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What Your Venus Placement Says About You

What Your Venus Placement Says About You

Venus is the planet of love and pleasure. It also takes over our ability to express affection and to enjoy the beauty. It also tells what kind of sexual desires you have. In looking at your Venus in your chart you can answer questions like: what kind of lover do I attract? Does love makes me happy or am I often let down? Am I flirtatious? Where do my creative talents lie? The influence of Venus in your chart shows how you relate to the opposite sex. It rules your ability to love and to share with others. If your Venus is compatible with your partner’s Venus, then this is a good sign. If you have your Venus in your partner’s sign and they have their Venus in your sign, I consider this a soul mate match. I predicted forever after reading my friend’s chart and discovering they had their Venus in each other’s signs. I predicted marriage and marry they did less than five years ago. Wondering how do you figure out your Venus? It’s easy, just look it up online and look it up right now. It’s helpful knowledge, and even more helpful if you are still looking for the one.

Venus In Aries

  • Gives a responsive and impulsive love nature.
  • You feel at your most complete when you are emotionally involved with someone.
  • Physical appearance is what gets you at first. 
  • To keep things going you need a mental match.
  • Vulgar actions and sloppy appearances turn you off.
  • You attract friends due to your enthusiastic persona. 
  • You like to give surprise gifts to the ones you love.
  • You are a curious mixture of sentimentality and aggressiveness. 
  • Emotions are easily touched.
  • You can be demanding and selfish.
  • You are not expected to settle down easily into domestic peace. 
  • You are too restless and flirtatious.
  • You are too enamored of amour. 

Venus In Taurus

  • Very affectionate and romantic.
  • You don’t give your love away quickly.
  • You make decisions off on feelings as oppose to logical thinking.
  • You have a very physical and earthy nature.
  • Love does not exist without sex.
  • You are generous to your lover sometimes too much.
  • You have the need to make your lover belong to you.
  • With friends, you are cautious about forming instant friendships, but you are willing to help.
  • This Venus position brings money, luck, and sometimes inheritance.
  • You have a keen artistic eye and love music and food.

Venus In Gemini

  • Must have intellectual stimulations before affection can sore. 
  • Your perception of love is lighthearted. 
  • You have so many interests that a lover can’t be the only focus in your life.
  • Your inconsistencies can cause you trouble in love or marriage. 
  • You always bounce back quickly.
  • You are charming, witty, and funny.
  • You enjoy being around people and have lots of friends. 
  • Sometimes you have more than one lover. 
  • The art of flirtation comes out here. 

Venus In Cancer

  • You are romantic and sensitive.
  • You might conceal it but being loved is more important to you than practically anything. 
  • You would rather be chased than do the chasing. 
  • Once you feel secure you are sensual and demonstrative.
  • You have a wonderful gift for eloquence and are also very sentimental.
  • You will make a big deal out of birthdays and other special days, like the day you first met.
  • The position of this Venus indicates strong family loyalty.
  • Venus in Cancer people are more than happy to stay home and cook a meal.

Venus In Leo

  • Without doing a thing Venus in Leo is able to attract warm feelings from others.
  • There is something so undeniable about you, something so magnetic that you will enjoy great popularity.
  • You are very affectionate and generous with the one you love, sometimes buying extravagant gifts and paying them compliments in public.
  • What Venus in Leo needs back is a lot of attention, devotion, and loyalty.
  • You are drawn to the arts and performing and many of you have creative gifts.
  • You love fine possessions like money, clothes, jewels, furs, etc.
  • Even if you are pleasure-seeking and self-indulgent you will make great sacrifices in order to make somebody else happy.

Venus In Virgo

  • You tend to be cautious about falling in love.
  • You protect yourself from the fear of being exploited by someone unworthy.
  • You want to feel special in your relationship, or for someone to make you feel special.
  • Oddly, when you do give your heart away it is usually to the wrong person who will not value your fine qualities.
  • Without reason, this position of Venus can promote scandal.
  • Venus in Virgo has many virtues, they are refined, intelligent, loyal, and sympathetic.
  • You have great business sense, could make for a talented writer, and have a quiet but witty sense of humor.
  • Many of our great government leaders and humanitarians have their Venus in Virgo, who have given their love to the entire world as opposed to just one person.

