July 21, 2024
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What Are the Easiest White Lies of Each Zodiac Sign

What Are the Easiest White Lies of Each Zodiac Sign?

Lying is something that your parents and teachers told you was bad when you were younger. However, the fact of the matter is that everyone does it for one reason or another. Even the most honest people find themselves having to tell a lie here and there. However, there are times when lying may be acceptable, and that is only the case when you have to lie to spare someone’s feelings. You will also lie to get yourself out of sticky situations, and the thing is, you may get away with it. However, if you don’t, the consequences can be dire.

Therefore, when you lie to protect your image and protect someone’s feelings, that is known as a white lie. Everyone gets into a situation where they tell them. What are the easiest white lies that you often tell? Let’s find that out based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – ‘I Didn’t Do It’

Aries, you are impulsive, and you cannot help yourself, and you know that. Therefore, you end up getting yourself into a lot of unintentional trouble, such as accidentally eating all of the snacks at a party (when no one was looking), for example. However, you know that is socially unacceptable, and the idea of you coming forward to admit what you did scares you and embarrasses you. Therefore, the most common white lie you will tell is ‘I didn’t do it’. Whether or not someone doesn’t believe you are not relevant. They will leave you alone after telling them that because they know there isn’t a point in trying to get you to fess up.

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Taurus – ‘I Had No Idea It Bothered You’

Taurus, you are a creature of habit, and that is why you will not give up any habit that others find annoying so easily. Whether you have the habit of twirling your hair or tapping your feet as you sit, you find it comforting, and you need your comfort. Therefore, you will keep giving into these habits even if you know that they annoy others around you. However, if anyone tells you to stop or asks why you must keep doing those things, you flat out say, ‘I had no idea that it bothered you’. After that, you would keep up with your habits and avoid those individuals if you can!

Gemini – Always Will Deny Something If Necessary

Gemini, you are a pro when it comes to communication, and you are a smooth talker. There is no main white lie you tend to use when needed. If you need to deny something, you are a quick thinker and will immediately say something convincing to get someone to ask you to stop asking questions.

For instance, if you didn’t pay a bill and you knew it was due but didn’t get around to it, you will tell a white lie about that if confronted. That means if a creditor calls you and asks you for your payment, the last thing you will want to do is tell the truth about not paying the bill because you don’t want the embarrassment. Instead, you would say something like, ‘Are you sure I didn’t pay? Because I am quite sure that I did. After the creditor tells you that you definitely did not pay, then you will blame it on a technical problem preventing your payment from going through. At that point, you will have no choice but to pay that bill.

Cancer – ‘I Had No Idea You Were Here’

Cancer, you cannot help your emotions, and that is why if you like someone, you will want to be around them. You will even follow them without wanting to appear like a stalker at all. That does not necessarily mean you have a crush on them. It may mean that the individual you want to bring you around a lot of comforts.

Therefore, if you know that they go to a particular place at a specific time of the day, then you will make your way there too. For instance, if the one who brings you many comforts goes to a particular coffee shop in the middle of the afternoon, you will be there. If they catch you, you will be embarrassed about that and say, ‘Oh, I had no idea you were here’.

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Leo – ‘I Really Love You’

Leo, you are blunt, and you don’t like to lie, but at the same time, you want others to like you. You cannot stand the idea of someone not liking you. Therefore, you will not hesitate to tell people that you really love them if you find it necessary to don’t know them well or don’t like them. You are not going to tell anyone that randomly. They have to give you a reason for you to tell them that white lie. Maybe they gave you a little bit of attention, and you want to get more of it, so if you flatter them by telling them that you love them, then perhaps they will keep putting you in the spotlight.

Virgo – ‘I Don’t Care About That’

Virgo, you are highly analytical, and you are very meticulous. However, if anyone notices that you tend to become obsessive about certain things, such as the spot in the closet to put your shoes on, they may tell you to stop being obsessive. You cannot help how you are. That is why whenever anyone criticizes you for putting too much energy into something that is not all that significant, you will tell them that you don’t care about those things like they think you do. You know that you care about the spot where you want shoes to be in your closet, for instance. However, you also know that others don’t understand that, and you don’t want others judging you for it.

