July 16, 2024
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Zodiac Signs Ranked from Most Likely to Become Wealthy to Least Likely

Zodiac Signs Ranked from Most Likely to Become Wealthy to Least Likely

Have you wondered why some people seem to attract money no matter what they do and no matter where they go? And at the same time, you wonder why some people work very hard but are only making enough money to get by? Does it all boil down to luck? Maybe in some cases, it does.

However, when it comes to making a lot of money, it boils down to several things. You have to work hard, work smart, and be goal-oriented – and stick to your goals. In addition to that, you have to be in a field that sparks interest. So, what is it that determines how likely you will become rich? How about we look at the zodiac signs ranked from most likely to become rich to least likely. Let’s start with the sign that is the most likely to roll in the dough.

Capricorn – Success and Ambition Is Their Life

Capricorns are highly ambitious. They are also very much into business-like ventures, and success is critical to them. Why do you think that Capricorns are often highly successful CEOs? That is because they are there to put the work into climbing the corporate ladder. Even though Capricorns are introverted, they know how to collaborate with others to succeed in their ventures.

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In addition to that, Capricorns have an appreciation for sophistication. That is why plenty of them live in fancy penthouses or a fancy highrise. They are the ones who would go for a gourmet meal at any time. However, they can afford it, so they can.

Virgo – Analytical Ways Create Success

Virgo is the most analytical sign in the zodiac, and those with this sun are very likely to become wealthy. That is because they know how to predict success and to create it through their sharp analytical skills. Virgos are not known to become successful CEOs such as Capricorns, though there are plenty that are. However, their wealth can come from their inventions, books they write, and products they create and know how to tap into the right markets.

Virgos are humble and are highly ambitious, so it is not very hard to see how they can achieve monetary success.

Scorpio – Intuition Helps Them Find Success and Wealth

Scorpios are mysterious, and that is how they want to appear. Others may see them as erratic and odd, but Scorpios have so much happening within themselves that no one knows. Is wealth significant to Scorpios the same way it would be to Capricorns? That depends on the Scorpio, but they will use their intuition to get there if it is. When a Scorpio is ambitious, there is no stopping them since it is a fixed sign. And they also know how to learn the tips and tricks to achieve success through their keen intuition. It is not they don’t go through trial and error like anyone else, but the more they experience failures, they will intuitively know what next steps to take to bring them closer to success quicker. And when they find success, they score high.

Leo – Creativity and Tenacity Can Bring Wealth

There are two things about Leos that can help them make plenty of money. That is the fact that they are very creative and are tenacious. Leo’s tenacity results from the fact that it is a fixed sign, and like Scorpio, if they set their minds to succeed, they won’t let anyone get into their way to do so.

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Leos are incredibly creative, which provides them endless opportunities to create wealth. In addition to that, their creativity and confidence will reel clients and customers to their services and products. Therefore, Leos have the potential to become quite wealthy.

Taurus – Their Hard-Working Ways Can Bring Wealth

When you think of Taurus, you may think of the sign that is all about managing or spending money – not so much making money. You may also think of Taurus as stubborn to a fault. However, when it comes to ambition and making money, stubbornness is a good thing.

When you hear of a story about a Taurus becoming rich, you will hear about them enduring one struggle after another. Even though it is tough to attain success for anyone, Taurus tends to hit many roadblocks. That is because their intuition isn’t as keen as it is in Scorpio, and they aren’t as analytical as Virgo. In addition to that, they are less creative than Leo and don’t do as well with collaboration as Capricorn. Taurus only wants to do things their way, and they will endure failure repeatedly until that motivates them to change their method to attain success, which can take a while. 

Aries – Ambitious but Easily Distracted

Aries is an action-oriented sign and is highly ambitious. Wealth is essential to Aries, and Aries does know what it takes to achieve wealth. However, there is one roadblock that they often face when it comes to attaining it. Aries may have the desire and passion for getting rich, but the tenacity isn’t always there.

It is not that Aries is lazy, not at all. The problem is that Aries becomes distracted quickly by other things that can take them away from their ambitions. That can hurt their opportunities for wealth. If Aries could ignore those distractions, then Aries could do very well.

