July 21, 2024
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The Office: Which Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

A few weeks ago, we learned that a sequel to The Office is in development. This show is my youth! It’s so funny, so abstract, so touching! So, I can’t wait to see this The Office 2.0! To keep you waiting, I’ve concocted this new article: if you had to be a character from The Office, who would you be… based on your zodiac sign?

Here, I’m not basing this on the characters’ hypothetical birthdays, but rather on the zodiac sign each could embody. Let’s go!


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Aries – Michael Scott

Regional manager at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Michael Scott is the boss we all dream of having (OR NOT!). And, excuse me Aries, but he’s one of yours. Energetic and sometimes impulsive, Michael loves being in the spotlight, which corresponds to the dynamic nature of Aries. But, he also has a very touching and kind background (I can’t count the number of times his actions made me cry…).


Taurus – Stanley Hudson

The second zodiac sign and the second character from The Office. Stanley Hudson, behind his very bad temper and his disrespect towards Michael Scott, is above all a Taurus. Indeed, he is calm and seeks comfort, just like Taurus, known for its stable nature. He also seeks security, and one can only think of the line he threw at Ryan when he suspected him of circling his daughter. A true Taurus!


Gemini – Kelly Kapoor

Yes, yes Geminis, you are a Kelly Kapoor! True chatterbox, gossip girl, and critic of the Dunder Mifflin office, Kelly embodies the Gemini par excellence. She is also double, like Gemini, both reliable and unstable, a person you can count on, and a person you can’t count on. For me, she is the most detestable character of the show, so realistic!

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Cancer – Pam Beesly

Emotional and attentive to others, Pam shares the empathetic and family traits of Cancer. Throughout the 9 seasons of The Office, Pamela has embodied this zodiac sign. True, authentic, emotional, the receptionist played by Jenna Fischer has won the hearts of men and viewers. She also followed her dream, without ever letting others down. Special mention for the friendly relationship she maintained with Michael Scott.

Leo – Andy Bernard

Who better than Andy Bernard to represent the Leo sign of the zodiac? He dreams of becoming a famous actor and singer, and never misses an opportunity to become the center of attention, like a Leo. But he also has a big heart, and a lot of emotion, as we saw during his audition for America’s next A Cappella Sensation (“Sit Here and Cry”, remember?). He also summed up the series and life in the most beautiful way. “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.”

Virgo – Angela Martin

Meticulous and organized, Angela represents the precision and attention to detail of Virgo. But she remains human, and has many flaws. For example, when she makes a mistake, she often finds a way to find another culprit. Almost rigid, she is not, however, a prude, and chains the criticisms and relationships, sometimes extramarital.


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Libra – Jim Halpert

Jim made your fan heart beat, didn’t he? He is charming, fun, funny, nice, pretty good looking. Does he have it all? Well no, because he also has a less honest side, with jokes towards Dwight Schrute pushed to the extreme, or actions sometimes destructive for Pam’s heart. A true Libra, with the good and bad sides of every man.

Scorpio – Ryan Howard

Who could have imagined Ryan as the Scorpio zodiac sign of The Office? Not me! And yet, he shares the emotional intensity of Scorpio. Indeed, over his airhead and manipulable side, Ryan is ambitious and mysterious, like any self-respecting Scorpio. Despite the bullying by Michael, he remains focused on his goals.

Sagittarius – Michael Scott

Yes, Michael from The Office can represent two zodiac signs: Aries and Sagittarius. Indeed, with his love for humor, Michael embodies Sagittarius. He is unmatched in organizing jokes (sometimes unwittingly), and making others comfortable (or uncomfortable). That’s what she said…

Capricorn – Dwight Schrute

Whether you like him or not, Dwight is a hard worker and ambitious, making him a perfect Capricorn. Despite his lack of logic and sales force, he became one of the best sellers at Dunder Mifflin, while taking care of the family farm. In the final season, he even received a promotion to become manager, which particularly pleases his visceral need for authority.


Aquarius – Creed Bratton

Aquarians, I had no choice! Sometimes you are Creed Bratton, yes. Quality Assurance Director, Creed is not the simplest man to live with. He is very original, sometimes eccentric, or individualistic, like Aquarius who seeks difference. The only difference is that, with Creed, these features are exacerbated.


Pisces – Toby Flenderson

Toby Flenderson is really the Pisces of The Office. Always in his thoughts, sensitive, a bit lost, he represents the emotional nature of this sign. We’re talking about a man who works in Human Resources because he dropped out of school for a woman he married, and who left him.

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