie, especially if the one who is telling a lie is not a particularly good liar. That, however, will not stop the Gemini from associating with them. That is because Gemini knows themselves that they are known to stretch the truth now and then. And if they judged you for being dishonest, then that would make them the pot calling the kettle black.

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The only exception would be if Gemini was lied to and there were malicious intentions behind it. That would be enough to cause Gemini to stop associating with the liar. But if the lie was a silly one and not enough to cause damage, Gemini won’t care. They just want to have fun with you by chatting it up.

Libra – Will Trust You Until They Have No Reason to Anymore

Like Aquarius, Libra gives everyone the benefit of the doubt, as this is the friendliest sign of the zodiac. All Libra wants to do is attend parties, even host parties, and make some new friends. Libra will also believe the words you say to them as they have no reason to be suspicious of anyone.

However, once a Libra catches you in a lie, then there is a good chance they will cut you off and never have a thing to do with you again. Even though Libra does not seem like the grudge-holding type, they can hold a grudge for a long time. It will take a lot of convincing to get Libra on their good side again after you betray them.

Taurus – They Made Their Mind Up About You

Taurus is the most stubborn sign, which means that they can be either trusting or suspicious, and nothing will change them. That means Taurus would have made their mind up about you before even knowing you too well. Those with the sign usually trust their instincts about you. If you do have a good reputation for being honest, then Taurus will likely trust you,

However, if you don’t have the best reputation for honesty, Taurus will likely remain suspicious of you from the start. If this is the case, you have to do something to significantly earn the trust of Taurus by proving yourself over and over again. Even then, they may not trust you. That depends on whether they decide to change their minds. On the flip side, if Taurus did trust you from the start and you betrayed them, then they won’t forgive you and give you the benefit of the doubt anymore.

Sagittarius – Optimistic, Funny, But Not Overly Trusting

Sagittarius may be highly popular, fun, and friendly, and they always have a way to look at the bright side of life. However, it takes a lot for a Sagittarius to become close to anyone. Yes, they value their independence and freedom, and they want to go on different adventures. However, there is another reason that Sagittarius does not get close to people so quickly.

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That is because Sagittarius is not an overly trusting sign. They don’t give you the benefit of the doubt very quickly and will doubt you in a heartbeat. Sagittarians are known for being blunt and honest, and they don’t see others being as honest as they are. Especially whenever they confront someone about something which goes out of their way to beat around the bush.

Aries – They Have Their Guard Up

Aries is highly passionate, and is friendly, and can forgive anything. However, that does not mean they will trust you so easily. Those who have this sign are quite astute. And if they are suspicious of you from the start, they won’t allow you to be too close to them even if they are friendly towards you.

However, during childhood, Arians were more trusting then. Through constant betrayal and disappointments during their youth is what caused them to develop the invisible guard they have around them. That is why Aries is highly cynical even though they love going for a fun adventure.

Capricorn – Difficult to Know

Capricorn is all about seriousness and achievements. Those who have this zodiac sign are the introverted type and don’t have the time and patience for others. All they care about is achieving their goals and providing for their families. It is not a surprise that they don’t trust others too quickly. They would believe that others could potentially drive them away from focusing on their goals if they got too close.

The only time that Capricorn would get close to you is if they saw for themselves that you were only focused on your own goals and had no interest in deviating them away from theirs. That would also be when Capricorn would be happy even to mentor you to help you succeed. Even then, Capricorn would not share too much of their personal information unless it was to help you strive for your goals.

Leo – Believes You Are There to Tarnish Their Image

Leo wants to be in the spotlight. They don’t wish to anyone and anything taking that away from them. That is why Leos will not trust you if you approach them out of nowhere, mostly if you were exceptionally friendly to them. Their first thought would be, ‘What is it that you want to take away from me?’. Their first thought that you are there to compete with their image and could be there to sabotage them somehow.

If Leo approaches you and is generous with you, they have a reason to trust you. You are not a threat to them, and if you are not a threat to Leo, they immediately like you. You’ll see their warm side. However, if you approach them, they’ll have a reason to believe you have ulterior motives.

Virgo – Suspicious and Critical

The one thing that Virgo does to anyone is analyzing them and scrutinize them. Virgo is also one of the least social zodiac signs, and they are happy to serve you and give you health-related tips. However, if you attempt to get close to a Virgo, it is like you are trying to reach them through an invisible wall. If Virgo is friendly towards you by giving you helpful tips, you will see they do it from a distance and keep you at arm’s length.

Virgo is so analytical that they will find a reason not to trust you, and that is why they keep you at arm’s length. If you happen to have a close Virgo friend, then consider yourself lucky. That is a rare thing for a Virgo to take their guard down at all.

Scorpio – Very Private and Suspicious

Scorpio is such a personal sign and intentionally makes itself mysterious around you. That is why you cannot ever gain personal information from a Scorpio. They will never give it to you as their privacy is so essential that they will not trust a soul.

Scorpio’s biggest fear is being hurt, used, and betrayed, which is why they will keep the mysterious appearance. If you even ask Scorpio a personal question, do not expect an answer. Scorpio won’t necessarily lie; they will remain silent instead, which will add to their mysterious nature. If Scorpio offers any personal information about themselves, they only do it when it benefits them. You cannot get any more suspicious than Scorpio.

However, what if you are a Scorpio and you give people the benefit of the doubt and allow others to get close to you? Or, what if you are an Aquarius and keep all of your information locked up because you don’t trust easily? One thing to keep in mind is that your sun sign only contributes to a fraction of your horoscope. Your moon sign may even have more significance when it comes to trusting or not trusting others too quickly.

With that said, if you are a Pisces, for example, and you trust as quickly as a Scorpio, then you either have a Scorpio moon or a stellium including your sun in the Eighth House, which is the natural Scorpio house. Therefore, if you wonder why you keep getting hurt from not seeing red flags or if you keep everyone at arm’s length – then that is in your horoscope.