Aquarius – Collaboration Can Be a Problem

Aquarius is unique and innovative and can come up with the most brilliant inventions around. However, there is one problem that can get into the way of Aquarius attaining wealth. That is the fact that Aquarius wants to do everything alone. And it is challenging to achieve wealth if you don’t want to collaborate at all.

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Suppose the Aquarius can create a plan to become wealthy by doing something on their own such as starting a seven-figure freelancing business, for example. In that case, that can be a possibility. However, even with that, a collaboration of some sort would be necessary to do along the way.

Sagittarius – Commitment Is a Problem

Sagittarius has it in them to become wealthy. However, there is one significant issue they face that gets in the way of that. The problem with Sagittarius is that the idea of commitment is a significant turn-off to them. Sagittarius loves to travel and loves to explore and wants to do their own thing on their terms. The truth about getting wealthy is that collaboration and making commitments are an integral part of it. That is something that Sagittarius isn’t going to want because that gets into the way of their desire for freedom.

The only time that Sagittarius would be more likely to attain wealth is by owning a business that allows them to tend to it while traveling. For instance, if they establish a freelancing business, they can do that anywhere in the world independently. However, even with that, commitments are a part of that too.

Cancer – Leaving Comfort Zone Is too Daunting

Cancer only wants one thing, and that is security. Cancer loves their home, family, and their comfort zone. The fact of the matter is, to attain wealth, you must prepare yourself to leave your comfort zone. Going after wealth requires delving into unknown territory in addition to unbreakable ambition and focus. Cancer doesn’t even want to think about that.

Could Cancer establish a home-based business that has the potential to reach success? Absolutely. However, it is unlikely that they would be the ones to come up with the idea independently. They’d also have to trust that a partner would be just as committed to it as them.

Pisces – Struggles with Practicality

Pisces is a sign known to be the wishy-washy and impractical type since boundary-dissolving Neptune is the ruler. That in itself creates a challenge for attaining wealth. Pisces may be open to the idea of starting a business. However, it is easy for them to become caught up in making the wrong business investments. They can quickly incur a lot of debt as a result.

On the flip side, Pisces can easily pass up a business opportunity that could be an excellent fit for them with many potentials. The reasons for them passing up the option would also be due to fear or the inability to focus on it. In other words, Pisces can take risks and become overly trusting at the wrong times. Pisces also become less trusting and more fearful when a good opportunity presents itself to them.

Libra – Lacks Confidence and Too Fearful

There is a reason that Libra needs to be with other people, and that is because of feeling insecure alone. You would think that since becoming wealthy takes cooperation and collaboration, which Libra is excellent at means, they have a great shot at it. However, the problem is that Libra lacks confidence and is too fearful of finding any opportunity that brings them wealth. If they agree to collaborate with someone for business reasons, they won’t offer too much. Therefore, it would be a frustrating and uneven partnership.

Libra loves money, but at the same time, they don’t believe in themselves to be the ones to create it. In addition to that, Libra’s struggle with making decisions, and when it comes to attaining wealth, you must know how to make big decisions. That in itself would frighten a Libra.

Gemini – The Desire and Focus Do Not Last

Gemini is the one sign that is versatile and struggles to focus on one thing. Their wants also can change at the drop of a hat. Gemini’s problem is that they can wake up one day and want to start a business and find a way to create wealth. Then the next day, they can wake up and forget about what they wanted the day before. And therefore, their focus would go onto something else.

The thing is, if you want to enter an opportunity to bring in wealth, you need to put your undivided focus, attention, and tenacity into it for the long-term. You cannot just focus on it one day and then lose your focus soon after.

However, what if you are a Gemini and you made a seven-figure business from scratch ten years ago? And what if you are a Virgo and don’t know what you want to do with your life, which is why you never became wealthy? That is because your sun sign only makes up a portion of your horoscope. Your moon sign may influence you more when it comes to attaining wealth, probably even more than your rising sign.

Don’t forget about the planets in your houses, such as your Second or Tenth House, that can represent wealth as well. And if you are happy with making just enough money to live comfortably, then that is great too. Some people desire to become rich, and others do not, which shows in the natal chart.