Libra – ‘I Never Knew That’

Libra, you are the one that wants peace and justice, and you also don’t like getting into conflicts with anyone. You also try to avoid stress. Any white lie that you tell will serve that purpose. For instance, if you hear something disturbing or discover something unsettling, you will pretend not to know about it if someone were to bring it up. For instance, you see there is a possible leak happening in the roof. However, you don’t want to be the one to bring the bad news up to your partner. So, when your partner brings that up after they make the discovery, you will not hesitate to pretend that you didn’t know anything about it. You will also allow your partner to take care of the mess!

Scorpio – ‘You Look Great’

Scorpio, you are difficult to figure out, and you want it to be that way. At the same time, you don’t like to hurt anyone’s feelings as long as they never upset you in any way. You don’t want to feel guilty if you inadvertently say something that can hurt their feelings. Therefore, one of the most common white lies you will tell someone is that they look great or even good. That means if you have not seen someone in over a year and they quite obviously put on weight and had messy hair, you wouldn’t ever ask them what happened. Instead, you will say you are happy to see them and that they look great – even when you are screaming inside, ‘oh my gosh.’

Sagittarius – ‘I Don’t Like Him/Her’

Sagittarius, you are usually quite blunt, and you don’t hide how you feel. However, there are exceptions. For example, if you have romantic feelings for someone, you cannot admit to it. If someone were to notice how you talk to the one who you have feelings for, you would deny that you like them – in that romantic way, that is. You will flat out say that you do not like them, but that is a white lie. You do have feelings for them, and you will only admit to that when you are ready. The idea of commitment can scare you, which is why you do need to take your time to evaluate whether or not you are ready for a relationship.

Capricorn – ‘I Don’t Know’

Capricorn, you are quite the ambitious type, and when you are in the middle of your work or project, you do not want to be interrupted. That is why if someone asks you a question while you are in the middle of completing something, you do not want to be bothered, and your default response is ‘I don’t know,’ even if you could tell them the answer right then and there which may only take you two seconds. You also are not the type to allow anyone to know any of your life hacks. That means if someone asks you how you do something too simple that comes hard to them, you will also tell them that you do not know.

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Aquarius – ‘I Did What You Asked Me to Do’

Aquarius, you like to do things at your pace, and you march to your own drummer. You dislike conforming, and if anyone asks you to do something that you don’t want to do, you will attempt not to do it. If they ask you questions about it, you will tell them that you did what they asked and don’t want to discuss it further. An example is if your partner asks you to make a call to someone because they don’t have time, you won’t call them. When they ask you if you called them, you will tell them that you did, but no one got the phone or that the line was busy. You likely said something similar to your parent who asked you if you completed your homework back in the day.

Pisces – ‘I Was Listening, but I Forgot’

Pisces, you have a kind side to you, but you often tend to be in a dreamy state. Therefore, whenever someone is talking to you, you don’t always listen because you are busy thinking about something else. However, it isn’t very comfortable when that individual talks to you again about the same thing they were speaking to you about the other day, and you are confused about what they are saying. Therefore, they will accuse you of not listening, and you will tell them that you were listening, but you forgot and will apologize. The truth is you didn’t hear what they said, and you were daydreaming. You will be sure not to make that mistake next time with them.

Do you resonate with telling the white lies that are associated with your sign? If not, other factors in your chart may influence you to tell certain white lies. But unfortunately, everyone finds themselves in a situation where they have no choice but to tell a white lie. Unfortunately, even the most honest people (even Sagittarius) find themselves having to go that route. So, the next time you find yourself having to tell a white lie for one reason or another, don’t blame yourself for it. Sometimes honesty is not the best policy, and sometimes honesty can get you into a lot of trouble.