July 21, 2024
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The One Zodiac Sign You May Have the Most Difficult Time Getting Along With

The One Zodiac Sign You May Have the Most Difficult Time Getting Along With

You are aware of whether or not you are compatible with another zodiac sign or not based on so much literature out there. For instance, you may find that Aries is quite compatible with Leo and vice versa. But have you wondered why?

That is because signs that are of the same or compatible elements are the most likely to get along. And signs that have the same modality which could mean they are either cardinal, fixed, or mutable but have elements that are not compatible would mean they would not get along with them. Fire and air and compatible elements, and earth and water are also compatible elements. If you mix fire or air with earth or water, then the elements are not compatible.

However, some signs that are not compatible are more difficult to get along with than others. What is the one sign that is the hardest to get along with based on your zodiac?

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Aries, the one sign that you cannot get along with is Cancer which is a cardinal sign which is the modality you share. You have a fire sign and Cancer is a water sign. You need your independence and Cancer needs to be dependent. You need your space and Cancer is smothering.

Think about it. You are an Aries, and you need to do your own thing. Cancer demands that you spend time with them and becomes very emotional when you choose not to whether you can or not! No wonder this makes you very incompatible.


Taurus, the one sign that you would most likely struggle with is Scorpio. Even though the element is compatible, the modality is the same which is fixed. Signs that oppose one another are also challenging but they can also attract. But with Taurus and Scorpio, they either love each other and get along well or hate each other. That would depend on other elements.

Therefore, if the Taurus wants to hang onto things and the Scorpio wants to purge what is no longer good for them, that will cause a lot of stress.


Gemini, you need to be spontaneous and do things when you want and where you want. And Virgo is a sign that is all about sticking to routines. That in itself causes friction. Both are mutable signs and you already know that air and earth are not compatible.

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For instance, Gemini wants to get up and spontaneously run somewhere. Virgo will never go for that. That will disrupt their routine that they need. Therefore, Gemini does not like Virgo at all.


Cancer, you need someone who is empathetic and sensitive around you and has an appreciation and understanding of emotions. Your mirror sign, Capricorn does not possess those traits as they are too logical, and emotions are not overly important. Cancer doesn’t understand that and doesn’t really have time for Capricorn.

Therefore, Cancer would be upset over a stressful day and begins to cry. Capricorn doesn’t react the way Cancer would like and shows no real empathy, that is a big problem.


What happens when you put someone who needs the attention and spotlight on someone who wants the same thing? You have a big clash! That is why Leo does not get along with other Leos. They are in competition with one another and that will cause them to clash.

When two people are competing for being the one to receive all of the love, then you definitely have trouble. That is what happens when two Leos are together.


Virgo, you are logical, analytical, and you do best with reality. Your mirror sign, Pisces, is just the opposite. Pisces is dreamy, anything but logical, and not grounded. This is why Pisces is the sign that you find to be the hardest to get along with. Having a rational conversation alone would be a challenge.

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Virgo, you would be trying to have a logical conversation with Pisces, and they would just respond with things that don’t align with reality. This would stress you both out.


Libra, you are all about justice and balance. They care very much about what is right and wrong. However, Aquarius likes to go by whatever rules they want and right and wrong is not something they are concerned about. This would just frustrate Libra very much.

And this is why Libra does not like Aquarius. That is ironic since both signs are air signs which would normally mean they would get along well, but not in this case.


Scorpio you are private and prefer to remain mysterious. However, Leo wants to bring out what goods you have which is why Leo is the one sign you definitely do not get along with at all. Imagine needing some time alone to read a book that is secretive by nature.

Then Leo pops up out of nowhere and starts asking you what you are reading. Ouch. Leo will not respect your need to be private, and you already know that fire and water don’t mix.


Sagittarius, you are optimistic, and you just want to have fun. Capricorn is more on the pessimistic side and is all about business. There just isn’t any time for fun and games with a Capricorn. They are too serious for that.

You don’t understand Capricorn, and you don’t want them ruining your fun. Therefore, this is the sign you don’t get along with for this reason.


Capricorn, do you remember how Cancer is the sign that does not like you? The feeling is mutual. You are all about business and logic, and you don’t have time to deal with anyone who is emotional. And Cancer is emotional and can sap the energy out of you.

You can’t deal with that, so it is best if you both stay away from one another considering that you will do nothing other than frustrate each other.


Aquarius, you are cool and independent, and you want to stay detached. That is why you cannot handle Scorpio as they are too intense for you. And if they become too attached to you, there is no getting away from it. In fact, that would be a nightmare for free-spirited Aquarius. You need that time to be alone and you only hang out in groups when it serves your purpose. Scorpio won’t allow you to do that as they will demand your energy and time. They will also become very jealous if you spend your time with someone else. That is why Scorpio is not the sign for you!


Pisces, you are the only sign in the zodiac that gets along with everyone. That is because you know how to empathize and sympathize with others and have a keen understanding of everyone as well. If only the others were like you. That even includes signs such as Virgo that don’t like you very much, as you feel for them! You just can’t help it.

What does that mean if your significant other has the sun sign you don’t get along with the most? That is because perhaps their rising or moon sign is compatible which does help a lot. But in that case, either way, make the best of it. After all, the sun sign only makes up for a fraction of the horoscope anyway.

At the same token, if you meet someone who could be a potential mate or a business partner and they have the sign that you would clash with – don’t count them out. Their rising or moon sign may be an asset to you!