July 19, 2024
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Vision Quest Your Life Purpose

Vision Quest – Your Life Purpose

Do you have clarity on what your Soul life purpose is in this lifetime or are you at a crossroads? With all the people I have worked with and my personal life experience, there is one thing that I know for certain and that is…

If you feel you are here for a specific reason and you know that you are incarnated to fulfill a special purpose, then you are. It is that simple.

Your Life Has a Purpose

Everyone comes to me because they know deep down that there is more to life than cashing in the paycheck, cleaning the house, going to the grocery store, and picking up the children from school. 

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Intuitively you know that your life has a purpose, your story is important, your dreams count, your voice matters, and you were born to make an impact from a young age. You knew there was magic in the air and stardust in your veins. The first seven years of our lives are filled with prophecy, inner knowing, and unlimited potential. 

The problem is that as we mature, we get distracted by so many deterrents that we can seldom see the Forest for the trees. Meaning that we have listened to so many people about what we should be doing with our lives that our belief system gets convoluted with hundreds of messages that have us buying into counterproductive directions rather than following our path leading to our purpose in life. 

How do we start listening to our North Star and which path do we follow to get back on track?

First of all, everything happens for a reason. Everyone was born into the perfect family and tribe to teach them what they came here to learn.

But we are meant to learn the lesson and move on and for many reasons, people hold on and don’t let go. If you are taking up space with things that don’t serve you anymore, there is no room for growth. 

For instance, I was raised Catholic. Both of my parents were devout in their religion and I went to Catholic school and read the bible daily until I was about twelve years old. What happened at twelve? I experienced the first of many life traumas and decided that the Catholic religion could no longer answer the questions that kept haunting my mind. 

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This opened my mind and heart to search for answers in Eastern Philosophy, astrology, numerology, lucid dreaming, and my psychic abilities. Now, I am grateful for my religious upbringing but when it was time to let it go, I did. 

Between the ages of 12 to 15, we are spiritually directed toward our unique path and if followed, it leads us to our purpose.  If we listen, our inner voice becomes clear, and the universe attracts us to people, places, circumstances, and events that trigger our soulful journey. 

But this is also the time that we are influenced by what other people say, think and do regarding occupation, money, relationships, and religion or spirituality.

Vision Quest

In Native American cultures, at around the age of puberty, an individual is sent on a vision quest. This is a sacred rite of passage that consists of a series of ceremonies led by Elders and supported by the community. The process includes a complete fast for four days and nights, alone at a sacred site in nature that is chosen by the Elders for this purpose.  During this time, the young person prays and cries out to the spirits that they may have a vision, one that will help them find their purpose in life, their role in the community, and how they may best serve the people. 

We are all called by spirit at this age to tune into our inner voice and receive our vision quest containing our life purpose, but we seldom recognize the message because there is too much noise in the world and unless we get quiet enough and devote our intention and attention to this area of our life, we miss the opportunity. 

The Portal of Maturity

The age around puberty is a sacred cycle in Egyptian Numerology. In my book The Path of the Wounded Healer, it is called the Portal of Maturity. 

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I speak about the importance of our lives at the age of 12 – 14 and how this auspicious age and number trigger events in our lives that alter our emotional maturity. Because we don’t go on designated vision quests in our society, the Universe has to bring it to us and this occurs in ways that can be undesirable, sometimes by shaking us up with life-altering events that point the way to our soul life purpose.

The problem with receiving our vision quest through the challenges that the Universe brings is that we have to work through them in order to get a clear message. The frustration from lack of focus causes us to doubt our “calling” and we continue on a path of least resistance until that inner voice summons us yet again that our purpose in life is waiting to be fulfilled.

Now, nobody else can hear this voice but you. It is your calling and meant for your ears only.  Nobody will offer you your life purpose on a silver platter or give you the golden map. That is your job. You must find your inner voice again and listen.

The Universe simply reacts to your resonance frequency which is your life path number and what it represents and brings to you golden opportunities through people, places, and things but if you don’t respond, these will slip away.

If we take a detour away from our destined path and purpose and get comfortable with the material world and all of its glory, the Universe will have to summon us once again and this occurs during our Saturn Return.

Transformation, Change, and Freedom

These are exciting times, last year was about loss, the crumbling away of old systems, and a unified diversion of reality. This year, Universal number 5 is about transformation, change, and freedom. How many people are still stuck in last year’s drama and how many people are moving forward to the frequency of their inner voice?

Your purpose will be innovative, original, and proactive because that is what the world needs right now. New systems are being created to fill the need of our New Earth.

Our unique “calling” in life is within us. Every day we can choose to listen to this voice above all the noise and confusion in our world. We can learn to identify the joy that comes from living authentically.

In my book, the subtitle is “liberation is for the asking”. We need to learn to ask for liberation. In order to be liberated, one must lose attachments to those things in life that bring us temporary pleasure but lasting discomforts such as the illusion of control, addictions, and procrastination.

If you are not willing to be liberated, it will appear as though you have to fight for your purpose in life and this is exhausting and never-ending.

What do I mean by this?

Your higher calling in life was prepared by you in the spirit realm before birth. In this realm, you agreed to achieve enlightenment to serve your purpose here on earth.

In order to achieve enlightenment, your Soul must be free from limitations and the only way to do this is to overcome obstacles and challenges that teach you how to let go.

As we struggle to overcome our challenges, it appears as though we are constantly fighting anybody and anything that gets in the way of our sacred vision, inner voice, or calling.

But there is an easier way… Learn to listen to your inner voice, ask for liberation daily and surrender to win.

Nobody hears this voice but you. If you don’t like being alone and you cannot learn to quiet your mind, you will be frustrated and lost. I get so many questions like …  Why doesn’t life come with instructions? Why doesn’t my purpose reveal itself to me? If I knew my past lives, I’d be able to figure it out.

If you are not willing to cultivate the stillness of your mind, if you don’t choose happiness daily, and if you don’t believe you are worthy, none of what you find in the past will make sense to you today. 

News flash…. you are living your past lives right now. Everything that you are today, is composed of all your past lives combined. You don’t need to find out who you were hundreds of years ago in order to find yourself today. Those past lives are just stories… many, many stories with different people, places, and circumstances.

Besides, if you open the portal to the other side, you may conjure up memories that don’t belong in your life today. The goal is to be at peace with yourself in the present moment and if you are so inclined, you can learn to download your Akashic records. 

In Egyptian Numerology, we map out your Soul Life Agreement, and all this information was designed by you before birth. It will tell you what path you chose to take, the challenges you contracted to overcome, and what your Soul Life purpose is. It is a vision quest in the form of numerology.  

If you are feeling an urgency to know more about your life mission and you want to make a difference in our world, contact me for a Chart Reading. You can get my information off my website.

Trust your instincts, intuition, and inner voice… turn down the volume of the noisy world and go within. 

Blessings to you on your Journey! Namaste’