Venus In Libra

  • You are in love with love.
  • You are much more romantic than sensual.
  • You are turned off by anything coarse, crude, vulgar, or earthy.
  • In your mind, true love is of the spirit.
  • You can fall in love easily and have more than one on the go.
  • Love affairs for Libra in Venus have to have all the right trimmings.
  • You have charming social manners, and they get you far.
  • Libra in Venus can be cold and aloof to anyone who presumes.
  • This is a wonderful position for artistic flair, design, and decoration.
  • You are good at creative projects within a partnership or marriage—sometimes you combine both.
  • Venus in Libra enjoys creature comforts and luxury, they tend to be extravagant with money.

Venus Is Scorpio

  • Being in love is an all-consuming experience for you.
  • There is a profound intensity to your emotions.
  • Your sex life is passionate and demonstrative.
  • In a love affair, it is the sexual side of the relationship that is emphasized.
  • Still, you put love on a spiritual plane.
  • You want to make your partner surrender to your body and soul—you want to possess a lover wholly.
  • Your possessiveness is not easy for anyone to deal with, though you are great as an independent.
  • You are very sensitive to any rebuff.
  • If someone does not respond to your love you can even become vindictive.
  • Venus in Scorpio tends to be involved in lucrative marriages or business partnerships.
  • The placement has an amazing, compelling imagination, as many of them do very original artistic work.

Venus Is Sagittarius

  • Usually, begin love affairs with a spirit of adventure.
  • You like to explore the excitement of love just like you search for diversity in your own life.
  • First attractions are always wildly romantic, you never seem to have commonplace or banal love affairs.
  • You can’t sustain the emotions of relationships and therefore never fully give up your freedom to anyone.
  • What you lust for is the unobtainable—the perfect love, but even if you could find it, it would shrink you from being possessed by it.
  • You have so much contradiction going on here, it is no wonder you leave your lovers puzzled.
  • Venus in Sagittarius is high-spirited, outgoing, and very imaginative, they tend to attract powerful and influential friends as they find it much easier to deal with friends as opposed to lovers.
  • There is luck in creative affairs surrounded by projects undertaken in foreign countries or far from home.

Venus In Capricorn

  • Venus in Capricorn is careful and cautious about love.
  • You may sometimes be thought of as cold and calculating when that’s not the case.
  • In love, you are loyal, faithful, and dependable.
  • If you don’t marry rich, you work to give a mate security, which includes material comforts.
  • You may not be flowery, but what you say you mean.
  • You have earthy passions but keep them apart from your mental attitude.
  • You can be sexually involved and detached at the same time.
  • Venus in Capricorn can be jealous, possessive, and fearful of rejection.
  • Once you snub a Venus in Capricorn their reaction is total coldness.

Venus Is Aquarius  

  • Venus in Aquarius promotes a kind and loving nature.
  • You are helpful, charitable, and giving but you are not an emotional person.
  • You have an intellectually detached attitude towards love.
  • Personal freedom is very important to you and you can’t be in any relationship that compromises your personal freedom.
  • You have a wide range of friends, cannot handle jealousy and will walk away from emotional scenes.
  • You believe in fairness and openness.
  • Venus in Aquarius is more likely to have platonic friendships because sexual involvements are more emotionally binding than you desire.
  • You are very popular and can attract a great number of lovers.
  • You tend to give your attention to larger concerns than romantic relationships.
  • Aquarius is the sign of hopes and dreams and Venus in this sign tends to give you what you dream of, though that is usually not until midlife or later.

Venus In Pisces

  • With Venus in Pisces, you are prone to tender emotions and a deep capacity for devotion.
  • In love, you are gentle, kindhearted, very sensitive, and sometimes fickle.
  • Being loved makes you feel complete.
  • Venus in Pisces can pick the wrong lovers, ones that will take emotionally but not give back.
  • Sometimes there is a secret love affair that causes Venus in Pisces grief.
  • You are totally intuitive about love, never logical.
  • No other placement of Venus is as self-sacrificing or places more importance on the happiness of loved ones.
  • Venus in Pisces has true empathy for the problems of others.
  • This placement also creates an imaginative, creative, artistic flare, which helps as an outlet for your feelings, writing it out is always a good idea.
  • Venus in Pisces is so generous that money tends to slip through their fingers.