July 13, 2024
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What Are the Akashic Records?

On the energetic planes, there is a library. This library contains comprehensive information about your past, your present, and all your potential futures. So What Are the Akashic Records?

Within this library, there is a record of every word you have ever spoken, every action you have ever taken, and every thought you have ever thought.

And there is the same kind of record for every other person who has ever lived. This library is called The Akashic Records.

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What Are the Akashic Records? 

Akasha’ is a Sanskrit word that means “the primary substance out of which all things are formed”. You may conceive of the akasha as the light or electromagnetic energy of which all matter is made, or the Universal Energy Field in which all apparently separate beings are indistinguishable.

You may also conceive of akasha as the Collective Soul or Source consciousness— the Oneness whence we come and to which we return. Whatever name you prefer, this energy is the force and source of life itself.

It is consciousness. It is the animating spark within us, without which our bodies would be inanimate flesh. The akasha manifests as apparently separate, physical beings, utilizing different conditions as vehicles for a new experience.

The Universal Soul

The aim of the collective soul is an expansion of consciousness. When we incarnate upon earth, the Oneness is on a mission to encounter and understand itself ever more completely.

The Akashic Records are the transcription of every detail in this journey. The records are the repository of every lesson that has ever been learned and every experience that has ever been undertaken.

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The Akashic Records is the receptacle of memories of the entire collective, as well as the etheric matrix out of which all futures are built. This library of records contains information on everything that has been, and also everything that could have been, and everything that might yet be.

In this library, we may discover the “who”, “what”, “why” and “how” of every situation. We can see not only what happened, but what motivations gave rise to these events. We see who did what, how they did it, and—perhaps most importantly— why.

Going Home

Because you are a living piece of the Universal Soul, you already know everything in the Records. You are delving into the Records all the time, whether you know it or not, as the consciousness that you think of as “yours” is really just a drop in the sea of the consciousness of All-That-Is.

This is similar to Carl Jung’s conception of the collective unconscious— a theory that explains why motifs from myths and fairy tales from centuries past are recapitulated in the dreams of modern people who have never encountered them.

Flashes of inspiration, intuition, hunches, or psychism come from the Akashic Records. When we are feeling good, uplifted, and “tuned in”, we are more likely to receive intimations from the records about the best path forward, or danger looming around the corner which we must avoid.

In extraordinary circumstances, we may even have visions of what is coming, or something happening currently at a remote distance.

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For more direct information, you may also receive an Akashic Records reading. In these readings, you may ask questions about the past, present or future, gathering information from the energetic fields. Such readings often make us feel like we have “come home”, or like we are remembering something we have always known.

This is because, on some level, both things are true. Akashic Records readings facilitate reconnection with truths that we already know but may have been forgetting, overlooking, repressing, or minimizing. Information gleaned from the records often feels intensely familiar and “right”.

Peering into the Past and Future

There are many different reasons why we might wish to receive an Akashic Records reading— for how many uses are there for information about all things that have ever or could ever happen?

Sometimes the most therapeutic benefit will be found in a deep excavation of the past. Trauma persists in the psyche so long as it is not thoroughly examined, digested, and understood.

In order to move past chronic dysfunction, we often need a deeper understanding of the events that have given rise to our emotional, physical, or mental dis-ease.

We may benefit greatly from learning about what was motivating the people who were involved and may even need to hear about our own motivations from the heavenly perspective of the collective consciousness.

Receiving information from a higher perspective can help one find compassion for oneself or others, enabling one to leave the past behind and move forward.

It can also be intensely therapeutic to gain perspective on what we have gained from our difficult experiences; the records can reveal the greater purpose that is served in our broader development, transmuting our feelings of resentment or frustration into hope and even gratitude.

At other times, we may wish to approach the Akashic Records with questions about the future. While the future is not written in stone, there are certain potential pathways that are becoming ever more likely by the moment, according to your attitudes and behavior.

So, what Are the Akashic Records?

An Akashic Records reader can see how we are thinking, speaking, and acting now, and how this will progress if we continue down the same trajectory.

In the Records, you may observe how your future timelines are constellating and gain information about how best to go about bringing your plans to fruition.

Above all the Akashic Records provide us with a sense of the meaning of our lives. You may look at all the clutter and disparate threads of your life and witness only frayed chaos, but the Akashic Records reveal the tapestry that weaves it all into a coherent pattern.

The Akashic Records help us transcend the mundane chaos of daily life, revealing the myth of which we are the hero or heroines.

This perspective is invaluable, as it reorients you to the tremendous power that is yours to wield in this most magnificent landscape that is yours to play in.